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30th October  2002    #     Issue 83
Each experience through which we pass operates ultimately for
our good. This is a correct attitude to adopt and we must be able
to see it in that light.
~ Raymond Holliwell


Moderator's Comment -
                                            ~ Gunjan

The Other Moderator's Comment
                                            ~ Eva


Will punsters rule the web
                           ~ Joseph Harris

Lateral Thinking
                            ~ Linda Miller

Speaking Tip
                             ~ from Tom Antion


I'm speechless !
                            ~ Gunjan


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Moderator's Message

Hi LaughMates,

There was a little I-Laugh related job that I had
to take care off. I thought it was beyond my scope
and I couldn't handle it so I passed it on to Eva.
She not only took care of it but took care of it
in such a simple way .......

If I had thought of that method, I wouldn't have had
to trouble her at all, and would have been able to take
care of it easily!

After having kicked myself a dozen times (and once
more for luck) I sent Eva a note reading ....

">Why don't I think of such obvious things !!??"

and her reply ?

"You're simply not lazy enough?"

Well, practice makes perfect ... doesn't it ?

With Best Wishes,
Many a true word is spoken in jest.

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The Other Moderator's Comment

Dear LaughMates,

Gunjan is so right. Didn't you know, Eva's #1 rule?
"Laziness is the mother of invention."

And speaking of sleeping in - Rick didn't wake me up this morning
at 4:30 a.m., so I just got up. (It's after 8:00 a.m.!) This flu really
has me knocked out.

I was working late at the office last night, on the letter to the clients
that I will be cutting loose. As it turns out, I was able to write a
really nice letter, telling them about all the advantages they'll have
with Bruce - like, he has a cell phone and is always accessible.

I am one of the few people left on this planet who refuses to carry
a cell phone. Nothing personal guys, but aside from its few practical
uses, it seems to enslave you. During those times I am away from my
work, I want to be 100% away - to disconnect; to think about other
things; perhaps to listen to music with nothing else on my mind.
What a concept.

But I'm digressing. On to the next letter. The one to clients I am
keeping. After three pages of tirades about the things they do that
waste my time and money and cost me a fortune to support in terms
of babysitting them, I realized, this is a nice, cathartic letter, but it's
just not going to see the light of day. Ever! How appalling!

And the truth is, there are only, perhaps, 20 people that are so
irresponsible. Why expose all the really neat, wonderful folks to
this emotional pap.

My New Years Resolution for 2003 is to have fun, once again, with
all aspects of my work. So, everything I do will reflect that. (Even
my own internal tirades.)

Well, back to the drawing board.

Oh a travel tip for you?

When you go to the airport and take care of all the checking in stuff,
and you go to the airport shop and pick up a Hershey bar, don't put
it into your pocket before walking through security.

They practically had me de-frocked, until we found the aluminum
foil wrapping on the candy bar in my pocket that kept setting off
the metal detector.

Have a great day. And think only good thoughts.

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Eva Rosenberg
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=====  Continuing Discussions  =====

=== > Will punsters rule the web?

Hey Gunjan,

It may have escaped some readers' notice that c*ck also refers
to a male hen, and its call is c*ck a doodle doo. When I sent out
my first issue of Smile Poetry Weekly it had a poem about a c*ck
that had been trained to be an eagle (and you think it's a s*ne
world!) - The Clucking Eagle. My child friendly ISP sent me a
warning. But it got through in a test as cockadoodle do.

Actually it has given this up now; I think it turned out to be too
much hassle. My own opinion is that one just 'as ter risk it.
(That is known as: pun (a)ctuation.)

Joseph Harris
Smile Poetry Weekly ezine

Comments -

=== > Lateral Thinking

First one is easy, the man was too short to reach the
10th floor button going back up.

Second one I will need to think about a little more.


Didn't hear from Linda after that, nor from Tom this time
so I guess I'll have to put in the answer myself.

Just to remind you the question was ...
Deep in the forest was found the body of a man who was wearing
only swimming trunks, snorkel and facemask. The nearest lake was
8 miles away and the sea was 100  miles away. How had he died?
... and it was supposed to be based on a true incident.

And the answer is ...
During a forest fire, a fire-fighting plane had scooped up some
water from the lake to drop on the fire. The plane had
accidentally picked up the unfortunate swimmer too.

