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24th October  2001    #     030
When Henry Erskine was asked if the pun is the lowest form
of wit, he replied, "It is, and therefore the foundation of all wit."


Moderator's Comment -
                                 ~ Gunjan


Do Organizations live up to Murphy's Laws?
                            ~ Arik Schenkler

Bad News Tips
                   ~ Eva

Public Speaking Tips
                           ~ Gunjan

Getting to Know Your Laughmates
          "Featured Laughmate - Dr Stan Kegel"
                             ~ Gunjan

Questionable Efficiency
                              ~ Gunjan

Chicken Soup for 7 Highly Effective People
                                         ~ Gunjan


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Moderator's Message

Dear LaughMates,

Do LaughMates hibernate? And if they do so is it time already?
Not a single post on Humor in Communication .... and I thought
I was stirring up a hornet's nest. I have had several debates
with traditionalists who feel business communication should not
carry too many personal remarks and unless a joke or
humorous quote is extremely relevant it should
be avoided. I thought we'd have at least a couple
of those who would love to stress their point of view.

And then of course there are 'The Godfather' followers like
yours truly who believe that all business is personal so it's
perfectly alright to treat business communication as
personal communication and thus stamp it with your
personal quirks. I thought this category would love to send
us more samples or examples of humor in communication.

But since we didn't get a single post,
I think it's time for a little survey.

If you read I-Laugh regularly and go through most of each
issue please click on the link below and send us a mail


If you go through it once in way please click on the link
below etc...


If you never open I-Laugh there's no point in telling
you click on the link below but I'll still do it in case
somebody wants to surprise us. :-)


In all the cases please feel free to either send us the mail
with just the pre-filled subject or add any comments,
suggestions, remarks in the body of the message.

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Please, send any comments to:

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=====  New Discussions  =====

====> Do Organizations live up to Murphy's Laws?

Eva and Gunjan shalom,

Another observation I have come to....

You know those organization that do not function so well.
Whenever you want them to "screw" things, suddenly they
work as a perfect organization....

For example:
The US post services.... All the Anthrax mail were delivered
on time, to the right people -:)

Arik Schenkler - CEO
Use Internet Dollar emoney for anonymity,
finalization of deal and fee free funds movements
from peer to peer - http://InternetDollar.com

Comments :

====> Bad News Tips

Hi HelpMates,

I know, when you get notices from IRS or your own
indigenous tax agency, you cringe. When I get them, I
am usually delighted. It often means they are sending me
forms or information I need to finish a project.

Well this weekend I opened a letter, fully expecting good
news - resolution of a case. Instead, with no advance hint
whatsoever, the notice is a tax assessment of over $40,000!!!!

Worse. Although the envelope had my name and address on
it in handwriting, the notice was computer generated. It did
not contain the name or contact phone number of the person
who created this bizarre assessment. Yes, the letter did
include the general 800 # for the IRS.

Well, that's a completely useless notice. And IRS is making
a very big deal about their reorganization and how well it's
working. So, knowing that the system needs to be changed,
and having an idea about who can submit the change...
I called up my good buddy, the Taxpayer Advocate in L.A.

The conversation went like this,

Me: Hi Laurie, great to hear your voice.

Her: Hey, Eva, nice to hear from you. What's up?

Me: Oh, I just called to mess up your day a bit.

Her: Well, that's a great opening. Thanks a lot!

Then I threw the problem in her lap.

The fact is, too many notices are going out without
useful contact information. And whether it's the pros
or the taxpayer calling in, someone is stuck on the
phone too long, getting the run-around, trying to find
the responsible office or person. By the time we get to
the right person, we're angry, frustrated...and don't have
much humor left, so, IRS must fix this problem.
It's much better for their employees' health.

So, with a bit of friendliness, the offending notice is
being magically zapped to her office via fax - and who
knows, I may have saved the lives of several IRS
agents and taxpayers who will not have apoplectic fits.

This problem should be fixed promptly, as a result of
my efforts. Expect to the see the changes sometime in the
next year...or so...and that's if she follows up right away.

But see, it's important to know how to contact someone
about bad news. I would have gotten nowhere if I had
called and just yelled. Or if I had simply yelled at whoever
responded to my phone call on the toll free number.

Your Humorous Guide,

Eva Rosenberg

Cartoon Break :

How a man Can be useful !

A practical alternative to work

Don't eat the hard piece....

====> Public Speaking Tips

Dear LaughMates,

I'm subscribed to quite a few lists which
give tips on public speaking. The best that
I've found is Tom Antion's 'Great Speaking'.

I reproduce here an extract of one of his
articles ....


Questions to ask the Meeting Coordinator:

* What does the organizer want to accomplish because
     of my appearance?
* Why was I chosen?
* How many people are expected to be in the audience?
* What are their job responsibilities?
* What is the male/female ratio?
* What time am I supposed to speak?
* What is on the program just before I speak?
* What is on the program just after I speak?
* What is the conference title and theme?
* Who will introduce me?
* Who are the other speakers on the program?
* What kind of seating is being used?
* What kind of microphone and A/V equipment is available?
* May I have a list of expected attendees so that I may
    interview some of them for a few minutes by phone in
    advance of the program?

(Tom adds that this is most important and he interviews
at least 15 audience members. His article then goes on
Questions to ask the interviewee, Questions to ask
yourself, and some practice points. We'll take those up
in subsequent issues.

However if you're impatient and would like to subscribe
and get the tips for yourself why not follow our affiliate
link (given below) so you'd have done your 'scoutly'
deed for the day :-) while getting yourself an excellent


coz 7 days without a pun makes one weak

====>  Getting to Know Your Laughmates

Featured Laughmate - Dr Stan Kegel

Hi Friends,

Every time I see Dr Stan Kegel's name among the
I-Laugh subscriber's list I am reminded of a very
old joke back from my school days.

