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12th February 2004    #     Issue 150
I rationalize shop. I think a lot of women do that.
Like, I buy a dress because I need change for gum.
~ Rita Rudner


Moderator's Comment
                                                                ~ Gunjan

The Other Moderator's Comments
                                                              ~ Eva


Colorful Presentations
                                       ~ Jill Stranberg

A Colorful Post
                                       ~ Uncle Joe

Quick Colorful Tip
                                        ~ tOM

Speaking Tip
                                 ~ from Tom Antion

The Butt of a joke
                                 ~ from Dogs Don't Bite
                                      When a growl will do

Thankless Job ... No Way !
                              ~ Gunjan



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Moderator's Comment

Dear LaughMates,

Issue #150. Wow !! Never imagined that anyone would manage to listen to my b*llsh*t for this long. I salute each one of you ... especially those of you
who have been with us right from the first issue. I do wish you'd stand up and take a bow !


In this issue I was especially thrilled to receive Jill Stranberg's note. Seems I'm finally starting to get my timing right ! At this rate by the 300th issue I should finally have a funny opening statement for you all.

In the meanwhile, don't waste your time on me. Have fun with I-Laugh # 150


With best wishes
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The Other Moderator's Comment

All this color talk reminds me of the '80s - the 1980's. Hmmm...what an old fogey. Some of you weren't even born yet. But, waaaay back then, a new business fad was started up by Betty Nethery's book, Uniquely You.
(You've GOT to read the second review.)

Betty developed a color chart for women's wardrobes. No, no, it wasn't about how to match different parts of outfits, per se. It was all about what colors went best with a woman's natural, or unnatural coloring. It was based on the season's.

Seems to have gone out of fashion? I just put "getting your colors done" into Google and got only 6 hits. Back then, it  was the RAGE!

Everyone was talking about getting their colors done. Along with the colors, a business uniform was developed for women. An uptight-looking suit, with a splash of color somewhere (like a neckerchief or pocket hanky) and a tasteful brooch  over your heart. Women went mad over this fad. Pretty soon, everywhere you went professionally (and I did go everywhere then), women
were wearing these uptight power suits.

Having pulled back from the high life of networking and board meetings several years back, I haven't mingled with power women in person for years. (Over the Internet, sure, but who leaves the house anymore?)

Well, a while back, I was a speaker at a women's function for a bank. There were a few other women on the agenda. Seeing them brought back all those memories from decades ago. They were like clones of each other, with their power suits barely different. Even their brooches were surprisingly similar. Thank goodness their skin color was different or I'd never have been able to tell them apart. Really, it was eerie, watching one woman after another get up 'on stage' (ok, the front of the room) looking just as tightly wound and intense as the last, wearing darkly-colored, conservative, matched jackets and skirts (no pants), no distracting prints or anger-generating colors, all moving in the prescribed formula for successful speakers.

If you didn't know all about the formula. and the colors, you'd just think this was natural. Oh, they were good, but it was all I could do not to laugh, watching the pre-programmed, identical routines. Or was it cry? Hmmm....I was starting to get nervous. What's going to happen when I get up there and
break all the rules? Will the audience riot? Will the speakers turn on me and wrestle me to the ground, like a white cells, excising a bad infection? Will my flamboyant prints, and loose, wild hair and gypsy skirt enflame passions - bad ones?

Drat. No such luck. When my time came, I went up towards the podium. Then, I wandered through the room while speaking to the audience, smiling at each woman there, getting her personally involved with me. I didn't modulate my voice, simply played with it, with expression and passion, and fun. I drew them into my colorful fantasy world where money is good, but the only goal. Remember the fun!

OK, I was disappointed not to get disapproving looks from the very nice speakers. They were gracious to me, too. Even enthusiastic. My first impressions of them as uptight clones, well...they're still indistinguishable - much like men in those dark business suits. (Why do they still use those uncomfortable outfits in this century?)

