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5th March  2003    #     Issue 101
Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.
~ William Shakespeare [Hamlet]


Moderator's Comment -
                                                      ~ Gunjan

The Other Moderator's Comment
                                                       ~ Eva


Ideas to ponder over .... and Discuss
                              ~ Gunjan

Speaking Tip
                              ~ from Tom Antion


Who is nuts?
                               ~ Gunjan

Mad Hatters !
                              ~ From a website via Lane



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Moderator's Comments

Dear Laughmates,

Have you all started checking out Jennifer Lopez's business
cartoons on our website every Thursday ? They're at

This week her newsletter contained a little plug for some
'punny' character called Gunjan (what kind of name is Gunjan
anyway ?) and a call for help. She was calling for Reader's
Comments about her strips. As I sat and took tons
of time playing around with the form while filling it in,
{It asked for name (optional) so I sent her an optional name...
etc} some thoughts on whether I needed a course on time
management started entering my head.

They were accentuated when I managed to pick up a copy
of The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins which slowed my
work on the new project that Uncle Joe and me have started.

So I gave myself a little time management course.
Here are some of the things I learnt...

I can at any moment convert my time into money, but I
do not require more of the latter than is sufficient for
necessary purposes.
~ Michael Faraday

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
~ Bertrand Russell

He does not seem to me to be a free man who does not
sometimes do nothing.
~ Marcus T Cicero

This is the time I like best... after ya get your parents to sleep!
~ Dennis the Menace

The only way of catching a train I have ever discovered is to miss
the train before.
~ G.K. Chesterton

So little time and so little to do.
~ Oscar Levant

I certainly do not drink all the time. I have to sleep you know.
~ WC Fields

Now that should really help me enjoy my time even better
than I was already enjoying it! (That reminds me of another
thing that's pending. I haven't replied to our sponsor Phil's
mail, but then, I haven't yet figured out how to answer his
question ... "Has Spring sprung?" I'm working on it and it's
taking a lots of time! Any of you want to throw in some time
and make any suggestions ? Also if you've started enjoying
Jennifer's cartoons and would like to send your comments,
please do, I'll pass them on to her.)

Hope you get the best out of your time too as you invest it
wisely ;) in going through I-Laugh #101! Don't miss the
Humor Section in this issue. I found it seriously humorous,
I mean humorously serious, I mean ...

With best wishes,
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The Other Moderator's Comment

Dear LaughMates

I love the spirit of Gunjan's comments. The depth of his enthusiasm,
his search through the great literature of our time, like Dennis the
Menace, WC Fields, and all, is a total inspiration to me.

And time, time is so critical. Who was I speaking with yesterday,
who remarked that he had finally realized that making lots of money
wasn't important, if he didn't have time to spend with his family?
Ah yes, Keith Kraemer, the sage behind WishList.com

Finally, years and years after he bought my website, we got together
over the phone and transferred the domain to his control. Instead of
our associates handling the transfer - it took us about a minute to do
transfer it from my Dotster account to his. Whew. Why did it take
four years?

Last week, with the help of the Internet and a friend, we wasted at
least 4 hours between us trying to save time and find a game for my
80+ year-old aunt. Giving up, I asked my brother to find it locally.

Amazingly, a simple thing like an electronic Scrabble game by a big
company like Hasbro took him days to track down, too. So, chalk up
over 6 hours to find a simple gift for a sprightly, old lady, with great
spirit and humor.

Was it worth the waste of time? Heck, none of us will even be there
to see her playing with it - or not. So, what's it to me? Call me crazy,
but I get a kick out of the idea that, when she's all alone, with nothing
to do but watch TV or read, she can, hesitantly test out her acumen,
when no one is watching to see her fumble, and finally come to relish
playing her favorite game with a worthy challenger - a computer.

Can't you just see her, pooh-poohing the electronic mystery. "No,
please, I can't even figure out the VCR. What makes you think I
can understand these controls?" And, then, at home....

Don't you love wasting your time, dreaming up pranks to play on
people - who will be delighted once it really hits them?

What kind wickedness have you perpetrated?

Your Comic Guide,

Eva Rosenberg
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===> Ideas to ponder over .... and Discuss

This week's extract...

In the beginning was simplicity. It is difficult enough
explaining how even a simple universe began. I take
it as agreed that it would be even harder to explain
the sudden springing up, fully armed, of complex order
- life, or a being capable of creating life.

I'm sure it's easy to guess where this extract is from...


Do we take it as agreed ? Are we entering Nietzsche
territory here? I'm sure quite a few of you will enjoy
sharing your views on this extract.


~ Gunjan

=== > Speaking Tip

Every issue of Tom Antion's Great Speaking Newsletter
has a section called Speaker Humor. It contains a few quips
that can add spice to the appropriate speech or presentation

Here are a few of my favorite lines from that section culled
from various issues ...

=> The trouble with women in the business world, if you treat
them like men, they get mad.  And if you treat them like women,
your wife gets mad.

=> They say organized crime grosses 40 billion dollars a year and
it's going higher.  Never mind that.  Is it going public?

=> It's amazing how important your job is when you want the day
off, and how unimportant it is when you want a raise.

=> A psychiatrist is a person who will give you expensive answers
   that your wife will give you for free.

=> Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat
word-for-word what you shouldn't have said in the first place.

=> Gas prices are so high that when I pulled into a station and
asked for a dollar's worth, the attendant dabbed some behind my

=> Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Dogs are a man's best
friend. Now you know which sex is smarter.

=> A preacher rehearsed his sermon over and over, i.e., He
practiced what he preached."

