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18th June  2003    #     Issue 116
A fanatic is one who can't change his mind
and won't change the subject.
~ Sir Winston Churchill


Moderator's Comment -
                                                     ~ Gunjan

The Other Moderator's Comment
                                                    ~ Eva


Evolution/Creation Debate
                        ~ Willem Schultink
                        ~ Moderator's Quip
                        ~ Joseph Harris

Gunjan's Monkeying with probability
                        ~ Jim Clark
                        ~ Joseph Harris
                        ~ Moderator's Comment

Speaking Tip (Transition)
                                            ~ from Tom Antion


Admen !!
                            ~ Gunjan

Formal vs. Informal Learning

The fundamentals of fundamentalism
                           ~ Extract from Scott Adam's Newsletter

Why we're sarcastic
                            ~ Extract from a web article



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Moderator's Comments

Dear Laughmates,

Without ANY ado, here's I-Laugh #116 ;-)

With best wishes
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The Other Moderator's Comment

Dear LaughMates,

Life has been interesting this past couple of weeks.
We've got some changes going on at Adventive (which you'll be
hearing about soon). But, they've caused me to actually start
working on building my own HelpDesk site for the first time.

It's really kind of nifty.

And for the first time, having control of it, I'll be able to add
all the tools and resources I've always meant to add.
Adam and John Audette have been wonderful to host me
and nurture me all these years. But it's time for bird to
leave the nest and fly, without (too much of ) a safety net.
(You'll note, the archives are still hosted by them.)

In the course of all this, I am learning so much about a bunch
of little tool things and keyword things and all those other things
I've always left to my brilliant and beautiful designer/developer

If you have nothing better to do, you can read about my
adventures in the last couple of issues

On the other hand, if you'd rather be amused and entertained -
read THIS issue.  It's God-Blessedly funny.

Eva Rosenberg
http://taxmama.com -Where taxes are fun!

P.S. Please remember, if you're about to order cartridges for your printers
and faxes - call Phil and Clara. They've been REALLY good to us - and
they're prices and service will be good for you.

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=== > Evolution/Creation Debate

Hi, Gunjan

 >If God is so smart why would He create
everything Godually (manually seemed to be wrong word ;-).
Wouldn't it make more sense for him to create a process that
that kept upgrading and improving his products? Something even
Ferrari wouldn't be able to match :-) ? Something like evolution...
perhaps ???<

Ferrari? I'd prefer a Jag, if its all the same to you! Actually, I
reckon a current model Range Rover would be pretty neat.
Great design(!) and much better adapted(!) to the environment!
And no doubt the designers will improve the design  as they
learn more.

Sorry Gunjan, that's about as much humour as I can raise today.
For some reason my brain feels like wet spaghetti and I can't
remember any good jokes. I could tell you the one about McArthur ...
but I'm not sure you want to hear it! Or if you want a real groaner
I could tell you the Jaguar joke ...

Anyway, getting back to your quip ... Because God knows everything
and He's all powerful He got it right first time! He doesn't need a process
of continuous improvement. Remember that it says that 'In the beginning
God created the heavens and the earth' He did it once and got it right.

Ferrari needs to continually improve because not even Enzo Ferrari
claims to be God. He did design some nice cars, though ...

Trouble is we, the human race, stuffed it up - and still do, every day!
That's why the mess the world is in.


Websites that work! Clarity! Simplicity! Speed!
'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth'.

===> Moderator's Quip


Enjoyed the little touch of humor that you managed. It helped
to go through the serious?;-) section ! (Remember we're still
quipping here!)


==> More on Creation


Willem is very sound in his argument for a single God. Except He
is clearly a good manager. And the best managers (and God must
be The Best) know how to delegate.

In order to delegate you must have someone - some being perhaps -
to delegate to, in a prepositional ending kind of way!

And leave poor Richard Dawkins alone in his little cocoon of
splendid ignorance; if you want a real laugh seek out Dawkins'
'proof' that nuttier forms of Christianity prove that God doesn't

By the by, what is Dawkins definition of the God that doesn't exist?

Chacha Joe

P.S Incidentally, the boulder too heavy to lift thing:

A boulder, by definition, belongs as *part* of a planet. God covers
the whole universe and is therefore able to deal with a whole planet.

Thirdly the concept of lifting requires gravity, and, quite seriously, I
doubt if there can be a gravity applying to God.

And, I've lost count, because of this there seems no concept of lifting
for God.

One more: First you must decide whether God is corporeal or
incorporeal, and whether God made man to do the heavy lifting.

(Moderator's Quip - Did you say "Dawkins" and "Ignorant" in the
same sentence? Isn't that Blasphemy ? ;-)

Comments -

===> Creation and Probability

A scientist friend of mine discussed this using the metaphor of
tossing bricks over your shoulder, If you could keep the ones that
could make up a house, you would eventually have a house.