Thank goodness for the Internet. My colors these days, are still flamboyant. My hair still wild. My gestures expansive. And my heart as big as the world.

What is your favorite speaker like?

Eva Rosenberg
http://taxmama.com -Where taxes are fun!

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===> Colorful Presentations

The color Analysis and best colors for presentations really came in handy!  I happened to be preparing for a presentation today.


Jill Stranberg
Of course there's a lot of knowledge in universities: the
freshmen bring a little in; the seniors don't take much away,
so knowledge sort of accumulates....
--Dr. A. Lawrence Lowell

Comments -

===> A Colorful Post

Holland, as you know Gunjan, is the land of liberty and licence; a nation in which the inevitable is accepted and turned into law. The red light district is one that has that Dutch touch, as is drug taking and no doubt many more.

It is therefore with some shock that I read of a ban on white sport socks. The Dutch Finance Ministry says these symbols of the 21st century "transgress the limits of decent dress behavior". I am myself a pretty conservative kind of guy and would no more dream of wearing white socks than of shaking my zimmer frame at a farewell Rolling Stones concert.

In view of this civil service declaration it was with some relief I turned to Tom Antion's colour psychology in your last issue. And I read that 'white' is 'pure, hopeful and clean'.  Relief was immediately dispelled.

For if the money men of Holland are not pure, hopeful and clean what does that tell us? And what may be the attitudes of the money men of other countries?

And then I got the point. People are expected to dress in grey (integrity, neutral, mature) or dark blue (stable, trustworthy, calm) suits 'in accordance with their function'.  And all the employees of the Ministry are, I am sure, suitably grateful for this guidance.

However, no mention was made of what socks it *would be* all right to wear, nor indeed how to match clothes and function more precisely. Were I an employee there I could nonetheless handle the suit dictat, but the sock thing would worry me.

It would be unwise to wear red (brutal, dangerous, hot, stop) but if I went for light blue I could be cool and refreshing, though there is more appeal in purple, which would make me regal and mysterious. And wouldn't orange / yellow be good (sunny, bright, warm)? And in the finance ministry surely green which is organic, healthy, new life and Go Money would be perfect.

One better, I have to admit, is black;  serious, heavy and profitable. I just wince a bit at its other meaning: death.   So I have decided not to apply for a job there because, in the end, I refuse to give up my white sports socks. Ah, they don't know what they're missing.

Uncle Joe
Chacha Joe
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===> Colorful Tip

For flip charts, it's also advisable to use the W-I-D-E markers, not the standard width ones, if the group is any bigger than a dozen. It makes you write big too.


Comments -

===> Speaking (Presentation) Tip

Extra flip chart tips

    Black, blue, and green inks have the greatest visibility.

    Blue is the most pleasing color to look at with red coming
       in second
       (pleasing to look at and visibility are not the same).

    Don't do the whole chart in red ink.

    Avoid purple, brown, pink, and yellow inks.

    Use underlines to emphasize.

    Make letters large and bold.

  Permanent markers give the most vivid color, but dry out faster
     if you leave the cap off and bleed through to the next page. The
     ink is extremely difficult to get out of clothing.

  Water colors don't bleed as much and you can clean the ink
      out of clothing, but they give less vivid colors, and they squeak
      when writing.

  You might want to reproduce your major flip charts in the
      handout material for take-home value.

   Don't pre-number flip charts when you are looking for
      audience ideas. If you put six numbers on the chart and
      the audience can only come up with five ideas, they feel
      like they have failed.

   Title your charts and use some type of graphic element
      or artwork to make them more memorable and better looking.

~ from Tom Antion's ebook - Wake 'em Up
Get your copy at http://snurl.com/wakeup]

Tom Antion has a great newsletter called 'Great Speaking'
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Comments or if have you a tip to share -

Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for
Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Consultants...by Tom Antion


========= NEW DISCUSSIONS =============

===> Being the Butt of a Joke
~ Matt Weinstein and Luke Barber

(A couple of weeks back I'd told you about Matt's fantastic book in which he tells us to forget teaching an old dog a new trick and instead focussing on how many tricks we can learn from the old dog. Well, here's a trick I hope more and more human's manage to pick up. It's Lesson 21 - Dogs Don't Mind being The Butt of a Joke... and it's reprinted with permission, of course !)

