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25th September  2002    #     Issue 78
"You can learn more about a man in an hour of play
than in a year of conversation."
~ Plato


Moderator's Comment -
                                        ~ Gunjan

The Other Moderator's Comment
                                        ~ Eva


                        ~ Gunjan and 'one who must not be named'
                        ~ Arik

Speaking Tip
                                           ~ from Tom Antion


I'm Late ! I'm Late !!
                                             ~ Gunjan

Pointless Games
                                              ~ Gunjan


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Moderator's Message

Hi LaughMates,

Many moons ago, Laughmate dc introduced me to the
Deep Fun group and thus Bernie DeKovan. Bernie with
the deepfun group and with special retreats that he holds
is dedicated to bringing back fun to life.

I really enjoy some of the Oaqui sayings that he loves to
throw at you in the Deep Fun group....

"In the beginning it was fun.

"In the end, it was all for fun.

"And in between is where it tickles most."

His retreats sound like a lot of fun too. Especially the
pointless games. (A Pointless Game is the kind of game
you play without score, or necessarily even winning.
When you play a Pointless game, the kind of playing you
do feels more like the playing you did before games, before
you ever took a game seriously, when play was your way of life.

You play Pointless Games like kids play games. There are rules,
but there aren't any rules that you can't change. There are rules
about everything and no rule is as important as getting to play.
Like getting to quit, if you want. Or getting to call "time out"
when you need to, or getting even to change sides to make
the game even.)

I've got Bernie's permission and will be including a pointless game
in I-Laugh every week or two. These should be great for your
corporate get-togethers, parties, or even when a group of you get
together and feel like letting your hair down.

Talking of letting your hair down, if you're serious about some fun
and are close to Santa Barbara, California you maybe interested in
Bernie's next retreat from October 21st to 25th. If you're interested
bung me a mail at ...


and I'll send you more details or if I can't handle your barrage
of questions I'll put you in touch with Bernie directly. (There are
some special rates if you get back to me immediately and we
can seal your deal before the 1st Oct.)

Now without further ado let's get to the fun (and games) that is
I-Laugh #78

With Best Wishes,
Many a true word is spoken in jest.

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The Other Moderator's Comment

Dear LaughMates,

All right, my friends, if you're going to talk about Jewish holidays
that make you laugh, how about those that make you dance with

And, what a coincidence, it's coming right up - this week.
See if you can find your nearest Synagogue on Saturday night.
If the congregation is big enough, you're likely to see at least
one street closed off, with people singing and dancing wildly.
Children are carrying little Israeli flags with apples stuck on top,
with candles stuck in the apples, lit to make the night look like magic.

(No, I've never heard of any big fires starting. With all those people
about, there's always someone to quickly put them out. )

Simchat Torah is one of the most lively, joyous celebrations
we have. And it's all about reading. Can you imagine a wild,
frolicking holiday created just to celebrate the act of finishing
reading a book --- and starting it all over again?

Naturally, the book is the Bible. In the mists of the Middle Ages,
when other civilizations were hoarding knowledge from the masses,
Jewish boys were being taught to read so they could go up to the altar
on Saturdays and read sections of the Bible to the congregation.
(Girls, of course, only gained that privilege towards the end of the
20th century.)

Ah, one of those special times from childhood. Running around,
waving my little flag, trying not to get trampled under the feet of
the dancing men, chasing after other kids, weaving our way
through the dancers.

I'm telling you, you've just got to have children in your life.
Otherwise, you lose touch with all the magic and mysticism
of youth.

Missing childhood, I am your nostalgic and

Comic Guide

Eva Rosenberg
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=====  Continuing Discussions  =====

=== > The Jewish Festival of Laughter

Hi Friends,

I was surprised when Eva wasn't sure which festival I was
talking about. Then I got a mail from a friend 'who must not
be named this time' reading -

"A man comes along, wants to blame all his problems on us,
wants to kill us, and steal all our land and possessions
(OOps! There's some deja vu here).
And this we should laugh over?

Oy! No wonder we get drunk as a skunk and gragger out the
sound of his name."

And I thought I'd made a Dalai Lama. Why hadn't I done a wee
bit more of research before quoting this author who seemed to be
the only one aware of this Jewish Festival which celebrates laughter.

