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                29th August  2001    #     022
         Happy More Herbs, Less Salt Day


Moderator's Comment -
                            ~ Gunjan

Please Refrain
                          ~ Eva and Gunjan


How firmly is it glued on?
                                  ~ Gunjan

The Birth of a Philosophy of Life
                         ~ Eva Rosenberg

A Tale of two cities
                                  ~ Gunjan

Newton's Apple
                                 ~ Gunjan


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Moderator's Message

Dear LaughMates,

You're all teaming up to help me get over my pet peeve?
Yes, it's another week with no posts. For some time I was
pretty bugged but then decided to take it with a pinch of salt
and a gulp of laughter (I don't recommend this remedy, it
tickles your nose) and ramble away again.

Actually no posts is wrong. I did get one post in reply to the
pet peeves message. From someone whose pet peeve was
receiving I-Laugh. When I first saw that post I had a huge laugh,
thought somebody with a great sense of humor was checking out
mine. But then unfortunately I found that wasn't right.
What had really happened is covered under Dirty Tricks Dept.

However it did lead to some communication, which has led
to the ideas that I've discussed in this issue. Hope it triggers
lots of thoughts in all of you too and plenty of posts.

A special word to those who have never posted in any list
before. Take a deep breath and post. It's as easy as that.
See how much more fun it'll be once you're a part (not apart,
the space is extremely important) of the discussion.

Now let me stop rambling and start rrrrrambling.... <s>

Your Comic Guide
Currently in Italy (Virtually) :-)
WZ-ard of Virtual Travel

P.S - Please, do remember to invite your friends to subscribe.

Please, send any comments to:

===========  Dirty Tricks Department  ==========

===> Please Refrain

How do you tell a grumpy co-worker or a boss that
he/she is grumpy?

Subscribe him/her to I-Laugh.

Well, that's what somebody did to 3 of his colleagues.
(The pet peeve chap was one of them). From the tone
of their notes to me I could understand that they certainly
needed to lighten up and to work on their sense of humor.

However, I'm sorry, this isn't the right way to go about things.
Anonymously subscribing someone to I-Laugh puts our friendly
little group in bad light. To those people who have been
anonymously subscribed I-Laugh comes through as spam,
even though WE haven't sent it unsolicited.

As both Eva and myself are strongly opposed to spam, as
I'm sure are most of our dear Laughmates, let's refrain ourselves
from this dirty trick (although it's so very tempting with some
particularly, irritating grumps).


Eva and Gunjan

Comments or Have a Humorous Tip to share?

===> Speaking of Dirty Tricks

In the course of our wrong number discussions, some of our
delightfully wicked members have started telling us about
deliciously dirty tricks they've played on friends, customers,
vendors, etc.

Well, the most wicked man of all, Paul Myers, has offered
to gather all our nasties and to edit about our mis-
adventures. If you have some tales, please, do share them
with us. Your cleverness and wit will be immortalized.

Please send them to

=====  New Discussions  =====

====> How Firmly is it glued on?

Hi Friends,

One of 3 above mentioned musketeers in reply to
my note explaining what probably had happened,
and that I-Laugh or any of our lists NEVER sends
out spam, thanks me for the trouble of writing to him,
for unsubscribing all of them, and ends up with the statement
- "As for my sense of humor, someone in my position
has to sometimes leave it at home."

This immediately reminded me of a line from one
my favorite books - 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand.
In it Francisco d'Anconia, a childhood family friend
of James Taggart, whom James has always detested
bursts in at James' wedding uninvited. James, is pretty
flummoxed, neither wanting to create a scene nor sure
of what he should do.

That's when Francisco tells him -

"I think you should present me to your bride James.
Your manners have never been glued to you too solidly -
you always lose them in an emergency, and that's the
time when one needs them most."

Isn't that extremely true? Don't we always tend to lose
the things that aren't innate in us during emergencies?

Secondly, isn't our sense of humor as important as our manners,
if not more? (The good manners will let you make the other
chap happy, the sense of humor will make you happy <g>)

Can we really afford to ever leave our sense of humor at
home or anywhere away from us? Shouldn't it be glued tight
to us? Don't we need it most when he have bad days, irate
customers (people who falsely accuse of spam <g>), or we've
been rebuked or even laid off?

I vote for glued tight .... what's your call?

WZ-ard of Humorous (and occasional serious) Quotes

Comments :

====> The Birth of a Philosophy of Life

No wonder Gunjan appeals so much to me.
As a teenager, I  must have read Atlas Shrugged at
least three times (and if you've seen that book, you
know what a Titanic effort that must have been).
For someone as altruistic as I am, oddly enough Ayn
Rand and her brand of superheroes were my passion.
Or see my Ayn Rand Listmania list at http://taxmama.com/AynRand

OK...since the story of how I got started really had its humor
element, I suppose I must tell you.

I was about 14 years old, when my older brother, 21, and in
college came to me. Robi asked, "Would you write a book
report for me? You'll really love this book. It's the best one
I ever read!"

With my eyebrows raised, I responded, "That's not much of
a recommendation. You've never read a book before."

Although he devoured sports magazines and other annoying,
useless things (uh oh, I can just hear you!), I had never in his
life seen him crack a book, unless it was a textbook.

Even that young, I didn't respect the concept of doing someone
else's work for him. But I did tell him, if I can use the book
report for my own class, I would write the report and give him a

And there began the first of my battles. Ninth grade English
teachers seem to have strong objections to their young,
impressionable students reading someone as controversial as
Ayn Rand. The fight was no easier in High School, when I used
the book report again - nor in college. (You see, I had long ago
learned the lesson of re-selling the same article. <g>)

My brother had no idea quite how controversial and powerful
this woman and her philosophy were, when he innocently
gave me that book to read.