However, both the monkey typing and the housebuilder have one
problem. There's no way to know, in process, which ones would
be helpful. If a builder (or editor) were watching the bricks, sorted
out the good ones, and removed the bad ones....but evolution posits
that the bricks (or the words) will provide a reproductive edge.
Unfortunately though, many of those words, or bricks, are not clearly
necessary until later changes appear. It is not just that so many unlikely
things have to happen together, but that so many of those things have
no value until combined with other things. The eyeball is magic, but
without an optic nerve, it is meaningless. Useless.

Can't do anything, even though it is amazingly complex. So all these
things have to happen simultaneously, things that in themselves provide
no advantage to the survival of the creature, but only do later, when
combined with some other unlikely occurrence.

So, the monkey types:
Let me not to the marriage of true sadfhaoshdflakdhf;liahdfiloahdfliadf

How do we save "Let me not to the marriage of true" and get rid
of the rest, instead of getting
"Let me not ajdbfkjrwetrtabhdfjaf marriage of true minds"

Just doesn't make sense without somebody watching what's


Jim Clark
Firm creationist, uninterested in the age of the earth.....it was here
when I got here, will be here after I leave, and that's enough for me.

==> ProBABBLEitty

Hey! Gunjan,

I don't understand this probability thing. I mean, has the monkey been
trained to type. And is he restricted to a typewriter keyboard or is he
sitting at a computer?

I remember in the days of typewriter keyboards (alright, alright, stop
sniggering) this girl who had fingernails about an inch an a half long
(sorry metric folks you'll have to work it out for yourselves). She was
a typist. Even with the big gaps in the old keyboards it seemed an
impossible task. But then what do I know?

Anyway, thinking about girls, er monkeys, if they are not trained to use
the whole keyboard - and it needs training to do it comfortably - then
the chances of writing Shakespeare are lessened; Jeffrey Archer, perhaps!.

But probability is not a forecast. There is no way that a short odds
probability is a certainty; or a long odds one out of court. All it tells us
is that a short odds is fairly easy and the other, not.

Hmm. A bit like my experience with girls; and I'm not telling which.

Chacha Joe (Uncle Joe as was)

Comments -

==> Moderator's Comment

Reading one of Dawkins' books (and listening to Dr. Santosh
2-3 times a year) hardly qualifies me to answer all the above
questions. In fact I realise I made monkey of myself trying to
monkey about with the monkey parable. So in attempt to distract
you all and wean you away from the above topics
I've got FOUR new topics for discussion.

Oh God ... please let it work for me !!



===> Speaking Tip


Most presentation skills books will tell you to be a polished
presenter you have to tie all your information together so it flows
smoothly. You must lead your audience and alert them that slightly
different, but related information is coming. This is called transition
or segue (pronounced seg-way).


Come with me to the amusement park. Look around a little bit and
tell me where the excitement is. Of course, it's over on the roller
coaster where transitions are sharp. They are sharp and exciting
even though you can see them coming. The excitement isn't over at
the kiddie choo choo train (notwithstanding, the excitement you might
feel watching your little munchkin on there for the very first time) where
turns and motion are mild so the little ones don't get too upset. The
excitement is also at the bumper cars where you can get blind-sided
because cars are coming at you from all directions. The excitement
isn't at the baby boat ride where a 2cm wave would flip your little
bundle of joy out of the boat.

OK. I'll admit, some thought should be given to transition, especially with
older, more traditional audiences, and when you have a very high content
presentation. But you don't have to be a trite, snoozer by saying things
like, . .
. speaking of bananas. I'm now going to talk about bananas. You could,
however, do a segue like that and then make fun of yourself for doing it by
saying something like, Don't you think that transition was really smooth?

Transitions are one of the places where you could plan to use some humor.
This works well with technical audiences because they won't feel you are
wasting their time. Since, in their minds, you are REQUIRED to do a
transition anyway, it's OK if it's funny.

Segues aren't important at all for 85 percent or higher humor content
presenters or stand-up comics. You can just bang away and as long
as they are laughing, no one much cares about transitions. If you are
not in this category, then you can begin paying a little attention to
bridging the gaps between your points and topics. Just don't be trite
and don't think you have to say something to make the transition.

You can make transitions by changing stage position, pausing, using
visual aids, giving out a handout, or picking up a prop. Do anything that
breaks the pattern of what you were doing in the previous segment and
introduces what you plan to do.

For verbal transitions, one-liners, anecdotes, and questions work well.
Also, people seem to like and need recaps, so I am in favor of saying
things like, To recap this section . . .

Whatever you do, think in terms of roller coasters and bumper cars so
you keep your audience excited and alert all the time.

from Tom Antion's ebook - Wake 'em Up
Get your copy at http://snurl.com/wakeup]

Tom Antion has a great newsletter called 'Great Speaking'
To subscribe why not use our affiliate link (given below) ]


Comments or if have you a tip to share -

=========== NEW DISCUSSIONS ===========

===> Admen !