I started doing some research (while mentally gathering words for an
apology). The first few Purim sites I came across said things like ....

Underneath the joy of the holiday, however, there is the somber
memory of the many times throughout history the Jewish people
have been targeted by other cultures.

"We express our laughter through the tears," Baskin said.

.... making me feel even worse for bringing it up. Then I found
this ....

The official "Jewish day of laughter" is Purim. We get dressed up in
funny costumes and act silly -- which is surprising since the Purim story
is all about an impending annihilation of the Jewish people!

But then the story turns upside down. The Jews went from being the
target of annihilation, to being the heroes and victors. Haman is hung
and the Jewish people are rescued. It was a miraculous 180-degree
shift in fortune. One who thought he was in danger and suddenly
discovers he's safe laughs aloud in relief. One who thought he lived
alone in a hostile world and suddenly discovers that God is really
there laughs aloud in joy.

or as the 'one who must not be named' sums up, the base story fits
the one-liner:
"They tried to kill us; we survived; let's eat.'


Comments -

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=== > More on the Jewish Festival of Laughter

Gunjan, Eva shalom,

Yes, I think he meant Purim. Certainly he didn't mean Yum Kipur... -:)

A short search on Purim on any search engine will send you to several
sites. For example: http://www.holidays.net/purim/.

Purim will be celebrated this year on 18 March 2003. As I understand
Eva will celebrate her 22nd birthday that day and will dress as Esther.

And I will finish with a Jewish joke:

"One man was invited to Purim by a frugal friend. The frugal landlord
wife served them a bowl of "Ozney Haman" (Ozen Haman - is a baked
triangle filled with poppy-seeds and it looks like the EAR of Haman
(who is the bad guy) and we eat it. (Let's ask Eva to bake some - for the
virtual party... -:)). Anyway the guest took one and said: "This is
for one God". Then he took another two: and said: "Those are for the
Two Luchut Ha'brith". (Luchut Ha'brith - the tables of the Covenant).
Then he grabbed another three, "those are for the three fathers". Then
as he took four more saying, "those are for the four mothers", the landlord
ran to his wife and asked her to take the bowl away. He explained to his
wife: "Remove that bowl before our guest gets to "600 thousand people
running from Egypt".....

Hag Sukut Sameach,

Arik Schenkler - CEO
Use Internet Dollar electronic money for anonymity,
finalization of deal and fee free funds movements
from peer to peer - http://InternetDollar.com

=== > Speaking Tip


These techniques are used by savvy presenters to really
WOW the audience.

=> Split your story. Start a story near or at the beginning of
your talk, but don't finish it. Build suspense by cutting off the
story at a key point or just before the climactic finish. This
builds anticipation. Finish the story at the end of your talk.

=> Refer to an article in a magazine or passage in a book, but do
it in a special way. Pause and look up in the air as if you are
thinking and picturing the publication in your mind. Then refer
to the article by page number, left or right-hand page, passage's
position on the page, etc. The audience will think you are some
kind of genius. However, we know that you are just a savvy
presenter who memorized the information and delivered it
with that special WOW factor.

=> Purposely omit material that you know will evoke certain
questions. When the questions come, give a preplanned answer
that appears spontaneous.

from Tom Antion's Great Speaking Newsletter

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Comments or if have you a tip to share -

=====  New Discussions  =====

====> I'm Late, I'm Late !!!

Hi ....

Sorry about the dramatic title, yup as you guessed I'm reading
Alice in Wonderland again, for the N+1th time.

Actually, this post is more about the frustration of good jokes,
lines, ideas, striking one late. I'm sure it happens to everyone.
(But does it need to happen so frequently to me ??!! :-(

Take the last issue for example, it was number 77 and was
titled 'The Blessed Issue'. The titling had been done keeping
in mind the Greek mumbling in the issue. However the proof
came back from Eva with the comments ....

Did you explain anywhere why # 77 is blessed? Is it because
it's 'silly'? Or is there some special significance to 77?
Please tell us.

Now, I was in a quandary. I didn't mind making a passing
reference to the silliness in the issue but I didn't feel like
announcing "this issue is blessed because it is silly." And I just
couldn't think of how else to explain it at that time (1 am)
{Come on Gunjan; Great excuse! Don't admit that you just
couldn't think of it on the spot !!!;-}

The next morning, when I'm sure, all 8 of you who actually do read
each issue of I-Laugh, must have finished with it, I realized all I had
to do was include Eva's comments, mumble something about not
knowing a digit about numerology and the idea would have been as
clear as daylight without me having stated it (just as I wanted !)

