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28th January 2004    #     Issue 148
Where one is hopelessly undecided as to what to say,
there (as Confucius would have said, if they had given
him the opportunity) silence is golden.
~ Lewis Carroll


Moderator's Comment
                                                               ~ Eva


More fun with Tag Line
                               ~ Lane

Why NOT Jewish?
                               ~ DC Schulz

Thinking of Willem
                               ~ Gunjan

Speaking Tip
                                ~ from Tom Antion



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Moderator's Comment

Dear LaughMates,

And the discussion about ethnic jokes continues.

Well, we ALL know that as long as we telling jokes about
our own ethnic group, it's ok for us to tell it. But if YOU'RE
telling the same joke, to the same audience, about us,
you're completely out of line.

Isn't that the way it is with everything?

And with women trying to break into the corporate boardrooms
and to push past other barriers. But the 'Old Boy's Network'
still gets in the way.

Let me tell you, it's not just women who are excluded. Wise up.
Most 'boys' don't have access to the 'Old Boy's Network'.
That's the province of the rich and connected.

I've seen enough men running around clueless not to feel
nearly as left out as some of the women I've heard complaining.

What the best way to get past the barriers? Make all the right
connections. And frankly, women have a much easier time
getting to meet or getting to know the men in power. It just takes
a nice smile and pleasant attitude. Even rich men like pleasant
women.  (Notice I didn't say pretty, or blonde or beautiful, but
pleasant. ) Too many women are strident and loud and pushy.

It's fine to ask. Just, ask nicely. We always get our way - in the end.

Eva Rosenberg
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==> Tag Line


As to the 10 MEN running out, not sure I sent you this true story.

My (first) husband, a young Palestinian, was studying at an
American University. Quite the handsome gay blade he,
women were frequently at his feet (well, I didn't mean that

One day there appeared in the gossip section of the univ
student newspaper the following :

Q:  What did the professor's wife do when her husband came
home unexpectedly?

A:  She let out a terrified sheikh.  (as pronounced hereabouts)


Comments -

===> Why NOT Jewish ?

I disagree with Tom on the doctor humor. I think Jewish adds
to the joke due to the stereotypes. After all, many doctors are
Jewish. And, Jewish mothers saying My son the doctor..." is a
humor staple to the point of being a cliché.

However, I will agree that regardless of religion, no sane man
wants his mother or mother-in-law moving in with him,

One has to be careful with ethnic humor based on audience, but
that doesn't mean that ethnic humor isn't funny and isn't appreciated
-- often the most by the group being targeted.  If one totally
eliminates ethnic humor from one's collection, one will have a
small cache of jokes. Think what that would mean...  no Italian
jokes, no Polak jokes, no blonde jokes, et al

I admit we sometimes don't see the potential harm due to cultural
differences. I know I got educated by Gunjan regarding an ethnic
joke about an Indian (dot, not feather) a long while back.

One of my favorites has a grab bag of ethnic types in it:

A construction foreman gets his crew together and tells them to
move a big pile of sand. He tells the Irishman that he is in charge
of shoveling the sand into the wheelbarrow. He tells the big Polak
that he is charge of driving the wheelbarrow to where the sand is
to go. He tells the Chinese guy that he is in charge of supplies.

The foreman went away and came back two hours later to find
the Irishman and Polak standing around smoking cigarettes and
none of the sand had been moved. The foreman is irate. "What's
going on?" he demands. "Why aren't you working? Where's Chang?"

The Irishman tells the boss that he hasn't seen the Chinaman since
he left to go get the shovels and wheelbarrows.

The foreman goes looking for Chang. Just as he walked behind
the pile of sand, Chang jumps out and shouts, "Supplies!"

Gunjan, I'll leave you with this bit of original wisdom:

"Stereotypes wouldn't be stereotypes, if they weren't stereotypes."

Think about it.

dc  <-- an equal opportunity offender


Comments -

==> Thinking of Willem


Recently in the Laugh Lovers group
there was some discussion on God. I don't remember
exactly what it was. I don't think it really was a
creation/evolution debate like the one we had but
it did have something to do with life too.

Well, the discussion was going along fine, till Dr. Mike
brought the house down (or did he bring the floor up) with ...

"I believe that God was right to give us life, but He should
have left open the possibility of parole."

It really helped to clean up my floor ! ;) Hope you enjoyed
that one too Willem. (Couldn't miss sharing that one with you,
could I ? ;)

~ Gunjan

Comments -

===> Speaking Tip

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===========  This week's Humor ==============

Knock out Question

One day at a trial, an eminent psychologist was called to testify.
A severe, no-nonsense professional, she sat down in the witness
chair unaware that its rear legs were set precariously on the back
of the raised platform. 

"Will you state your name?" asked the district attorney. 

Tilting back in her chair she opened her mouth to answer, but
instead catapulted head-over-heels backward and landed in a
stack of exhibits and recording equipment. 

Everyone watched in stunned silence as she extricated herself,
rearranged her disheveled dress and hair and was reseated on
the witness stand. The glare she directed at onlookers dared
anyone to so much as smirk. 

"Well, doctor," continued the district attorney without changing
expression, "we could start with an easier question." 

(Thanks tOM)

Comments :

===========  This week's Stress Reliever? ==============

Sorry, I just couldn't resist sharing this one ...

(Thanks Dianne)

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