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5th July 2004    #     Issue 165
You only live once, and the way I live, once is enough.
~ Frank Sinatra

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Moderator's Comment
                                               ~ Gunjan

The Other Moderator's Comment
                                               ~ Eva


Private ? Ha !
                                     ~ Javier Yep

Speaking Tip
                                      ~ from Tom Antion


Verbal, Vocal and Body Language Misquote
                                        ~ Stephanie

How Not to Rob a Bank
               ~ From Dr. Stan Kegel's Groaner's Digest





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Moderator's Comment

Dear LaughMates,

Last week we showed you how to conquer a city. This week let's move to 'How not to rob a bank.' Don't know about you but I just can't wait to get
to it....

So without ado, here's I-Laugh #165 ...


With best wishes
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The Other Moderator's Comment

Hi All,

As long as Gunjan has set the theme of this issue as robbing banks...let me give you some more advice, from real, live sources.

--> Let's call this tale - Unclear on the Concept

A friend of mine was a VP at the Federal Reserve Bank's (FRB) Los Angeles office. It's important that you understand what the FRB does - it's not a place where people go to make deposits or draw funds. Tellers don't dispense cash.
It's the vehicle the US government uses to regulate money, the banking industry, clear checks between banks, store gold...you know, government and industry stuff.

So, Pam calls me one day, exclaiming, "You'll never believe what happened! We got held up."

It seems a robber walked up to a teller with a note. He demanded $100,000. In a cashier's check.

---> Go Solo

On another note, I used to walk the track in the park each morning. One day, a very well-built man, who always wore black shorts and a black net tank top
to showcase his muscles, invited me to join him for breakfast afterwards. We became friends easily.

Feeling comfortable, Danny admits to me that he's on parole. For what? Bank robbery. It turns out that my charming new friend was a real-life bank robber.

He never brandished a weapon. He always used a polite note to the teller.  In fact, he'd even flirt with the girls, as one testified at his trial, "I thought he was kind of cute." Yeah, I thought so, too. Even my husband (then, fiancÚ)
enjoyed him, and was generous to him.

Danny was doing just fine at his chosen profession. He had his routine down to a science - until he brought a partner along. His buddy's ineptness got them caught.

Of course, there's more to this tale. But, not here. Suffice it to say, I have quite a collection of cards and poetry from the Federal Pen (penitentiary, that is).

So what are your stories about real-life felons?

Your Comic Guide,

Eva Rosenberg
TaxMama.com         irsexam.com

Author of the upcoming book from McGraw-Hill,
Small Business Taxes Made Easy  http://snipurl.com/74dv   or

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FURRY LOGIC is a charming little book with a big heart
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are paired with old adages given a new spin for our times.



===> Private? Ha!

Hello Gunjan, Eva and All!,

I am always reading the issues, it's really fun!
But you know what I really like?
It is the smarter way you bring us the humor.

The "This week's Humor" part is just beautiful!
Thanks for those quality jokes.

Hey Guys, I want to take this opportunity to tell you something about security in the internet. Why? - Well, few issues ago, Gunjan or Eva, I don't remember:), was talking about 'spyware' or feeling like someone were reading it's emails, because they were receiving mail from family members' names, friends, ... but being spammed in reality.

Here is something you must know:
1 - You are not alone, many of us are the target (victims) of theses 'spy' activities.
2 - Mostly of the time we get infected by these spywares by just opening a malicious mail, they come with embedded scripts that are quickly installed in your pc and then create a registry.
3- A quick solution is this:
Click "yes" (using Internet Explorer only)
I think you will be surprised by what you have in your pc.

I hope this helps!
and sorry for being so serious :)

Thank You
Javier Yep Garcia
Website & Hosting Solutions

(Moderator's Note - Javier is our webhost for
www.workinghumor.com and when he's not talking
of spammers and spyware, he can be seriously
humorous ;)

Comments -

===> Speaking Tip

StoryTelling Don'ts...

When setting up a story

    Don't say the words funny, reminds me of, or story. These words
       are so overused they alert the audience that a story is coming.
       This causes audience members to resist your story rather than
       get caught up in your story. They say in essence, Let's see you
       make me laugh, or OK here comes another story.

    Don't say, I heard a good one the other day for the same reason
       you don't say it reminds me of. The audience will resist and challenge
       you to make them laugh.

    Never say, I don't know if I should tell this one. If there is any
       doubt whatsoever that a story is not appropriate for a particular
       group, leave it out.