It went something like this...
Fortunately I won a flight ticket to Paris.
Unfortunately my plane caught fire.
Fortunately they had a parachute for me.
Unfortunately it wouldn't open.
Fortunately there was a haystack where I was falling.
Unfortunately there was a pitchfork sticking out of it.
Fortunately I missed the pitchfork.
Unfortunately I missed the haystack too.

The original version of the story started on Monday
and ended on Saturday but it had the same climax :-).

I guess why I'm reminded of this story is that it is an honor
to have a person like Dr Stan Kegel on our list so we're
fortunate to have him with us. But it is unfortunate that
we haven't had him start sharing some humorous anecdotes
about his working life or tips on how to put some pun into
our work! I hope we're able to persuade him.

Now as to why it is an honor to have Dr Kegel with us.
(For the few of you who may not have heard of him)
Dr Stan Kegel was the International Punster of the Year
in 2000. He has been judging the O Henry Pun Fest for
the past couple of years.

He has always had a love for groaners and shaggy dog tails.
About three years ago he subscribed to several joke lists
and found them almost devoid of puns. (This was before
'Jest for Pun' ;) He started posting puns to various joke lists
and received great encouragement.  Two years ago he was
contacted by Mike Avery, the moderator of "Humor from
Otherwhen" and was offered a chance to start his own joke
list devoted to puns and groaners.

Thus was born, "Profusions of Puns, Gaggles of Groaners."
Several months later he started the feature, "Puns of the Day."
After requests from many who wished to receive this, and
not all the groaners, another joke list, "Puns of the Day" was
started. He later started a third joke list, "Shaggy-Dog Tails."

You can subscribe to them by writing to him at kegel@fea.net

In addition he has continued sending groaners to multiple joke
lists and his weekly feature, "Puns of the Weak" appears in
total or in part on over 30 joke lists. He has been an active
participant in P. U. N. Y., which he considers as a second
family, and is in the Riddle Chain and Pun Loop groups. His
puns have been featured in "The Pundit," "The Punster," and
"The Pun American Newsletter." He is an Associate Editor
of an e-zine, "Desceptacio".

Dr. Kegel has been practicing Pediatrics and Pediatric
Cardiology in Orange County, California for 41 years.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, he studied Medicine
at the University Of California. He then returned to
Los Angeles for his post-graduate work at Los Angeles
County General Hospital and the UCLA Medical Center.

In addition to his medical practice, he has been very
active in the community having received the
Humanitarian of the Year Award from the National
Council of Christians and Jews and Man of the Year
of the National Foundation-March of Dimes. He has
served as president of the local chapters of the American
Heart Association and the Jewish Federation Council.

He is the father of five children ranging in age
from 16 to 42, and has 5 grandchildren.

That friends is the briefest introduction possible
for LaughMate - Dr. Stan Kegel

Currently in Afghanistan (Virtually) :-)
WZ-ard of Virtual Travel

Comments :

=====  Replies=====

===> Questionable Efficiency

Dear Arik,

I'm not so sure about the efficiency of the US post
delivering all the Anthrax mails. We have this theory that
the terrorists had posted a million Anthrax mails around
June. Since nothing had been delivered till September
they had to switch to Plan B.

Of course there is no proof yet to back this theory but
we're working on it :-)

Jest a Quote (or three)
Free. Daily. Deadly.
Subscribe by sending a blank email to

===========  Helpful Humor Tip  ==========

Chicken Soup for 7 Highly Effective People -

I was reading an article titled 7 Habits of Highly
Persistent Dotcoms. One part of my mind was with the
words.... grit, tightfistness, agility, blah, blah, the other
was playing word games with the title. Aren't the 7 words
in the title of my article the seven most highly overused
words these days and yet why are they chicken soup for
effective people?

The solution to this mystery is not mine .... it's as old as
the hills or atleast as old as Murphy!

Comin's Law :
"People will accept your idea much more readily if you tell
them Benjamin Franklin said it first."

Although I'm giving you all humorous references I'm not
kidding you that this technique works. Last time I had to
make a pitch for holding a Teacher Training Session in
a school, I did some quick snooping into the Principal's
reading habits. I found that he was absolutely sold on 7
Habits of Highly Effective People. So I retitled my session
to "7 Tips to enhance reading habits in children." I was on
my way to the auditorium even before all my material was
ready :-).

So whether it's an idea you want to sell to your boss, or
a pitch to a client or even something to an audience try
to see if you can throw in a few Highly Effective catch
phrases. There's a good chance you may have them
eating Chicken Soup out of your hands.

Jest a Quote (or three)

Comments :

===========  This week's Humor  ==========

Here's a sample from Stan Kegel's Groaners...

Police cordoned off the area around the Stevens' home
on Elm St. FBI, CDC agents and a Hazmat Team moved
in. Helicopters circled overhead. Media swarmed in. The
white house was notified and President Bush called for
calm and assured everyone that the government had the
situation under control.

The activity began when the Stevens' next door neighbor
had called 911 to report bio-terrorism at the Stevens home.

Subsequent investigation revealed that earlier, the Stevens Bobby and Judy
had come into the house crying with red
welts in their arms and legs. This caused Jim Stevens to go
to the back to look for the cause while his wife ministered
to the kids.

Unfortunately, the neighbor heard Jim holler to his wife, "Honey, I know
what's wrong with the kids, I found
ant tracks in their sandbox!"
(By Ken Pinkham)

Comments :


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