The topic of discussion was terrorism in N.E India. One person
in the group was getting very sentimental about a beautiful resort
they had visited there and how it was almost empty through
the year now because of terrorism. The adman in the group
pipped in ... It was empty because it was named and promoted
wrong. It should be renamed "The Last Resort".

No wonder you love to hate them !! ;-)

~ Gunjan

Comments  -

==> Informal Vs Formal Learning

Doug Constant of CTI (Coaching and Training Ideas Group)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Training-Ideas  directed us to this
article which I found pretty interesting. I include a short extract.

An organization named CapitalWorks surveyed hundreds of
knowledge workers about how they really learned to do their jobs.

 > Workers reported that informal learning was three times more
important in becoming proficient on the job than company-provided

 > Workers learn as much during breaks and lunch as during on- and
off-site meetings.

 > Most workers report that they often need to work around formal
procedures and processes to get their jobs done.

 > Most workers developed many of their skills by modeling the
behavior of co-workers.

 > Approximately 70% of respondents want more interactions with
co-workers when their work changes.

The entire article is at
(If that link doesn't work try http://www.internettime.com/Learning
and then click on the first article)

Do you think I can convert I-Laugh into a paid subscription
newsletter and promote it to Bill Gates and Co as the better
alternate to training programs with this article ? ;-)

~ Gunjan

Comments  -

==> The fundamentals of fundamentalism

Scott Adams in his latest newsletter explains ...

I recently read an article by an economist who said that poverty
causes people to become terrorists. He used big words and was
very convincing.

Then I watched TV coverage of a high school hazing ritual in an
upscale suburban neighborhood. Dozens of well-to-do Induhviduals
paid for the privilege of sitting in a field and having mud, paint,
garbage, eggs, pig guts, and excrement shoved up their nostrils
while being beaten with blunt objects.

I'm not an economist, but my theory is that you can convince a
certain percentage of Induhviduals to do any dangerous thing,
whether they happen to be poor or not. So let's stop picking on
poor people. If peer pressure can convince 20% of rich kids to
start smoking cigarettes -- and it does -- it isn't much of a leap
to convince them to grow scraggly beards and drive exploding cars.
It's mostly a difference in timing.

Osama inherited half a billion dollars. So I rule out poverty as a
cause of terror. I blame rich Induhviduals, and peer pressure.

Unfortunately the whole article is not on their website
http://www.comics.com/comics/dilbert/dnrc/    as yet.
Not only did I enjoy the article but I loved the way he
winds it up...

"That's my plan. If you have a better one, be sure to include
it in your next newsletter."

Now isn't THAT a plan ?

~ Gunjan

Comments  -

==> Why we're sarcastic

I found a highly sarcastically written essay on why we're sarcastic.
it's starts ...

Everyone in the world is getting sarcastic. It's not just comedians and
d*cks anymore. Years ago, sarcasm was reserved for people talking to
people stupider than them. Now the stupids are fighting back, and doing
it so badly, you can't trust anything people say anymore.

It's at http://www.seanbaby.com/stupid/sarcasm.htm
but uses some extreme language. I'm still looking for a serious
article which discusses use of sarcasm at work - benefits, cautions,
etc. If any of you find something please do pass it along. If we
don't find anything good, shall we attempt a collaborative effort
(Just the 2600+ of us ;) at writing such an article?

~ Gunjan

Comments  -

Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for
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A breakthrough e-book which will show you how to build an
electronic marketing business from "square one" into a
five-figure . . . six figure . . . even a million dollar asset.

Adds Tom Antion "I don't have a tremendous amount of
basic computer knowledge. The technical stuff doesn't even
interest me. . . .
I like to write deposit slips, not programs.
I do know where to "click" to make money and this E-book
was designed to make it easy for you to click in the right place.

Adds Gunjan "Start by Clicking here" :-)

===========  This week's Humor ==============

Feat of strength

A strong young man at the construction site was bragging that he
could outdo anyone in a feat of strength. He made a special case
of making fun of Morris, one of the older workmen. After several
minutes, Morris had enough.

"Why don't you put your money where your mouth is?" he said. "I
will bet a week's wages that I can haul something in a wheelbarrow
over to that outbuilding that you won't be able to wheel back."

"You're on, old man," the braggart replied. "It's a bet! Let's see what
you got."

Morris reached out and grabbed the wheelbarrow by the handles.
Then, nodding to the young man, he said, "All right. Get in."

(Moderator - Reminds me of an old Hindi Saying disguised as a
Akal badi ki Bhains ?
Is Intellect bigger or a Buffalo ?)

Comments :

===========  This week's Stress Reliever  ==============

Pyth on you, Bush/Blair


Thanks tOM

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