[From Tom Antion's ebook - Wake 'em Up
Get your copy at http://snurl.com/wakeup]

Tom Antion has a great newsletter called 'Great Speaking'
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Comments or if have you a tip to share -

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============  NEW DISCUSSIONS =============

===> Verbal, Vocal and Body Language Misquote

Hi, all. Just in case any of you are still using the 7% verbal, 38%
vocal, and 55% body language communication breakdown, here is
another analysis of how it is being misquoted from the original
research and does not apply in general to communication:


Have a terrific 4th of July, all of you in the US.


Comments -

===> How Not to Rob a Bank

According to the FBI, most modern-day bank robberies are "unsophisticated and unprofessional crimes," committed by young male repeat offenders who apparently don't know the first thing about their business. This information was included in an interesting, amusing article titled "How Not to Rob a Bank," by Tim Clark, which appeared in the 1987 edition of The Old Farmers Almanac.

Clark reported that in spite of the widespread use of surveillance cameras, 76 percent of bank robbers use no disguise, 86 percent never study the bank before robbing it, and 95 percent make no long-range plans for concealing the loot. Thus, he offered this advice to would-be bank robbers, along with examples of what can happen if the rules aren't followed:

  Clark advises that you don't follow the lead of the fellow in Anaheim,
CA, who tried to hold up a bank that was no longer in business and had
no money. On the other hand, you don't want to be too familiar with the
bank. A California robber ran into his mother while making his getaway.
She turned him in.

Don't try to stick up the First National Bank of Northfield, MN. Jesse
James tried it 111 years ago, and the townsfolk took just seven minutes
to kill two and capture three of his gang. Nobody tried again until
1984, and the customers chased the guy down. They're tight with their
dollar, those Minnesotans.

Granted, Clark says, this is harder to plan. One teller in Springfield,
MA, followed the holdup man out of the bank and down the street until
she saw him go into a restaurant. She hailed a passing police car, and
the police picked him up. Another teller was given a holdup note by a
robber, and her father, who was next in line, wrestled the man to the
ground and sat on him until authorities arrived.

Demand notes have been written on the back of a subpoena issued in the
name of a bank robber in Pittsburgh, on an envelope bearing the name
and address of another in Detroit, and in East Hartford, CN, on the
back of a withdrawal slip giving the robber's signature and account

A man in White Plains, NY, tried to hold up a bank with a zucchini. The
police captured him at his house, where he showed them his "weapon."

A robber in Panorama City, CA, gave a teller a note saying, "I have a
gun. Give me all your twenties in this envelope." The teller said, "All
I've got is two twenties." The robber took them and left.

  A holdup man thought that if he smeared mercury ointment on his face,
it would make him invisible to the cameras. Actually, it accentuated
his features, giving authorities a much clearer picture. Bank robbers
in Minnesota and California tried to create a diversion by throwing
stolen money out of the windows of their cars. They succeeded only in
drawing attention to themselves. A teenage girl in Los Angeles tried to
distract attention from her face by wearing a see-through blouse with
no bra while holding up banks.

Avoid the sad fate of the thieves in Florida who took a wrong turn and
ended up on the Homestead Air Force Base. They drove up to a military
police guardhouse and, thinking it was a tollbooth, offered the
security men money.

It is not clever to borrow the teller's car, which she carefully
described to police. This resulted in the most quickly solved bank
robbery in the history of Pittsfield, MA.

One robber, dressed up as a woman with very heavy make-up, ran face
first into a glass door. He was the first criminal ever to be
positively identified by lip-print.

Or the chagrin of the bank robber in Cheshire, MA, who hit the bank at
4:30 PM, then tried to escape through downtown North Adams, where he
was trapped in rush hour traffic until police arrived.

There was the case of the hopeful criminal in Swansea, MA, who, when
the teller told him she had no money, fainted. He was still unconscious
when the police arrived. His getaway car, parked nearby, had the keys
locked inside it.

In these days of exploding dye packs, stuffing the cash into your pants
can lead to embarrassing stains, Clark points out, not to mention
severe burns in sensitive places-as bandits in San Diego and Boston
painfully discovered.

One nervous Newport, RI, robber, while trying to stuff his ill-gotten
gains into his shirt pocket, shot himself in the head and died
instantly. Then there was the case of the hopeful criminal in Swansea,
MA, who, when the teller told him she had no money, fainted. He was
still unconscious when the police arrived.

Certain types of people are known as "klutzes" in the current
colloquial English, due to their unfortunate habit of finding the one
thing in an area that is almost certain to cause damage to something
else. These people do not, as a general rule, make particularly good
criminals. One example of this rule is a young man who, in the process
of burgling a house, managed to shoot himself in the foot with an
antique shotgun, which could not, in all fairness be described as his.
Most people would, in this situation, exit from the property in search
of medical attention. Instead the young man in question proved himself
worthy of being elevated to the lofty heights of the Not Terribly Good
fraternity, by phoning for an ambulance. The police, who were alerted
by a phone call from the house of their chief superintendent, were
quickly on the scene.

