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30th April  2003    #     Issue 109
...it has never been my way to bother much
about things which you can't cure.
~ Mark Twain


Moderator's Comment -
                                              ~ Gunjan

The Other Moderator's Comment
                                              ~ Eva


Mental Hygiene
                                    ~ Max
                                    ~ Gunjan

                                   ~ Maggie York

Speaking Tip
                                      ~ from Tom Antion





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Moderator's Comments

Dear Laughmates,

"I'm late!"

Words mumbled by the White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll's
Alice in Wonderland. Emulated by millions. And now
being repeated by an ass.

I purchased my wz.com lists - Humorous Poetry and Humorous
Quotations for the obscene price of  $grumblemumbleetc. This was
in November 2002. Every time I remembered that I had not yet
relaunched those lists a pain developed in my head, ran down my
spine and right across the street. (Phrase stolen from Spike
Milligan). Finally, unable to bear the complaints of my neighbours
across the street I have relaunched the lists... ;-)

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I would love to have your comments on what you think
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I'm grateful that our wonderful sponsor Phil
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the new lists too. I do hope I'll have the support of all
other wonderful Laughmates as well.

P.S - These lists do provide wonderful comic relief during work! ;-)

Without further ado, here's I-Laugh #109.

With best wishes,
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The Other Moderator's Comment

Dear LaughMates,

Oh blast. Yeah, I bought my tax list from the WZards too, but haven't
had time to launch them. Well, don't look for an announcement here.
Not yet.

But hey, let's all support Gunjan. Besides, we need to be entertained.

I've just returned from AffiliateForce2003, which was a remarkable
marketing opportunity. I've made the most surprising and amazing
contacts. Everyone did.

But the trip did have its share of prat-falls. Somehow, all the parties
started out being doomed.

The first big party, in Cancun, was booked at Fat Tuesday. We were
all told to just walk right off the ship, and there they would be, at the
end of the pier.

Well...uh, I think someone moved the pier. Turns out, Carnival
Cruises uses two docks. When Herby took his trial cruise, they
docked further west. We had to find our way out of the little dock
trap with all exits being blocked as private, employees only,
military, etc. Then, walk down the highway to the next dock.
Somehow, everyone managed to find the party. After all, who
won't do anything for free booze? (Don't answer that.)

The famous pool party, where last year, someone lost his trunks,
never happened. Something about no pool (they'd drained the
pool, already) and no booze. They forgot to tell us the bar would
be shut down. (Looks like we've got to get to know Carnival's
schedule a bit better.)

Never mind - we had a great champagne and strawberries party
at 11:00 p.m., that lasted, well....until the next party.

The really special Cuban Cigar party that Steve Vachani has
become famous for (www.freerazor.com) looked doomed. He'd
bought his stash of cigars while in Mexico. But since all the luggage
needs to be put out by midnight for the cruise folks to cart away,
someone had kindly packed his cigars into the luggage. At
1:00  a.m., there he was, at the Purser's desk trying to get his
luggage back. No luck. So he convinced the purser to find someone
to open the smoke shop for him and sell him more cigars. Steve
prevailed. The party was on! What a great guy. And generous.

Somehow, despite most people seeming to stay up until 3:00 am and
even 4:30 a.m., business WAS conducted. I am working to recover
my voice...and perhaps my sanity.

Great party. Good to see some of you there.

Eva Rosenberg
http://taxmama.com -Where taxes are fun!

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=== > Mental Hygiene

Mental Hygiene, is accomplished by turning your eyes inward daily for
20 min at least and coming circumspect at how teeny tiny you really are.

I have two words that are cool too! "intellectual virus". Something
you get from emotionally charged political directives from the State
and the media. Do a scan of your hard drive/brain, they're in there!


Comments or if have you a tip to share -

=== > Mental Hygiene

After Max's hilarious definition I don't know whether I want to
go into Bertrand Russell's usage of the term in The Conquest
of Happiness.

Russell, is talking of worry and the fatigue caused by worry.
How the practice of mental hygiene and mental discipline can
help to cut out unfruitful worry. This according to Russell
lets you go through the day with less expenditure of thought,
affords a cure for insomnia and promotes efficiency and wisdom
in decisions.

As I read this passage I was reminded of a line which by Mom
keeps using. (She is an eternal worrier!). "It's not that I want to
worry, but I just can't help worrying " and I thought 'Ah there's
the trouble! No practice in mental hygiene!'

So what do you think about 'mental hygiene' now ? Do you feel
it is important ? Were you taught it as a kid ? Do you think it is
as important as dental hygiene and should be taught to kids?
Even if you've never learned it as a kid do you think it's worth
your while trying to learn and practice it now ?

Your answers to

If I don't start getting your answers and your participation I'm
going to keep increasing the number of questions ! ;-)

~ Gunjan

Comments -

=== > Comments

Hi Gunjan and Eva:

I am a little behind in my reading...only just now getting to #107.
So when I saw your note about NOBODY commenting on the
attachment of Eva's little note, I had to write and say I DID see it!!
But I really did think it was a kind of April Fool's joke....honest!

