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23rd January  2002    #     043
The Murphy Philosophy :
Smile ... Tomorrow will be worse.


Moderator's Comment -
                              ~ Gunjan


Show Me
                             ~ Tom Duguid

Show Me (Success Story)
                             ~ Gunjan

Speaker Tips
                             ~ from Tom Antion


Allen and Nichols (Listening Skills)
                           ~ Tony Kindelspire (Daily Times-Call)

                 ~ Gunjan

Why your audience didn't get the joke?
                  ~ Gunjan


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Moderator's Message

Dear LaughMates,

What a disappointment! None of you have anybody at work that makes you smile? I'd thought I'd have so many posts that I'd have difficulty sorting them.

For me from the time I began working (at the age of 16) I can tell you several people in each job that I found amusing. My uncle with his gift for bluffing
while I was selling refractory, when I shifted to selling I.V fluids, a couple of doctors and many of the medical representatives from competing companies who had been trained as excellent parrots and who would look extremely impressive while everything went according to script, but start stuttering and stammering the moment they were asked something that was not on their
script, The old Mr. V who had been an employee of the manufacturing factory for which I marketed cement for 50 years.

I could go on, my giant of an assistance when I got into Transportation who took such a liking to me that he was willing to kill anyone that said a word against me. (A truck driver had to be hospitalized after he called me a B******** and Dashrath heard him), and on, in this vein right up to this day.

That's why I'm really shocked! Is it really that none of you can think of a single person in your work environment who makes you smile? If there isn't how on earth are you enjoying your work? Please start keeping a more eager eye open.

If there is, why don't you share with us so we can chat about who and what we find funny etc. We don't need entries that can win booker prizes :-)
Just a simple post with - " I find X funny, because .................." or "Y is so silly, last week she .............." or even "Z acts so serious that every time I look at him it brings a smile" etc.

Come on, you can spare the 3.14 minutes it's going to take write that. In fact why don't you do it now, before you go on with the rest of the issue.

Please, send your post to:

As an additional incentive from now on the best post every month and the most frequent poster will win ads on my site for 15 days with an assured audience of atleast 2000 pageviews.

If you've finished sending in your post go on with...
I-Laugh #43

coz 7 days without a pun makes one weak


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=====  Continuing Discussions  =====

===> Show Me

 >From Tom Duguid <tduguid@silverstream.com>


I read an article a couple of months ago about how some hotels are purposely screwing something up, and then showing you how they "go out of their way" to rectify the concern for you. The reason: more people are more impressed by them "going out of their way" than they are if everything had been OK to start with, and are thus more inclined to say they had a positive
experience with that establishment. An interesting insight into the human psyche, wouldn't you say?

T o m   D u g u i d
Art & Creative, Senior Designer
Marketing + Communications
SilverStream Software
phone:  604  921  4359

Moderator's Comments - Interesting? It's scary! Phil, I swear did nothing of the sort! :-)

Comments -

===> Show Me (Success Story)


Here's another little story of great service. This one nearly got the person delivering the service in trouble but in the end he got great results for his efforts.

This is about a person who runs a small travel and leisure company. One of the top executives from one of the top corporations in India once called him up and asked him to organize a weekend getaway. Money was not
a problem and the instructions were simple - Ensure that the whole weekend goes through without a single glitch.

The travel agent organized a getaway in a resort about 80 kms from Bangalore and the team left in 2 cars. About 25-30 kms on the road the
executive noticed that 2 cars were tailing them. Immediately concerned about security he asked his driver to try and shake the tail but couldn't.
Finally deciding to take the bull by the horns he asked the driver to stop the car. The tailing cars also stopped behind at a discrete distance.

Taking the trouble to walk up to the tailing cars, he collared the drivers.
He asked - "What are you doing?"
Drivers - "Tailing you"
Executive - "Why?"
Drivers - "We were asked to!"
Executive - "By whom?"
Drivers - "By Mr. ----------------" (The owner of the travel agency).

The executive immediately calls the travel agent on his mobile phone and asks him what the big idea is? The travel agent replies he was just trying to make sure there were no glitches and so had sent 2 back up cars.

For a minute or two the executive is still fuming. "Great glitch free weekend? You already ruined my weekend by giving me ulcers!" But then he calms down and realizes this was indeed good service and not something which most travel agents in India would have thought of.

Result - That little agency is now the sole tour and leisure organizer for one of the biggest corporate groups in India.

www.workinghumor.com - Let your Humor Work for you !

Comments -

===> Speaking Tips

Here's the next article in the series of public speaking tips from Tom Antion.

How to Make a Point with Humor

One of the old saws of public speaking says that you should "Tell em what you're gonna tell em. Tell  em. Then tell  em what you told  em." When you want to make a point during your presentation, you can use a similar formula. You tell em the point, illustrate the point, then tell em the point again. This formula, however, can seem boring and redundant if you don't
spice it up a little. One way to do it is to use humor. Here's the formula:

1. Make your point.

2. Illustrate your point (in our case with a humorous two-liner, but you could use props, humorous props, funny stories, serious stories, case studies, etc.)

3. Restate your point.

Here's an example where your point is "The Importance of Communication."

1. First make your point by saying, Accurate and clear communication is an important part of our everyday lives.

2. Then illustrate your point. In this case use a humorous
two-liner. It's like the student pilot who was asked over the
radio to state his altitude and location. He said, "I'm five
feet nine and I'm in the left seat."

3. Then restate your point in a slightly different manner by
saying, You can see how what we may think is clear
communication could be interpreted incorrectly especially
when people are under pressure.

Tom Antion
Great Speaking

You can subscribe to his free newsletter 'Great Speaking'
To subscribe why not use our affiliate link (given below)


Comments or if have you a tip to share -

Cartoon Break

The Female Brain...

