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 20th  June  2001    #     012
A teacher asked one of her pupils, "What's the nation's capital?"
The reply was, "Washington, D. C."
On being asked what the "DC" stood for,
the pupil added, "Dot com!" (Hershy)


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Keep up the Good Work
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Getting Your Call Returned
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Role Playing Games
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  Useful Humor Tips

Great Posts
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=====  Comments =====

====> Keep Up the Good Work

Eva and Gunjan shalom,

Just finished Laughing, (reading I-Laugh) which reminded
me of a story told in Israel. So for your Hebrew....

Aba Even was the Israeli foreign affairs minister. A
very well known and an international figure.
("Aba" means  "father" and "Even" means "stone").

One day Aba Even and his son were strolling at a park.
Suddenly the son said "Aba, Even"... but, it didn't help.
- Aba Even tripped on the stone anyway.

I enjoy I-laugh. Keep on the good work,

Arik Schenkler

Ed - Thanks Arik for defining a new Verb ;-)...
"Laughing - The act of reading I-Laugh!"


===> Getting Your Calls Returned

Usually, being the kind, friendly, wonderful person that
I am, if I call someone, they are so thrilled and
honored, they drop what they are doing when they know
it's me - and either pick up the phone or call me
right back.

But then, there are those who generally have a
tendency to be in trouble...and for some odd reason,
they seem to be reluctant to return my calls. Why?

Well, late in April I'd received a letter from IRS
addressed to one of my clients (shall we call him Bob?).
My good buddy 'Joe" at IRS was sending Bob an invitation
to an audit - his. And he was kind enough to copy me on
it, since I have Bob's power of attorney.

So, knowing Bob would never open that envelope, I called
him and left him a message that we'd need to RSVP.
Then, I promptly put it out of my mind and went on with
my own life. (I will admit, that I did call him twice
over the next two weeks. Shame.)

About four weeks after the invitation, when we hadn't
RSVP'd, Joe's feelings were hurt and he sent another
letter, with the price of the dance we'd missed -
about $10,000. Joe had done the audit without us, you
see. And since we weren't talking to him, he didn't
let Bobby use any of his expenses at all.

What would you do?

An IRS agent who's angry with you/your client - and
who has the power to actually finalize that $10,000
audit assessment?

A client who you KNOW has detailed records and would
owe nothing - if only he would respond!

And a hefty fee you're not going to collect because
you can't do a job that would be a slam dunk - because
the client doesn't call you back?

Stay tuned next week for the Audit Caper!

Your Comic Guide

Eva Rosenberg
http://taxmama.com   http://workinghumor.com

P.S. I'll bet you thought I was just going to GIVE
you the answer today!


=====  Replies =====

====> Pig


Extrication from a faux pas is not terribly difficult --
a quick and innocent laugh at one's own mistake, a
statement of mea culpa, and I'm outta there.  The
situation you describe is not, however, a faux pas.
There is no error on the principle's part that you have
mentioned, unless that applies in the "different culture"

In the other situations, it would appear that one
stepped into the road unfortunately right in front of
that pesky steamroller running in stealth mode.
You were flattened, but you didn't hear it coming.
(You know the old saying:  You don't hear the
steamroller that kills you.)

Personally, I am weary of having to consider ways out
of situations that are the result of someone else's
belief that they somehow have the right to not only
be in a bad mood, but to take it out on people
indiscriminately as well.

I say smile, wish them well, and say goodbye.  If
they wonder why you are wishing them bon voyage, tell
them it's obvious you're both on the same planet,
but you are from two different worlds.

Tell them that in your world, jumping to conclusions
that presume the other person to be inconsiderate is
thought of as rude, but you know the other person must
be a success in the mirror universe where the opposite
holds true.

Turn around and wave a couple times as you depart.
It's the only effective defense against a steamroller

Best Wishes,
JD (thedoc) Lentz
Unrestrained digital artwork.
Contact: thedoctor@eee.org

[Moderator: Hmmm. LaughMates, please try this tactic
with your boss. And please, let us know how it works.