Somehow, I've been able to take the best things about her
philosophy (pride in my own work, skills and accomplishment)
without some of the more destructive anti-social elements.
I guess I didn't see why it was necessary to antagonize
everyone to accomplish your goals.

Many of the BIG self-help gurus incorporate a great deal of
her philosophy and that of Maxwell Maltz, from his 1950s book
PsychoCybernetics. You'll have to find a used copy.
It's the foundation of all the really successful MLM companies'
training campaigns, from Amway on down.

Just a touch of education and philosophy...since my quick
comment about Gunjan's taste simply got out of hand.

Sorry. :-)

Your Comic Guide

Eva Rosenberg

Glance through these cartoons, I chose them
out of a collection of over 100, just for you...

Evolution of Man...
(This is the best Cartoon I've seen in ages,
Don't miss it!)

That wasn't done by I-Laugh...

====> A Tale of two cities

Hi Friends,

Thinking about humor in tough situations reminded me of
two incidents in my life (both not work related unfortunately).

The first was when I'd gone to Pondicherry with my brother.
The bus was about 7 hours late thus making us reach
Pondicherry at the unearthly hour of 2 am. Our accommodation
was with a Sri Aurobindo Ashram guest house which closes their
gates at 10 pm sharp as per Ashram rules and would never open
at 2 am (not that we wanted to flout rules and knock).

This left us in the uncomfortable situation of being shelterless,
pretty low on money (we had pre-paid our accommodation etc)
and dead tired after a 17 hour bus journey, not to mention
a little boy who kept throwing up in the bus.  People who have
ever sat in an Indian bus will understand our plight.

Anyway we walked up to the cheapest looking hotel around
and asked for a room. To our delight not only did he have a
room but it was within our budget. In our excitement we
forgot to check the room and promptly paid up.

Well our joy was short-lived - only till we entered our room.
The room stank worse than the bus. It was a nightmare!

Our choices - to walk out, forgo our money, trundle around
in the middle of the night and search for other cheap hotels...
(which may not be better than this one) or sit down right here
and some how pass the remaining 3-4 hours till the Ashram
reopened. (The bed looked too dirty to sit on .... forget sleep in).

We settled on the second option, sat down and started first
cursing, then making jokes, and finally having a good laugh
at our sorry plight. Soon the room didn't feel half as uncomfortable
as it had and we comfortably (well, not physically comfortable)
fell asleep in our respective chairs. On the whole that half hour
of laughing at our plight made it so easy to pass those 3-4 hours,
and it's now a tale we both love to recount.

The second incident was when I'd gone to Chandipur, with my
wife and my son who was then a toddler in arms and a couple
of friends. The trip went off okay (as good as it can go with
people who don't understand a single one of your quips ;-).

Disaster struck when we were heading back. One of  our
smart friends realized after reaching the station that he had
left one of his bags at the hotel, had to go back to get it, and
by the time he got back we'd missed our train. The next train
was after 6 hours and we had the 'pleasant' task of spending
6 hours on a platform with no benches, with a toddler in our arms.
(Did I forget to mention the mosquitoes ..... oh! Wonder why
Noah couldn't have swatted them when there were just 2 of them!)

Well, it wasn't an easy job at all, but I got my humor working
to help me get through this ordeal. Unfortunately my wife didn't
share my gusto. She had a ball snapping at how stupid I was,
for first of all having stupid friends, then planning stupid trips,
then being stupid enough to get us into this plight and then to
try and be stupidly funny about the whole thing.

Well as you can guess - those were probably the longest 6 hours
in my life or as W.C. Fields once said - " I once spent a year in
Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday." [She still goes all grumpy,
when she thinks of that day, whereas I think it was extremely
humorous; not that I'd say it in front of her ;-]

I know it looks extremely stupid when you're in trouble and laugh
about it, but trust me it feels really great. The look of disbelief, or
wonder on the faces of bystanders who think you're nuts adds to
the amusement and soon your trouble doesn't seem half as deep
as it looked originally.

Hope you managed to go through the ordeal of that long tale
with a smile ;-)

Best Wishes,
 >From Master Quotes to Mis Quotes!
(And a few Mr. and Mrs. ones too :-)

If you have tale where you handled a hard situation
with humor as your weapon, share it here -

====> Newton's Apple

Hiya again friends ( I did warn you ;-),

Isn't it amazing how our brain wanders? That one line
saying 'I leave my humor at home' had me wandering to
Francisco D'Anconia and thence to the importance of having
your humor glued tight, and to emergencies or hard times,
from where it (unfortunately for you dear reader) went on a
nostalgic trip, onto thinking about how our brains wander,
leading to how the best example of this, is probably the
alleged story of Newton and the apple hitting him on the head.

It also led me to wondering - imagine what would have happened
if it had been a coconut instead of an apple and also to <naughty
grin> why did the apple come down and hit him in the first place
since gravity hadn't yet been discovered !

 >From there it leads me to wondering where these stories/posts
of mine must be leading to, in your heads.

Wherever that is, if any of our posts trigger some thoughts in your
heads which are not directly connected to the conversation at hand,
don't let trivialities like that hold you back. Go right ahead and share
your thoughts with us.

I mean why should Gunjan be the only chap to get ramble away
when I-Laugh is 'Your Working Humor discussion list' ?

Let's set the ball (not to mention apples again) rolling....

www.workinghumor.com - Let your Humor Work for you !

-------------; share it here -)


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