Thank you for your newsletter...I really love it!!

Maggie York
Staff Trainer

Moderator's Comments - Ah the benefits of being the class joker.
You can get away with any goof ups, as everyone will think it's a
gag ! ;-)

Comments or if have you a tip to share -

=== > Speaking Tip

Use of Malaprops and Usage Blunders

Just as Mark Twain thought that a person should be able to spell
a word more than one way, Mac, a friend of mine, believes he
should be able to fracture the English language to suit himself.
Who am I to argue with him? He is so brilliant that he invents
new words and combinations of words without even trying.
They always make me chuckle. When a problem arises, he calls
it a snagfu, which is a cross between snag and snafu. If we are
talking about business promotion, the business should make
good use of slogos slogans and logos. The main thing
he always remembers is to stay calm, cool, and collective.

A malaprop is an absurd misuse of words. It can be from words
that sound alike (sadistic and statistic) or from explanations that
don't make any sense. Consider some of the classic examples below:

Casey Stengel
     I want you all to line up in alphabetical order according to your size.
     If people don't want to come to the ballpark, nobody can stop them.

In the 1940s the movie mogul Sam Goldwyn misused language so much
that malaprops became known as Goldwynisms.
     A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on.
     I read part of it all the way through.
     I never liked him and I probably always will.
     Every Tom, Dick and Harry is named William.
     For your information, I would like to ask a question.
     In two words: im-possible!

I have learned, in my years of writing comedy skits, that many times
the mistakes are much funnier than the planned program. Now I plan
mistakes when appropriate. To make this more foggy, I'll explain in
one sentence. I learned that when I plan something and then I mess
up the plan, the plan becomes funnier than the plan I planned to use,
so now I plan to mess up the plan so the plan is planned to be funnier
than a plan that is not planned to be messed up. Get it?

Good, because you need to hear loud and clear what I'm writing here
so you bunglestand it.

Malaprops can be used for fun or to grab attention while making a
serious point. Take for example Sam Goldwyn's classic, "A verbal
contract isn't worth the paper it's written on." I don't know if Sam
said this one on purpose or not. I wasn't around in the 1940s to ask
him. I do know that the message is clear and has stood the test of time.
If he had simply said, "Contracts should be in writing" who would

Use malaprops in your presentation, but make sure the malapropism
is obvious, or your audience may think you are not too bright. If you
do get caught in an accidental misusage, you MUST acknowledge
your blunder. If you don't, you will absolutely lose your audience who
will be thinking about the blunder for several minutes after the fact.
They will also note that you are trying to be an absolutely perfect robot
that couldn't possibly make a mistake. This will turn them off and make
communication extremely difficult.

Condensed from Tom Antion's ebook - Wake 'em Up
Get your copy at http://snurl.com/wakeup]

Tom Antion has a great newsletter called 'Great Speaking'
To subscribe why not use our affiliate link (given below) ]


Comments or if have you a tip to share -


===> Boredom

Nobody took a shot at trying to guess the author or the book
from which last week's passage was taken. It was from Bertrand
Russell's - 'The Conquest of Happiness'.

Russell launches into that passage (You remember it don't you ? It
was about the Old Testament lacking pep in certain sections) as he's
discussing excitement and boredom. According to Russell all great
books contain certain boring sections and all great lives have
contained uninteresting stretches. This is according to him is cause
the rhythm of the earth is slow and autumn and winter is as essential
to it as spring or summer. The human body has been adapted to this
rhythm through ages and trying to break through and live a life of
non-stop excitement is an exhausting life.

In fact Russell has another book which I believe should have a lot
more about the subject and is next on my Russell wish list - "In
praise of Idleness."

But while I haven't got my hands on it, would any of you like to
share how you enjoy your boredom ?


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Adds Tom Antion "I don't have a tremendous amount of
basic computer knowledge. The technical stuff doesn't even
interest me. . . .
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I do know where to "click" to make money and this E-book
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Adds Gunjan "Start by Clicking here" :-)

===========  This week's Humor ==============

A company offered tours through the historic district, led by guides
dressed in Colonial clothing.  While leading a group, one of the guides,
tripped and fell, breaking his wrist.

He went to the hospital, and as he sat waiting in the emergency room,
a policeman walked by. Doing a double take at him in his 18th-century
garb he asked, "Just how long have you been waiting?"

 >From Jo-Lene's Daily Humor

Comments :

===========  This week's Stress Reliever  ==============

is right here again ...

Life is a VARIEGATED* play,
Whose colors change each, day by day,
There's Monday that's "blue",
Bright Friday, "Thank you",
With rainbowed weekends as we pray.

* having discrete markings of different colors

~ Chris Papa
For daily word definitions with limericks

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