My wife and I had huge grins on our faces when we dressed Blue up in a party hat and sunglasses for her birthday photograph. Blue barked delightedly as soon as the flash went off and then dashed around the yard in her hat and glasses, to everyone's entertainment.

We get an even bigger laugh every night when, after my wife flosses her own teeth, she flosses Celeste's teeth as well. The way Celeste sits down and stares attentively, waiting her turn as soon as the floss makes it appearance, always makes us smile. The way she excitedly bites at the tiny strand of floss as it moves through her big teeth makes us laugh out loud. The way she wags her tail, obviously having a good time thoughout the whole thing, is a can't-fail source of entertainment for us every evening.

Is this a case of "we're laughing at you, not with you"? Well, sort of. But the dogs don't mind at all. What's important to them is that there is fun happening, and that they are having as much fun as we are. They are happy to sacrifice their dignity so everyone can have a good time. If dogs were comedians, then taking a pie in the face would be their best routine. "Anything for fun" is their motto. Like Shakespeare's Falstaff, dogs can take pride in being "not only witty in myself, but the cause that wit is in other men."

A few months ago, I was being introduced to an audience of more than two thousand people at a conference in Tampa. The woman introducing me was very generously building me up as someone really important with many credentials. Just as she was finishing, I looked down and noticed that my pants were unzipped. I tried very quickly and unobtrusively to zip up my pants before walking on stage. That was when I discovered that the zipper was broken.

There were two huge twenty-foot screens on both sides of the room, which would be projecting my closed-circuit image for all to see. I am very animated when I speak, always walking the entire stage and often into the audience. I could not imagine standing behind the podium to hide my zipper problem. So, I walked onto the stage, and the first thing I did was tell the audience that one would think that a person with all those impressive credentials could at least keep his pants zipped. I explained my broken zipper story as the audience roared with laughter at my expense.

The interesting thing that I noticed that day was that the audience was with me from the very beginning. We were totally connected. Throughout my presentation, the cameraman occasionally panned down to get a good shot of my zipper and the audience let out another roar. We had  a great time together that day. My zipper dilemma turned out to be a wonderful way to bond with the audience and instantly have their full support. I'm sure that my
willingness to be the butt of the joke was central to the success of my presentation that day.

Matt's book is available from Amazon.com. You can find
it by following this link ...

Comments -

==> Thankless Job ... No Way !

Hi Laughmates,

Here's a para from another Dr. Mike post from the Laugh Lover's group ...

All kidding aside, there is responsibility in what our 3 leaders do for free. We should support their efforts. I don't know what issues they have faced, but I know that drawing a line somewhere is their hard, almost-thankless task.

I say "almost-" because I am saying thanks to the Triad now.


I thought it was a great way to say 'Thank You' !

Whadya think ?

~ Gunjan

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===========  This week's Humor ==============

Your life depends on (w)it ...

A little guy gets on a plane and sits next to the window. A few minutes later, a big, heavy, strong mean-looking, hulking guy plops down in the seat next to him and immediately falls asleep. The little guy starts to feel a little airsick, but he's afraid to wake the big guy up to ask if he can go to the bathroom. He knows he can't climb over him, and so the little guy is sitting there, looking at the big guy, trying to decide what to do.

Suddenly, the plane hits a down draft and an uncontrollable wave of nausea passes through the little guy. He can't hold it in any longer and he pukes all over the big guy's chest.

About five minutes later the big guy wakes up, looks down, and sees the vomit all over him.

"So," says the little guy, "are you feeling better now?"

(Thanks tOM)

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===========  This week's Stress Reliever? ==============


(Thanks tOM)

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