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    11th  July  2001    #     015

         Happy Anniversary of Babe Ruth's Debut in the Majors



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Lessons learnt in Tolerance
                                 ~ Gunjan
    Useful? Humor Tips

Soothing Ruffled Feathers with Humor
              ~ Gunjan
Scream out your Frustrations
              ~ Eva

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Dear LaughMates,

Talk of foresight. On hindsight my foresight was
right and not too many people seem to have read
the last issue. So there were no posts at all.

Which gives me the chance to ramble on. If you'd
like to make me shut up, drown me .... with your posts.
Holding my breath and waiting...

Your Grinning Moderator

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===> Dot-Com Marketing?

From: "Rob Palmer" <rob@freelanceworkexchange.com>

Here's another example of marketing:

You go to party, and you can't see any attractive females. However,
everyone tells you that a whole bunch of them will be arriving soon.
So you borrow every cent you can get your hands on from family and
friends. Then to impress the ladies, you blow it all on an expensive
suit, a Mercedes, a love nest in the Bahamas and a Lear jet to take
you there. When the females finally show up, you realize they are
all nuns.

This is an example of 'dot com' marketing.

Rob Palmer

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=====> Lessons Learnt in Tolerance

Hi Friends,

Although as I mentioned in the last issue I never
had difficulty in tolerating or being at the butt end
of racial/communal jokes. I used to have a lot of
difficulty handling some other kinds of jokes.

First I used to be extremely touchy about jokes
about my parents and could never handle those.
Till one day a newly found friend who I thought had
an amazing sense of humor pointed out ..... " I don't
understand why you're so touchy about jokes about
your parents. They must have a great sense of humor.
I mean just look at the joke they've created." {I never
had a problem handling jokes about me and soon
(as soon as I understood his dig) I was rolling on the

This cured me of my touchiness towards parent
jokes, and also religious jokes. I mean if the above
statement held good for my parents it should also hold
good for my Heavenly Father. Also a quotation from
Mark Twain was amazingly apt .... "Blasphemy?
No, it is not blasphemy. If God is as vast as that,
he is above blasphemy; if He is as little as that,
He is beneath it."

The other kind of humor I found extremely hard to digest
was not directed towards me. It was humor directed
towards handicapped people. I used to think this was
being extremely mean. And then I stumbled on to
Ray's (of Joke-a-day fame) letters to the editor newsletter.
He used to publish it every Wednesday (unfortunately
he discontinued it a couple of years back). I was most amazed
to find that every time he published a joke about handicapped
people he got angry letters of protest from normal people but
warm, friendly letters of encouragement from handicapped
people. A particular note will always remain etched in mind.

It was written by a partially blind person after he had published
a blind joke. It ran something like this ( I am recreating it
from memory.)

Dear Ray,

I laughed for hours after hearing your blind joke. (I'm partially
blind, and getting there fast!) I thank you for being able to
crack these jokes. Most people find it extremely hard to
crack jokes about us and treat us like fragile objects. It's
only in your newsletter that we get our equality!


It was a real eye-opener for me.

I find these experiences have really helped me to
be tolerant to most different kinds of jokes being cracked
and helped to build my sense of humor.

Hope you find them useful too.

Best Wishes


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===========  Helpful ? Humor Tips    ==========

===> Soothing Ruffled Feathers with Humor

What do you after you've screamed, shouted at, or had
a disagreement with your partner, employee, or subordinate.
This may have been necessary because of something they
did wrong or it may have been an over reaction on your part.

If you apologize, the effect of your censuring is going to be
reduced. If you leave things as it is, the censured party is
going to feel lousy for days (especially if he holds you in esteem)
and he won't be able to perform at his best.

The method I've found most effective is, that evening or the
next day, to call the person. Talk about something totally
different, preferably something which you can share a big
laugh over. This reassures the person that he may have
screwed up and that you still don't like that, but there are
no hard feelings and you're still thick as bricks. Nine times
out of ten you'll find the person giving out his best, being
more careful in future about the thing that upset you and
an improved relationship instead of a depleted one.



===> Scream out your Frustrations

What do you do when a client or customer has really
gotten you steaming under the collar?!

What I do (sometimes)

I vent and swear and yell and have a tantrum.

Oh, I do that in the privacy of my own office, out of earshot
of all clients. I complain and argue and tell them off.

Then, we all settle down. And if I want to keep the client,
I call them calmly, tease them a little about something
unrelated, maybe flirt a little...then, address the problem
head on.

So, please, don't hesitate to have your tantrums and
outbursts. But, wait until you get OFF the phone.
Present a professional face to your clients.

(Oh yes, if I don't want to keep the client, I will tell them
why they can't come back - usually in writing, so it is
more objective. That generally results in client apologies,
higher fees and better treatment of my staff and myself.)

1) Don't ever abuse your clients. And remember,
"The client is always right."

2) If you're angry and upset (or afraid) because you've
discovered that YOU made an error - YOU make sure
that you tell your client. And the sooner you tell them,
the sooner YOU are relieved of stress.

Their reaction is never as bad as you  expect. (I've had
clients walk out of my office hugging me and comforting
me after I've revealed an error. After all, they do happen.
But how often can your client expect you to tell them
AND take full responsibility for the consequences and the

3) Make sure your clients are not too intimidated
to let you know about your errors. That's one of the
biggest reasons people leave a professional.  People come
to me because their tax pro made and error - and when I
ask - they never brought it to his/her attention. They never
even gave them a chance to fix it.

Your Comic Guide,

Eva Rosenberg
http://taxmama.com   http://photomp.com/index.html


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