  It is a sad story to relate that one bank robber brought his dog with
him on a raid. It is surely to his regret that he inadvertently left
the unfortunate animal at the scene of the crime. When the police
arrived, it was a simple matter to release the woeful creature, shout
'Home, boy!' and follow the dog to his masters home, where the
gentleman in question was examining his ill-gotten gains.

This is to avoid the fate of one particular burglar, who intending to
rob a museum of it's artifacts, had selected a skylight as his method
of entrance. When he initially attempted to fit through he found that
he was unable to do so. In a stroke of genius he decided to remove all
his articles of clothing, and to drop them through the skylight for
retrieval once he had made his entrance. Having done this he then tried
once again, but found that he was still unable to fit through the
skylight, and this time was also unable to extricate his body from said
hole. The police, arriving some hours later, were able to arrest the
would-be criminal with very little difficulty.

It is also advisable to check the identity of the person that you are
intending to rob.
  One burglar who omitted to do this, was surprised to discover an old
teacher of his, quivering in her bed at the thought of a thief loose in
the house. Overcome with fond memories of his time at school, he
approached the bed, and kissed his ex-teacher on the forehead, saying
"You were always kind to me." It did not strain the energies of the
police force to discover the identity of the robber, and haul him in.

  One would-be crook's days were numbered when, whilst investigating the
photographic apparatus in a particular house, became fascinated by a
new Instamatic camera. In a move worthy of high praise, he managed to
take a photograph of himself with it, and then, to prove himself worthy
to be mentioned in this list, he fled the house, leaving the photograph
behind. It did not take too long for his arrest to occur.

  Consider, if you will, the case of one particular burglar who,
believing that the house in question was currently unoccupied, was
delighted to discover a prized grand piano among the possessions of the
house's owners. Our hero carved himself a niche in the annals of
history by settling down to play the aforementioned instrument. It was
a simple matter for the police, alerted by the owner of the house, who
was asleep upstairs until the piano recital commenced, to catch the
crook unawares.

  One such gentleman was wandering through the house that he was
robbing, when he entered the bedroom, to find a pretty, if slightly
macho, lady already in the room. It was, for the burglar, a case of
love at first sight. Imagine then his surprise, when the lady, in
response to his amorous advances, felled him with two well-aimed blows,
and then held him in a half-nelson until the arrival of the officers of
the law. Imagine his face when he discovered that the lady in question
had, before her sex-change took place, been employed as a bricklayer.

  The report in question involves a burglar who clearly failed to heed
this advice, and who was found by a group of slightly incredulous
police officers, asleep on the bed in the spare room of the house. As
can be imagined, apprehending this particular criminal wasn't too
tricky, and his thoughts upon awakening can only be speculated upon.

Do not, as one group did, drive straight into the back of a police van.

As an example of this, I ask you to consider one aspiring shoplifter,
who chose to make his big assault on a shop during a convention of
store detectives. The ease with which he was captured is mind-boggling.

  In view of such ineptitude, it is not surprising that in 1978 and
1979, for example, federal and state officers made arrests in 69
percent of the bank holdups reported.

Comments -

=============  HISTORIC HUMOR  ==============

Oscar Wilde claimed that he could discuss any subject at
any time, prepared or not. Taking him up on this claim, a
companion asked for his views on the subject of the queen.
Responded Wilde : "The queen is not a subject."

Comments -

Oscar Wilde was the master of the studied insult. His jabs
at hypocrisy, pretense, and boring conventionality still have
a penetrating power. His snubs and put-downs became the
talk of his time, no less by his targets than by Oscar Wilde
himself. This collection features over 750 biting comments...


===========  This week's Humor ==============

An elderly American gentleman arrived in Paris by plane. At
French Customs, he fumbled for his passport.

"You 'ave been to France before, monsieur?" the customs
officer asked sarcastically. The old gent admitted that he had
been to France previously.

"Zen, you should know enough to 'ave your passport ready for

"The American said, "The last time I was here, I didn't have to
show it."

"Impossible. You Americans always 'ave to show your passports
on arrival in France!"

The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look.
Then he quietly explained. "Well, when I came ashore at
Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944, I couldn't find any
**insert exclamation** Frenchmen to show it to."

(Thanks Jo-Lene's Daily Humor...
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Daily-Humor/ )

Comments :

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you cure it the better. If the customer reviews on
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What Are YOU So Grumpy About?

===========  This week's Stress Reliever ==============

Do people really use this kinda stuff?

(Thanks tOM)

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