But as usual, light dawned on me, not in the middle of the night when
it should have, but only the next morning. And as usual it caused me
great frustration. Except this time I had watched punmaster Gary
Hallock handling the situation.

Here's a post of his dated 12th September 2002 to the PUNY group.
It was titled 'Caesar oppor-tuna-teas when they're presented'

Although it would have been a less-than-spontaneous pun, I had a
great opportunity yesterday to pull off a good one in the perfect
context. This is always the most satisfying sort of pun.

Trying to adopt a post-50 low cholesterol diet, I decided yesterday
at the restaurant to order a "Chicken Caesar Salad." The waiter
pointed out that one of the daily specials was the "Grilled Tuna
Caesar." As I would doubtless be wanting a drink with such a meal,
I might easily have responded, "Eat tuna, brew tea."

Of course I didn't contrive this worthy quip until about three hours
later, at which time I doubt the waiter would have much appreciated
my returning to the restaurant with my not-so-snappy retort.


So, this little post of mine is as much to relieve my own frustrations,
from thinking of the apt thing to say late, as it is a tip. But if you do
care to use it, you're welcome anytime.

Like us you can be honest and say "I should have said ...................."
or you can pretend you did actually say it. In either case, trust me, it's
feels much better than leaving it unsaid !!



===>  Pointless Game


No, I really don't know why this game is called "Redondo."
It was called that when it was taught to me, and, dutiful
propagator of sociocultural artifacts that I am, I share it
with you as such.

Redondo is an art-like game. Art-like in that people draw.
But only -like, in that they really don't have to draw anything
recognizable. They can scribble and scrawl and doodle, too.
In fact, they are encouraged to make drawings that are
basically inscrutable, unintelligible, undecipherable,
unfathomable; incognizable, inexplicable, incomprehensible,
and graphically nonsensical.

Put a stack of paper in the middle of the table, or several stacks,
so that everyone has stack-access. Also make sure that each
player has equal access to instruments of doodlage: pens, markers,
color pencils, crayons. When ready to start, players take a piece
of paper and do their doodles. As soon as a doodle is done
(becoming a "dondle"?), the doodlist places the paper face down
in the middle of the table and says, inscrutably, "Redondo."

As soon as someone says "Redondo," someone else takes the
drawing, beholds it in all its incomprehensibility, and waits for
the inner meaning to surface. As soon as all is self-evident, she
gives the work of doodlage its appropriate caption, appropriately
writing the caption in the caption-appropriate area. She then
places the titled doodle in a separate pile.

And so it goes, until everyone is tired of making new squiggles,
and all the drawings are captioned.

Players then take turns picking from the pile of the titled
Redondones, reading the caption while holding the work of
silliness for all the beholders to, um, behold.

And, for some reason, much laughter ensues, and a great time
is had by all.

~ Bernie


Turning Dreams into Dollars...

An ebook in which you won't find the get-rich-quick
garbage or motivational fluff that sounds good but never
works. Not too surprising, since the editors of
Internet ScamBusters are publishing it."


===========  This week's Humor ==============

One day while returning to my desk after a routine call,
a young lady flagged me down and asked for help.
"My floppy drive won't work, can you help me?"

I told her I'd take a look and proceeded over to her machine,
where I found shredded up clear plastic baggie-like stuff
hanging out of her 3.5" floppy drive. While I spent the next
20 minutes getting her disk out and digging out the plastic,
I noticed two guys in the corner trying awful hard to keep
a straight face. I asked her how the plastic got in the drive.

"Oh, you mean the condom? Yes, John & Dave over there
told me to always put a condom on my disk before inserting
it to prevent it from catching viruses."

By this point, John & Dave were roaring and it was all I could
do to keep from joining them. The "condom" turned out to be a
standard 3.5" plastic sleeve. I delicately explained to her that a
practical joke had been played and she shouldn't do that anymore,
when she asked,

"Does that mean that I don't have to stroke it ten times or
blow on it either?"
(from The Daily Joke Post)

Comments :


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