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3rd October  2001    #     027
"The problems of victory are more agreeable than those
of defeat, but they are no less difficult."
--Sir Winston Churchill


Moderator's Comment -
                              ~ Gunjan


What me Worry?
                         ~ Gunjan

Know it all Customers
                          ~ Gunjan

Trying to match wits with kids
                         ~ Gunjan


Gifted Presentations
                           ~ Gunjan

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Moderator's Message

Dear LaughMates,

God communicates with us in different ways.
To some of us He communicates in Churches,
Synagogues, Temples, Mosques etc. For my
grandma He used to visit her room and sit in a
particular chair. God help any of us kids who
ever sat down in that chair. Grandma used to
come after us with everything she had, including
the kitchen sink. Thank God the Lord wasn't
that touchy, He never came after any of us
with his bolt of lightning or His Kitchen Sink for
that matter. Thank God!

This Sunday as I was rummaging through my junk,
an old tape caught my attention. It was titled -
"The song remains the same." It brought back
memories of shows with hands up in the air
with lighters, candles, even matches swaying together.
More importantly it brought back memories of Robert
Plant, suddenly stopping in the middle of a song to
ask the audience - "Does anybody here remember

And so I searched for the lyrics to try and remember,
why he'd brought that up. Here they are ....

"And it's whispered that soon, if we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
And the forest will echo with laughter."

So what do you say Dear Laughmates,
"Does the song remain the same? Shall we all call
the tune?? Do we all remember Laughter???

I do. I make sure I Laugh atleast 5 times a day. ;-)

WZ-ard of Adobe Photoshop

P.S - If any of you are wondering what relation the first
para had with the second, that's the way I believe God
corresponds with me. A song here, a quotation there.
Sometimes just a rustle in the breeze.

P.P.S - We've got information that 14 of you have
NOT visited our sponsor yet. No wonder I don't
see your posts. You've got to ink them my friends. ;-)

Please, send any comments to:

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=====  New Discussions  =====

====> What me worry?

Dear Friends,

There is a discussion going on in I-Sales right now
about "What if the Internet, were to break down."
Some very knowledgeable people giving their opinions
on problems, risks, etc. They suggest trying to have a
back up offline business.

As my business is totally online I thought - "Aah,
that's something I should worry about too. But
since I was busy rummaging through my things ;-),
I thought I'll just note it down and worry about it later.
That evening my cousin told me about the difficulty
he was having in getting a job, so I added it to my
worry list. Now the moment I called it a worry list it
started growing like Jack's Beanstalk. What if somebody
stole my bike, how would I get around, what if all you hated
this little piece I'm writing so much that you all unsubscribe
at the same time who would then listen to my tales, what if
a-la-Woody Allen, God decided to give me a positive sign of
His existence and wanted to make a deposit in my Swiss bank account. Oh
hell, I don't even have one yet. I haven't heard from
my girlfriend in a week. What if she's finally realized what a
bum I am and decided to ditch me, and I haven't even got a
back up yet!

Oh boy, is there an end to the things you can worry about?
I'm sure each of you will have one as long as mine, or longer,
if we made it a contest (Should we? :-)

Fortunately just around that time, when my worry list was finally driving me
completely nuts, one of my friends asked me to find
an apt quote for her thesis (Did you know I offer that as a service

And look what I found for me, from Montaigne, the French Philosopher and
Essayist of the 16th Century....

"My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which
never happened."

Coming to think of it I've dreamed more things to worry about
since I started that list, than I've had worries all my life.

So here goes my list ..... RIP (pardon the pun!)

Currently in Worrywickshire (Virtually) :-)
WZ-ard of Virtual Travel

Comments :

====> Handling Know-it-all Customers

Dear Friends,

I went to visit my friend Sunil the other evening. Sunil works
at an Opel service center. To my amazement I found a
gleaming almost new Opel at Sunil's door. I started
teasing and asking if this was part of the perks. He replied
he had working on this car the whole day. He hadn't been
able to finish it during office hours and had brought it home
to complete the job in the evening.

People crib about taking home work! Now that's the kind
of work I'd love to take home every evening :-).

Anyway I digress, the reason I went to meet Sunil, other
than to learn more about Afghanistan (Sunil was in
Afghanistan during the Russian invasion and was captured
by the Russians thinking he was a Mojahideen and by the
Mojahideen thinking he was a Russian spy.) was - Since not
too many of our laughmates have been bringing up their pet
peeves (since the 'wrong no' discussions) I thought I'll start
doing some offline snooping too.

Sunil's pet peeve is - Customers who think they know all about
cars. He hates it when he can clearly hear a differential sound
but the customer insists it the wheel bearings. He normally
gets irritated and just tells these kind of clients to repair
their car themselves since they know so much and screams
them away.

What do you say dear Laughmates, I'm sure there's a better
way to handling even such pains in the ***. Any suggestions
on how Sunil can handle these kind of clients with humor?

I'm giving it some serious thought and should hopefully have
some ideas by the next issue. But I eagerly look forward to
helpful suggestions from our Laughmates.

With Regards,
coz 7 days without a pun makes one weak

===> Trying to Match wits with kids

Hi Friends,

Recently, there was this joke in one of my favorite
humor ezines -

Children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic school
for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples.
The nun made a note: "Take only one, God is watching."

Moving through the line, at the other end of the table was a
large pile of chocolate chip cookies.

A boy wrote a note: "Take all you want, God is watching the apples."
(From Jo Lene's Daily Humor)

It reminded me of the time when I was sitting in Akash's office.
Akash is the Principal of Bethany High School (from kindergarten
to 12th grade). From outside his window we heard a little boy
calling someone a pig. Akash immediately got up and went to
the window.

Putting on his 'Principle' voice he called out - "Who was that?"

The little boy immediately came forward and said it was him.
Akash went on to ask him who he was calling a pig and didn't
he know it was rude to do so.

I'd expected a denial or an apology so I was surprised when the
boy pointed at a couple of girls and said he was addressing them.
He then went on - "But Sir, I wasn't being rude. Don't you know
pig is short for Pretty Indian Girl?" (He hasn't learnt yet, that that's
known as an acronym. Imagine the plight of the Teacher who has
to teach him :-)

I don't remember being able to get Akash that tongue tied in all
the teasing and kidding I do. Maybe I need to get an education
in humor ..... from the kids!

To wind up in kidspeak ..... Bbbbbbbbbbbyeeeeee !

coz 7 days without a pun makes one weak

Comments :

===========  Helpful Humor Tips  ==========

===> Gifted Presentations

Hi Friends,

Attended a seminar recently on use of Laughter
in Education. Several good points which I'll take up later,
but here's something which I believe can enhance any

The Presenter had a nice big bag of goodies. Every time
somebody came up with a good point, suggestion or
question he rummaged through the bag and pulled out
a gift ....

And the gifts .... little items, like a crayon, a sachet of
ketchup, a spring onion etc, etc .... which he distributed
with exaggerated fanfare adding 'wise' comments like ....

"Thank you, that's for helping to make my presentation
more colorful."

"Thank You, for such a saucy comment"

"Thank You, for being so peacefully quiet, can I get you
to spring up and join the discussion"

etc, etc, etc ....

I'm waiting to use it in my next presentation ....
What do you think, would it work for you too ?

coz 7 days without a pun makes one weak

Comments :


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