Sometimes, you are not in a position to 'say goodbye.'
Can someone help us out with a constructive
suggestion on defusing situations like this? One
where everyone comes out a winner and builds a
good relationship instead of destroying one? Eva]


====>  Role Playing Games

Hi Friends,

It's so sad that no one else took up the challenge
of the role playing game. But then we can't just
let smart alec at the back of the class get away
scot free .... can we? So here's what I'd have done.

Waited for a couple of seconds for laughter to die
down and then put on my most serious frown,
giving the class the idea that I was about to launch
into a new tirade. Then addressing the general direction
of the voice I'd say something like - "Well, he'd have a
brighter future if he learnt to change light bulbs too.
The puncture business is rather tiring, although you do
get the benefit of being able to charge a flat fee."
And then wink and join their laughter.
(Hopefully, there would be some ;-)

If you've been working your humor too hard,
give it a break with Jest for Pun.

Moderator's Comment - Talking of Role playing games
shall we take up this one.... Imagine you're Blonde, or
Black, Polish, Jewish, a Sardar, a Lawyer or of any
of the categories which are regularly at the receiving
end of jokes. Now your boss or your most important
client has just cracked a nasty joke about whichever
race, profession or joke category you belong.

What do you do?


====> Surprise

Hi Friends,

If brevity is the soul of wit, surprise must be
it's brain (or kidney!)

Just read this article by Linda Cox titled
"Sex and the Gods of Internet Marketing".
Linda Cox is (what she calls) Just Another
Marketing Guru.

If you'd like to read the article yourself before
I tell you about it and ruin your surprise hop over
to  http://www.lindacox.com/a-sex.htm

Now that you've read it do I need to say anything?:-)
Sorry! I'll get to the point for those who don't have the
time to read it. I started going through the article, (how
on earth it did I find it? I wonder :-) and the way it was
headed I thought it was going to be a tirade against
internet porn and about increasing censorship. She sort
of led you towards believing that!
But then a brief conclusion ....

"Frankly, I very much oppose adult content on the internet. I
think it should be legislated out of existence. Here's why:

Sex is the fire in the belly of civilization. If we allow it
to become so commonplace that everyone gives up the hot and
frenzied pursuit of it, then humanity will just go sit on the
couch and watch pro wrestling. And then where will we be?"

Leaving me rolling on the ground and agreeing that there
may yet be a good case pro censorship. (Normally I'm
against any imposed censorship. One of those "Right to
Freedom" to do anything characters.)

Of course a very relevant quotation which came to my
mind was Mark Twain's...

"What, Sir, would the people of the earth be
without woman? They would be scarce, sir,
almighty scarce."

Well that's enough kidding for the week, let me
get off the net quickly and do my bit towards the
future of mankind! ;-)

WZ-ard of 'Digital Creation' with Adobe Photoshop


===========  Helpful Humor Tips    ==========

===> Great Posts

A touch of humor, a touch of personalization to your
most serious post at the most serious discussion group
can help ensure it catches the moderator's eye
(especially in big lists where the moderator has to
read tons of business like and down to earth posts)

It also goes well with the readers of the list.
I'll give you just two examples of great posts.
But I'll hope we'll be receiving plenty from you
in the near future. (Also if you find other great
examples, please share it with us by

Here are the examples ...
Allan Gardynes Post in I-Sales 1316 dated 04/18
(To read it go to the link below and click on Issue #1316
http://list.adventive.com/SCRIPTS/WA.EXE?A1=ind0104&L=i-sales )
I know it's over 3 months old ...
But I'd flagged and saved it, just for today :-)

Notice the way with modesty, mentioning the
not so great points he guides you through all
his successes and mentions all his websites. If
it wasn't for the style of the post, no moderator
would let you talk about all your websites.

And the catchline, doesn't he make you feel
as if every person on that list is his friend and
has had a personal hand in his success.
(I remember, as I read it, feeling so lonely not being
a real part of his 'friends' group that I had signed
up for his newsletter that same day.)

The second though not in the same class, is something
which caught my eye this week ....
A post by J. Olson
who asks for some help in FrankelBees
and signs off his post saying ...

"(I'm placing a pail under the tap to handle
the flood of responses I will get...)"

Here's to making all discussion groups
much more fun..... Cheers

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