The Male Brain..

Quick Thinking

=====  New Discussions  =====

====> Laughmate in the News

Hi Friends,

Our Laughmate, Stephanie Allen, was in the news recently.
The article about her is interesting and so is the topic
listening skills. I'm all ears to hear more on the subject.
Any additional tips for us Laughmates, Stephanie?

Tony Kindelspire
Daily Times-Call

LONGMONT, CO - Poor listening skills can cause all kinds
of problems around the office, not to mention at home.

Thursday, the comedy/workforce-training team of Allen &
Nichols paid a visit to Longmont and gave a presentation
on how humor can be used to improve listening skills.

"There are classes on public speaking, but when's the last
time you saw one on public listening," said Edd Nichols,
the comedic arm of the team.

Nichols' partner, Stephanie West Allen, writes all the material
for the presentation, but it's the characters portrayed by Nichols
who inspire the retention of the material.

The presentation, held during the monthly meeting of the
Longmont Area Economic Council's Human Resources
Roundtable, was titled "Close Mouth, Open Horizons." It
had Nichols first wearing a tan, vinyl, western-cut suit, red
hat and bolo tie.

"I used to not listen well," said "Scud Fedders," Nichols'
character. "The first thing I noticed was telemarketers
stopped calling me. I guess they didn't want to hear my
life story - the long version."

"Fedders" then brought Tim Strong from Sun Construction
up to the front of the room for a round of "copy talk."

The exercise involved the two talking at exactly the same
time, with one person leading and the other person repeating,
in unison, what the leader was saying.

The "follower" had to pay close attention to what the leader
was saying in order to stay in unison.

"Do not do that to people without warning them," said "Fedders."

Allen encouraged the audience to practice copy talk.

"When you do copy talk in your head it focuses you to pay
attention on what the other person is saying," Allen said.
"We listen at about 500 words a minute, and we speak
about 150 words a minute."

Another trick is to recognize the four basic "listening styles"
that people have.

"The first kind of listener is really just concerned with time;
they want it short, speedy, swift," Nichols said, still in his
"Scud Fedders" character. He called that style the

"The second type of listener is really just concerned with
content," he said. They want the information you have for
them, no matter how detailed it is. This type is known
as "the deliberating jury."

"The third kind of listener is real action-oriented. They
want concise, error-free, organized communication,"
Nichols said. "We call these people 'give me action
or give me death.'

"The fourth listener is really just concerned with people,"
he said. He explained that the top priority for this type in
any conversation is making a human connection.

"We call this particular style 'Clintonesque,'" Nichols

"There's a lot of potential for real tragedy here" when
two styles clash, Allen said. "We need to know all
the styles so we can adapt to all the situations that
we find ourselves in.

"If you watch for it, you can see these mismatches all
the time."

Nichols drove home the point of listening well when he
came out in his next character, "Wayne Engledink," a
Vegas lounge-lizard dressed in a multicolored leisure
suit with huge, green lapels and his shirt opened to his
navel. To the tune of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline,"
"Engledink's" dancing on the tables and crooning to
the female audience members had everyone singing
along to a song about listening.

While Thursday's presentation was short, Allen & Nichols
are hired by companies to do longer, half-day seminars on
other topics such as working together as a team, promoting
workplace civility and sharpening customer service.

By the way, Stephanie, I tried evaluate which category of
a listener I am. I don't think I fit into any of those categories
per se. I also feel that my listening attitude varies with the
speaker especially if he or she is known to me. For example
I'd try to latch on to every word that Dr. Santosh or Srivatsa
may say to me but I'd be dammed if I gave that kind of
attention to ................... (I omitted these other people's
names as I didn't want them to know that I don't REALLY
listen to them.;)

www.workinghumor.com - Let your Humor Work for you!

Comments -

====> Ambition!

Hi Friends,

Remember we were talking about Amit's site
and the discussions we were having about ambition
in I-Helpdesk. In one of his posts Amit says...

> ...a question that I posed to myself "What can be the
> greatest ambition that a person can have?"

I found the question quite interesting and have spent
quite some time thinking about it. I'd love to share my
thoughts with you, but first I'd love to hear your thoughts
and views.

Waiting ....

With best wishes,
www.workinghumor.com - Let your Humor Work for you !


===========  Helpful Humor Tip  ==========

Yesterday somebody was telling me a joke. She said - "In New Delhi recently there was a power failure. 3 Sardars were stuck in an escalator for 3 hours."

I didn't get the joke till she had repeated it thrice. She had a ball pointing out to me how dumb or slow I was. Just then another person (who she considers
extremely smart) comes in. She tells him how dumb I am that couldn't get such a simple joke and tells him the joke too. He doesn't get it either.

Before she can repeat it and make the poor chap analyze every word in the joke I say hang on let me try -  "In New Delhi recently there was a power
failure. 3 Sardars were stuck in an ESCALATOR for 3 hours."

He gets it immediately!

When telling jokes I think it's important to decide whether you are taking an IQ test or trying to entertain. If your idea is to entertain a gentle push in the right direction by stressing on the catch word or phrase really helps the listener get the joke.

Atleast it helps the slightly dumber chaps like me!

www.workinghumor.com - Let your Humor Work for you !

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===========  This week's Humor  ==========

Tech Support: I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop.
Customer    : OK.
Tech Support: Did you get a pop-up menu?
Customer    : No.
Tech Support: OK. Right click again. Do you see a pop-
up menu?
Customer    : No.
Tech Support: OK, sir. Can you tell me what you have
done up until this point?
Customer    : Sure, you told me to write 'click' and I
wrote 'click'.

Comments :


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