Comments -

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=== > Speaking Tip

For the last couple of weeks we've been seeing the benefits of
using humor. Here's the next important thing...

How much humor should I put in a serious talk? That's my
second most frequently asked question. I can't give you the
exact answer on that one, so I'll give you the answer everyone
hates. It depends. You must ask yourself a series of questions.
The answers to these questions will lead you to the final
percentage that is right for you.

  Why am I here? Am I here to entertain, inform, motivate,
      answer questions, etc.?

    What is the nature of my subject? Am I here to congratulate
        the audience on breaking last year's sales record or am I here
        to inform the audience there will be massive layoffs?

    What is the nature of my audience? Are they fun-loving and
        laid-back or do they normally want the information fast and

    What about me? Have I developed appropriate humor that
        helps make my point or hold attention? Have I practiced
        one-liners until I'm comfortable telling them?

The answers to these questions will clearly direct you in the
appropriate amount of humor to use.

~ Tom Antion

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This extract is not from Tom Antion's Great Speaking
Newsletter. However the Newsletter has tons of great
tips too.

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Comments or if have you a tip to share -

=====  New Discussions  =====

====> I'm speechless !

Yesterday I had a horrid time. We had an informal get-together
at the school I'm associated with. They had a couple of games.
While the games were being judged there was quite a lull period.
It was at time that I started teasing and heckling my dear friend
Pankaj Choudhary to sing a song for us.

He listened for a couple of times then took the mike. With a lot
of style he announced that the judging was taking time cause his
colleagues wanted to be ultra diligent, he thanked everyone for
their patience, and then went on "While we're waiting ....

I was expecting him to say "I will entertain you with a song" but
I was in for a shock. What he said was ".... Mr Gunjan will
entertain you!"

Never being a good impromptu speaker, I was at a loss for
words. Also, I couldn't think up a single joke though normally
if you give me 5-10 minutes time without having 130 pairs of
eyes on me I'll have atleast 4-6 new jokes (and tens of old ones)
to dish out. All I was being able to do was to curse Pankaj in my
mind for putting me in this situation.

As I couldn't think of anything else to do, I brought in a little
punny piece I had written for the PUNY group that morning.
One part of my mind was screaming this is NOT the right
audience for this piece, another part was still cursing Pankaj,
another tiny fragment was still searching for an alternate joke
(and drawing blank) and the last part telling me to go ahead
and say something and not to create a fuss.

So, I went ahead and read the piece. There was pin-drop
silence. I would have been proud of myself if I had been
teaching meditation but it was pretty depressing to get a
reception like that for a punny piece.

So what did I learn from this incident ????

1) There's nothing better in the world to cheer a depressed
soul than to be able to write a few lines of poetry. Here's the
little Haiku I wrote to myself after the incident which helped
me cheer up ...

A volley of puns
Flies harmlessly over mark.
Am I a pundeath?

2) One may have tons of jokes, quotes and witty things to say
up one's sleeve but sometimes one draws a complete blank.
To ensure that this doesn't happen to me again, I now have a
little cue card with little triggers like Coke Joke; Arrested for
Kindness Thought; Alligator joke etc tucked neatly in the seat
of my pants (in my wallet). Next time I'm not going to get caught
with my pants down unless I get caught with my pants down ....
if you get my gist ;-)

3) Especially when heckling be prepared for the heckled to get
back at you. And getting hassled about it uses up a very big chunk
of one's limited resources.

All in all not really a bad day, though it certainly seemed so at one



Turning Dreams into Dollars...

An ebook in which you won't find the get-rich-quick
garbage or motivational fluff that sounds good but never
works. Not too surprising, since the editors of
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===========  This week's Humor ==============

Height of Honesty ??

One of the world's greatest scientists was also recognized
as the original absent-minded professor.

One day, on board a train, he was unable to find his ticket.
The conductor said, "Take it easy.  You'll find it."

When the conductor returned, the professor still couldn't find
the ticket. The conductor, recognizing the famous scientist, said,
"I'm sure you bought a ticket. Forget about it."

"You're very kind," the professor said, "but I must find it,
otherwise I won't know where to get off."

(From Jo-Lene's Daily Humor)

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