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I-Laugh is a moderated discussion list about the use (and misuse) of Humor at Work
It is moderated by Your Comic Guides, Eva Rosenberg and Gunjan Saraf

Eva Rosenberg : 

Eva is the jolliest Tax consultant you'll ever meet. TaxMama, gives tax information with a mother's touch. In other words with Humor, Patience, Concern & Caring, a little Schmaltz and lots of Chutzpah.  {Old Jewish Proverb - God could not be everywhere, and so He made mothers.} With her flair for using the Internal Revenue Code and Congress's hilarious new laws as source material, TaxMama is a very funny and popular speaker at seminars and conventions - both for the public and for Tax Professionals. She calls it her 'Stand-up Tax' routine.  She's one of the few people in this country who can make tax laws clear to anyone. The only problem is - she just can't explain WHY! WHY? WHY! Why don't they think before they write these laws? She moderates I-HelpDesk, the most Helpful Discussion List on the internet, the same way. While most moderators will just throw away any posts which are not fit to print ... Eva takes the trouble to help you, to guide you - that is,  if she feels you have a genuine question, comment or suggestion which is not printable for some small technicality. (like, it looks like a blatant ad, or is tooo long, or all run-together so no one can read it...or, don't worry, you'll come up with new stumbling blocks - and she'll help you over them.)

Personally, I had posted to about a dozen Moderated Discussion groups without seeing my post in any of them. I was about to abandon all discussion Forums. Then I discovered I-HelpDesk (and Eva). Not only were my posts accepted, but she sent me small, little suggestions, a grin, even an occasional frown, giving me the confidence to try again elsewhere and take part and contribute in several discussion groups. {I-HelpDesk is still my favorite forum.}

I hope to learn a lot working with her on this list and I'm confident that you will too!

For more information than you really want to read - here's Eva's Bio.

Yours in Jest,
Gunjan Saraf

Gunjan Saraf

A persistent little pest, with over a decade of experience in offline selling, marketing and advertising. Gunjan has a passionate love for the Internet and for learning. A perennial smiler, it's difficult to get a serious word out of him.

Not surprisingly, both the persistence and the good nature have turned out to be an asset in his work. His irrepressible sense of humor has helped him excel in his marketing career and to see the lighter side of life when big, heavy boulders rolled into his path.  His humor helped float those rocks away....after a while. (Sometimes, it takes a lot of humor to move immense obstacles aside.)

So here he is, sharing his prime asset  - his humor. (I've assured him there's no tax liability for doing that! :-)

For a detailed Bio - you'll simply have to wait for a couple of years! No one is willing to write one for him yet! :-) (Maybe if he gets notorious enough, Kitty Kelly will write him up.)

Yours Taxingly :-),
Eva Rosenberg


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