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5th March 2004    #     Issue 152
It said nothing, in about 250 carefully chosen words.
~ Peter Benchley (in the book 'Q Clearance)

More quotes from this book ...


Moderator's Comment
                                            ~ Gunjan

The Other Moderator's Comments
                                           ~ Eva Rosenberg


Touch of Nostalgia
                                       ~ Stan Kegel

Speaking Tip
                                 ~ from Tom Antion

                                  ~ tOM

Letting off Steam (The Hallock Method)

A must read ...
                                  ~ Gunjan



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Moderator's Comment

Dear LaughMates,

It's a fantastic skill, isn't it, to be able to
"Say nothing, in about 250 carefully chosen words."
I'm planning on learning it.

In fact this comment is a short practice exercise...

With no ado - Here's I-Laugh # 152


With best wishes
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Oscar Wilde was the master of the studied insult. His jabs
at hypocrisy, pretense, and boring conventionality still have
a penetrating power. His snubs and put-downs became the
talk of his time, no less by his targets than by Oscar Wilde
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===> Touch of Nostalgia


> "Pops... We've got to and see Dr Stan Uncle"
> "Why Ahlaad? Are you not feeling well?"
> "No, I've got an ache in ..... actually Pops I'm feeling
> fine, but I've got a new riddle that's sure to stump him !"

Loved this story about your son and me.

Here is a true story about one of my sons, Ken, now in
his forties:

I used to be in practice with two other pediatricians,
Mel Singer and John Newsome. When my eldest son,
Ken, was four years old, we took him to the
pediadontist, Dr. Howard Tucker, for the first time.
The moment he saw the dentist's chair he started
screaming. Nothing either the dentist or I tried could
make him stop his crying. Balloon, crayons, nothing

Finally, the dentist gave up, and said to my son,
"You're quite a singer, aren't you." Ken immediately
stopped crying and indignantly said to him, . . . "I
am not a Singer, I'm a Kegel."

From that time on they were friends and I never had
a problem with him in the dentist's office again.

Stan Kegel

Comments -

===> Speaking Tip (Types of Humor)

Self-Effacing Humor

It is a very powerful form of humor that gets its strength from
highlighting your weaknesses. It seems that people who have
the ability to laugh at themselves in just the right amount are
perceived as secure, confident, strong, and likeable.

With this type of humor, a little goes a long way. If you
overdo it, you will look like a doomsayer who is always
putting yourself down. If you can't bring yourself to use
any self-effacing humor, you should learn. {The 'must read'
article under the New Topics tells us how Bill Clinton
learnt ~ Gunjan}

I must be candid here. Most people hate to deal with a
stuffed shirt. Unfortunately, if you can't poke a little fun at
yourself, that is the way you are perceived.

I think the reason self-effacing humor works so well is
that weak people feel the need to inflate themselves and
powerful people don't. If you have the confidence to tease
yourself, you are indirectly sending the message to the
audience that you are secure and powerful. Most audiences
can see right through speakers who are trying to puff
themselves up. It turns them off quickly. The person who is
not afraid to tease him or herself is the one who makes the
greatest connection with the audience because everyone in
the audience has embarrassed themselves or failed at
something at one time or the other. If you use self-effacing
humor, the audience knows that you, as the presenter, know
how it feels to fail. That is a very powerful magnet.

Katharine Rolfe, President of The Lighten Up Club, takes
self-effacing humor one step further. She says, "I call it
self-appreciating humor because it conveys a positive
appreciation of ourselves as humans who are simply out there
doing our best and bumbling along as we go." Katharine's
organization believes the key to a happy life is the ability to
laugh at yourself, for then you are never without a source
of amusement.

