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15th May  2002    #     Issue 59
We don't stop playing because we grow old;
We grow old because we stop playing !
~ George Bernard Shaw


Moderator's Comment -
                             ~ Gunjan

The Other Moderator's Comment
                      ~ Eva


                       ~ Linda Dorfmont

Eva was Toast
                          ~ Eva

So was Maggie
                         ~ Maggie York

My Lords, My Ladies and .....
                      ~ Joseph Harris
                      ~ Moderator's Comments


Let's talk about play - An invite
                      ~ Gunjan

More Play Talk
                     ~ Gunjan


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Moderator's Message

Hi Laughmates

For more reasons than one, May is associated with flowers. Not
only has it inspired millions of poets but it even had our other
Comic Guide in a flowery mood ....

"There are birds chirping persistently, conversing with their friends.
The squirrels are happily chittering away, disemboweling the fresh
oranges on the trees next door, and the (shudder) sour tangerines
in our yard. Two hibiscus blossoms have sprouted in stunning color,
since Rick cut the whole plant back. And the new bouganvilleas we
just planted are riotous in their desire to outdo each other.

Just wait until the gray, low fog goes away...and the color palette in
the yard will be too compelling to look away." ~ Eva

May, for us Laughmates, also signals the end of the Tax-Season
imposed hibernation of our comic guide Eva and her return in
full bloom. When she is in a mood like this, why waste your time
listening to me ?

With no further ado, go on to Eva's comments and the
rest of I-Laugh #59.

With Best Wishes,
Many a true word is spoken in jest.

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The Other Moderator's Message

Dear LaughMates,

It's been interesting watching all the life and activity in this
forum. Some people have had the gumption to play with us,
respond to questions, polls, and queries. Others stay in the
background and just enjoy the fun.

That reminds me of the apartment complex I lived in for my
last two years of college. There were six buildings, placed in a
rectangle, surrounding a pool, volleyball court and grassy yard.
You could get in and out of the building, to the parking lot,
without being seen by anyone, except, occasionally, the people
in your own building. You didn't have to interact with anyone,
if you didn't want to. There was also a clubhouse, with pool
tables, a fireplace, cosy chairs and sofas, with parties every
chance we got.

Despite my good intentions, (I had just gotten divorced and
simply wanted to be left alone to finish my studies and brood)
the pool/volleyball crazies kept trying to include me in their fun.
I resisted valiantly, for months, just sitting out at the pool, reading,
studying and when they weren't frolicking in the pool, swimming and
doing laps. But they were stubborn. They insisted on politely inviting
me into their games every single day. Finally, they wore me down and
I had to break down and start having fun. And, let me tell you, those
two years or so were the wildest, craziest, sunniest times I can

They certainly debunked the myth of the snotty, popular kids who
always want to prey on the less pretty, less popular 'victims.' (The
way I was feeling, I kept waiting for the hazing and abuse to start -
and all they ever were was --- nice! Sheesh, how can you hate
people like that?)

But, how does that relate to the invisible, background folks? Well,
one day, we took a count of how many people we actually ever saw.
Out of about 250 apartments, some with two people living in them,
our assistant manager figured there were around 300-350 people
living in the complex. We only ever saw about 50-75 people. The
rest were like specters, slipping in and out without ever being seen
or getting into the fun. Perhaps they watched from their windows, as
we had all the fun. What were they thinking? Why didn't they come
out to play?

Well, this issue is dedicated to all you specters out there.

Enjoy our fun - but, it's much more fun if you're right in the fray!
Please, come play. We're friendly.

Your Comic Guide,

Eva Rosenberg

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=====  Continuing Discussions  =====

====> ToastMasters

I spent over 10 years in TM. It takes about 6 months before
all the "Ah!" gets out of your presentation. You don't need these
placekeepers if you are standing in front of the room. Everybody
is listening to you anyway.

Once I testified before the Board of Registration of Professional
Engineers and Land Surveyors at a hearing regarding registration
of my branch of engineering. I had a 3 x 5 notebook with six things
written on one page during the speech. Afterward one of the board
members came up to me and asked for a copy of my remarks. I had
to rush back to my office and type the thing up before I forgot what
I said. With my TM experience, the off the cuff (or little notebook)
remarks came off sounding like a well rehearsed formal address.

When my father retired I tried to get him to join a group. It is not
physically exhaustive and would give him the chance to talk about
his varied experiences and hear other's interesting exploits, keeping
his mind more active than sitting in front of a TV all day. If you think
someone should "get out more", Toastmasters is a great place to begin.

Linda Dorfmont CTM

Comments :

=== > Eva was Toast

Once upon a time, I helped form a Toastmasters group in Orange
County, California, as an offshoot of our Enrolled Agents Society
chapter. My suggestion for the name was the one they used,
naturally, TaxMasters.

But I only stayed with it for the first few meetings. During that brief
time, being put on the stop for short, impromptu speeches, I not only
got over my last fears of speaking, but found I enjoyed doing it.
(I had to move from the area and couldn't return.)