=> I always try to stop talking before people stop listening.

=> Depend on the rabbit's foot if you want, but remember
it didn't work to well for the rabbit.

=> After hearing two eyewitness accounts of the same accident,
you begin to wonder about history.

You can subscribe FREE to Tom's newsletter 'Great Speaking'
To subscribe why not use our affiliate link (given below) ]


Comments or if have you a tip to share -

=========== NEW DISCUSSIONS ===========

===> Who is nuts ?

Hi Laughmates,

This time management stuff has been on my mind for
the whole of this week and my thoughts have wandered
off to some very interesting directions. Not all of them all
directly related to Time Management or Mismanagement,
in fact not all of them are related to work at all but let me
share a few of them with you.

I have this little quirk. As I reach the end of the tube of my
tooth paste or shaving cream I don't just chuck it away like
most people would. I try to battle the tube for a few days
at least and every day that I can squeeze out enough to
manage another day gives me a thrill.

I know I'm spending 5-10 minutes of my time which could
probably have been spent more productively but the feel
good factor seems to justify the time and trouble taken. It's
a little battle won first thing in the morning and gives me
almost the same thrill as having written a poem or a groaner
first thing in the morning.

Another thought or rather a memory that came to me as I was
thinking about time use and time waste was of a graphic designer
I'd met when I ran my little design unit. This chap worked for
a much bigger advertising company and so the company was
never as much at a crunch for resources as we were. And yet
this guy used to work with a much smaller hard disk and less
RAM than we did. He had things at such a crunch that every
time he finished working on a file he had to zip and archive it
before he could open a new file. There was no way he could
open PageMaker (It was Aldus PageMaker at that time not
Adobe) and Photoshop at the same time and his style of working
of opening/closing/zipping used to drive me crazy. His argument
for carrying on in this way ... and not purchasing some additional
resources ... was that it gave him a tremendous sense of
accomplishment. Sure anybody could do the job he was doing
with better resources but how many people could manage the way
he was doing. I always thought of him as a total nut.

However, as both the above thoughts fluttered around my mind,
suddenly a third cropped up - My 'enjoying' 5 minutes a day is
completely rational and his 'wasting' 2-3 hours a day totally nuts?
How does one define wasted time? What amount of wastage can
be considered rational,  where does it start becoming slightly nuts,
when does it reach total nuttiness ?

Ah ... these thoughts are driving me nuts.

Comments  -

===> Mad as Hatter

Hi Laughmates,

Last week another friend of mine (Lane from Florida) asked
me if I was angry with her for something. Of course she used
the colloquial ... "Are you mad?" I answered I was as mad as
a hatter. Had always been and would always remain so.

In reply she's sent me some real fun stuff from which I reproduce
an extract. (The url is there in case you want to see the entire

Mad Hatter Day

MadHatterDay is a holiday in October. It fills the need for a second
crazy day in the year, almost exactly half a year from April Fools' Day.

MadHatterDay is 10/6. The date was chosen from the illustrations by
John Tenniel in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, wherein the Mad
Hatter is always seen wearing a hat bearing a slip of paper with the
notation "In this style 10/6". We take this as inspiration to behave in
the style of the Mad Hatter on 10/6 (which is October 6 here, although
in Britain MadHatterDay occurs on June 10...but I digress...)

MadHatterDay began in Boulder, CO, in 1986, among some computer
folk who had nothing better to do. It was immediately recognized as
valuable because they caused less damage than if they'd been doing
their jobs. It was announced that first year on computer networks.

Detailed plans for this year's MadHatterDay observance will, of course,
be announced on October 7. We have found that plans made after the
fact are more accurate and much easier to have fulfilled. Or, as the
Red Queen said, "sentence first, then the verdict!"

What Goes?What do people do on MadHatterDay? In general, we
celebrate silliness. But what if your work involves something inherently
silly -- say marketing, where you put on a three-piece suit (five or six
layers of fabric) in the summertime, tie a piece of cloth around your neck
to restrict blood flow to the brain, and set about trying to convince people
to buy things they don't want and can't afford because this will give the
country a Healthy Economy? In this case, doing something absolutely sane
will have a more startling effect than you can possibly imagine.

~ Gunjan

Comments  -

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===========  This week's Humor ==============


I.   Thou shalt not be perfect, or even try to be.

II.  Thou shalt not try to be all things to all people.

III. Thou shalt sometimes leave things undone.

IV.  Thou shalt not spread thyself too thin.

V.   Thou shalt learn to say "no".

VI.  Thou shalt schedule time for thyself and for thy support network.

VII. Thou shalt switch thyself off, and do nothing regularly.

VIII. Thou shalt not even feel guilty for doing nothing, or saying no.

IX. Thou shalt be boring, untidy, inelegant, and unattractive at times.

X. Especially, thou shalt not be thine own worst enemy.
      But, be thine own best friend.

(Thanks Dianne)

Comments :

===========  This week's Stress Reliever  ==============

is a game of Redondo with Bernie Donovan (of Deep Fun fame).
Bernie has just launched a new bi-weekly newsletter and it's
major fun ! You can subscribe to it at
http://www.deepfun.com/subscribe.html (where he also has the
subscription forms for his daily briefings so make sure you sign up
for the frequency that you prefer )

The game is scheduled for March 6, Thursday at 4 pm. US Pacific Time
(which unfortunately is an ungodly 6 or 6.30 am here in India.
I do hope I wake up in time for it)

To join the game, head to -

If you're not familiar with Redondo I suggest you have a quick
peek at http://www.deepfun.com/redondo.htm before you head
to the above playroom.

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