Unless you are a Don Rickles type presenter (known for his
hockey puck teasing style of humor), you should never set
yourself up as superior to the audience either socially, financially,
or intellectually. You want the audience to accept you as one
of them. Let them feel superior to you in some way. Your
audience would rather hear about the time you fell on your
face, rather than the time you won the race. That is why
self-effacing humor is great. The audience likes the fact that
you openly admit your weaknesses. They laugh, but they still
respect you because you are self-confident enough to joke
about yourself.

There are any number of things you can tease yourself about.
Your physical appearance is good if you are especially tall,
or short or fat or bald. Just make sure that the physical
appearance is obvious to the audience. If you are disorganized,
you could tease yourself about that. If you can't parallel park,
you could tease yourself about that. Just about anything will
work as long as you are the target. What you want to avoid
teasing about is any subject that has a direct tie to your
credibility. For instance, if you were a nuclear control room
technician, you would not want to joke about the time you
pushed the wrong button. But, if you got fired from your
job as a nuclear control room technician for almost pushing
the wrong button, then this fact might be a good topic for
humor. It could turn into a great topic if you now own a
landscaping company or are in some other nonthreatening

To use self-effacing humor, you don't necessarily have to
joke about yourself. You can make fun of your family
background, your profession, or anything else that directly
relates to you.

I tell a story in my presentations about the time my mom
came from our very small hometown of Claysville,
Pennsylvania, to visit me in the big city of Washington, D.C.
The audience hears about how small Claysville is and that my
mom's house is way out in the sticks. We didn't have city
water, or city sewerage, or cable TV. I then go on to tell
how we took a trip on the Spirit of Washington for a dinner
cruise and went sightseeing all over the capital. Here's
how the end of the story goes:
 When we got home that evening I was exhausted, so I
told mom I was going to bed and that I would see her in
the morning. She said, "OK. I'm just going to watch the
news and then I'll go to bed." I got up at about 2:00 a.m.
and there was mom sitting in front of the TV. Her head
was nodding and drooping. I said, "Mom. What are you
doing?" She said, "I'm just waiting for the news to be over."
Well she would have waited a long time because she was
watching   . . .CNN 24 hour headline news.

In this story I was not directly teasing myself. I was teasing
about my small town background and about the innocent
and funny boner my mom pulled when she came to visit.
Former president Ronald Reagan was a master at using
self-effacing humor. In his bid for the Presidency in 1980
his age appeared to be his biggest obstacle. He attacked
the problem with self-effacing humor. He would joke about
his age all the time which turned age into a nonissue. He told
a group of reporters once, "Thomas Jefferson once said, 
One should not worry about chronological age compared to
the ability to perform the task.' . . . Ever since Thomas Jefferson
told me that I stopped worrying about my age."
Look for opportunities to tease yourself. This will be one of
your most powerful tools to connect with the audience and a
subtle way to show your strength.

~ from Tom Antion's ebook - Wake 'em Up
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Tom Antion has a great newsletter called 'Great Speaking'
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===> Letting off Steam

I spent 4 gruelling hours yesterday morning soaking
in a jury pool and now my skin is wrinkled and pitted
like jury's prune dents. The judge was munching on
Tic-tacs the whole time and eventually had to excuse
himself to pass judge mints. One of the lawyers also
employed a strange delaying tic-tac when he dropped
his briefs in front of a female attorney and em-barrister.
I would have taken an opportunity to bailiff I could,
but the judge issued a stay, so we all remained.

Visit the P.U.N.Y. and O.Henry Museum websites!

==> A must read ...

Don't miss this article. I think it's a great read.
I'd love it if we all go through it and discuss
what we found interesting in the next issue ...

Game ?

~ Gunjan

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===========  This week's Humor ==============

Error in assessment

An angry motorist went back to a garage where he'd purchased
an expensive battery for his car six months earlier. "Listen," the
motorist grumbled to the owner of the garage, "when I bought that
battery you said it would be the last battery my car would ever
need. It died after only six months!"

"Sorry," apologized the garage owner. "I didn't think your car
would last longer than that."

(Thanks tOM)

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