Yet, in only three meetings, I learned enough to be more comfortable
and confident in front of groups. These days, I do send people to
ToastMasters, especially those just starting out on speaking careers,
or those in need of confidence-building, or who want to start a social
life with bright, interesting people. It certainly beats bars and singles

Definitely worth looking into - they're all over the world. And you Do
get to meet some of the best people - even if they let folks like DC
and Gunjan in. ;~)

You'll also find that many famous people are members. So if you're
looking for a great place to network - this IS it. So, do have fun with
your words.

Just me.




====> So was Maggie!

I was in Toastmasters briefly in the 80's and thought it was a terrific
organization. As I'm fairly comfortable with presentations, I didn't stick
around. But I've always thought they were an excellent way for folks to
acquire public speaking skills and confidence.

Maggie York

Any more Toastmasters in our group?
Please let me know..... and share interesting incidents,
most humorous speeches or any funny snippets.

===> My Lords, My Ladies and .....


I had wanted to spend a bit of time about Master of Ceremonies;
I hope you are enjoying learning and doing. I know it is pretty

No, I never went for that. Here it is, or was, a tightly controlled
group which monopolised the big occasions, though in recent years
the scope of its activities has widened and I am sure there is
competition - in a sense the DJ is an alternative.

What I have done is teach public speaking. At one stage I was going
to the YWCA (!) to teach the wives of diplomats of the newly
independent African Commonwealth. And what a shy, giggly bunch
they were. One was so shy that I had given up getting her to open
her mouth; at the last lesson she actually managed a creditable
performance. I used to speak quite a lot, but gave up a long time
ago. Except for tearing into a politician (and his chairman) when I
was told the question I wanted to ask was out of order. Got a round
of applause too.

So I appreciate Antion's stuff - I did write a sort of book, Effective
Speaking - and wonder if I might have developed as thoroughly as
he has. I only see his free stuff, and I think that is pretty good.
Another change of direction. I've changed direction so many times I
don't really know which way I'm pointed!!

Anyway, I'd better get on a bit.

Funny poet at http://www.smilepoetryweekly.com
Smile Poetry Weekly - subscribe - join2@smilepoetryweekly.com

Moderator's Comments :
We aren't talking of being Toastmasters or Master of
Ceremonies as the Dictionary defines them but of the
Toastmasters International club, a club which hopefully
should help you prepare to be a good MC or DJ. This
organisation is not tightly controlled and is easy to join.
For those interested to find out if there is a club in your
neighbourhood you can check it out at their site

The Free stuff that Uncle Joe mentions is Tom Antion's
newsletter 'Great Speaking'

Comments or if have you a tip to share -

Cartoon Break



Correct Usage

=====  New Discussions  =====

====> Let's talk about play - An invite

I got a most interesting auto-responder message from
a Laughmate who was out of office last week. It read -

Have you Played today?
It's the week of May 6-10.  I will be out of the office for
training and not checking or returning calls or e-mails until
May 13. Please contact XXX  and she will connect you
will someone who can help.
Thank you and Make it a Play Day!

Well, Marla it's 15th today. You should be back in office
and hopefully reading this! :-)

Can I request you to share with our Laughmates, some of
the play that you recommend for us to make it a Play Day?

Of course, if any other Laughmates would like to pip in with
some fun ideas, they're most welcome too!

www.workinghumor.com  - Let your Humor Work for you !

Comments :

====> More Talk of Play

Recently, I've joined another fun discussion group. They've been
discussing different fun and play ideas especially some spontaneous
ones. One of the contributors spoke about a time when she was in
a gym locker and they had a huge fan. She suddenly got this urge to
talk into it. She got a huge thrill out her hearing her words coming
back to her and getting chopped and distorted too, plus the breeze
in her face and hair was an additional thrill. She now recommends
this activity heartily.

Another contributor added that one of his favorite fun activities
was singing nonsense opera or in foreign accents especially when
he was alone in his car. (That reminds me that none of you took up
Stephanie's offer from last week to write Joy Jingles, and we didn't
get any posts about funny incidents related to strange accents either.)

Getting back to car fun a third poster says she keeps a couple of
red clown noses in her car. Wearing one attracts a lot of smiles and
attention during the rush hour traffic especially as there are no other
indications of any thing being out of the ordinary. She has even more
fun making people like her parents put on a nose too, if they want to
ride with her. She says people after they get over their initial
embarrassment they enjoy themselves tremendously.

Any spontaneous fun happenings in our group?

www.workinghumor.com - Let your Humor Work for you !

Comments :

===========  This week's Humor  ==========

Bill was a frequent user of a pay telephone at a popular
truck stop, and was greatly inconvenienced when the phone
went out of commission.

Repeated requests for repair brought only promises.

After several days, Bill again contacted the phone company and
told that there was no longer a rush.

The phone was now working fine... except that all money was
being returned upon completion of each call.

A repairman arrived within the hour!

Comments :


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