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Real Life Episodes and Stories

April Fool's Backfire (Eva Rosenberg)

Breaking Through Tough Skin (Eva Rosenberg)

You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine (Gunjan)

Flash of Inspiration (Gunjan)

A Unique Sales Call (Dan Seidman)

Flirting with The IRS (Eva Rosenberg)

Blood Dependant Resistance (Srivatsa Kadaba)

Deflated (Srivatsa Kadaba)

Personalizing Text book Stories ... Should you? (Gunjan)

A Medical Sales Call (Gunjan)

A Lesson in Bluffing (Gunjan)


Opening Lines (Scott Simmerman)

Public Speaking (John Counsel)

Time Management (Gunjan)

Who is Nuts (Gunjan)

Mad as a Hatter (Gunjan)

Explaining Pricing with Humor (Gunjan)

Asking for the Dough (Eva Rosenberg)

Ambition (Gunjan)

Fine Tune Your Memories (Gunjan)

What are the Odds (Scott Allen)

Speaking of Speaking (Eva Rosenberg)

Handling Telemarketers (Paul Myers)

What's your Stapler Called? (Gunjan/Mari Bontrager)

Bob Hope Tribute (Gary Hallock, Guy Ben-Moshe, Gunjan)

Does evolution make God disappear in a puff of smoke ? (Gunjan)

Avoid Constipated Shrimps (Gunjan)

Favorite Speakers (Scott Simmerman)

More Favorite Speakers (Gunjan)

Relationships (Gunjan)

Humorists have ALL the solutions...(Rephah)

Handling Know-it-all Customers (Jan Crowell)

Meet your Laughmates

Eva Rosenberg

Dr. Justin Santosh

Millie Meyers

Stephanie Allen

Phil and Clara McKinney

Helpful Humor Tips

Introducing two eminent guests (Gunjan)

How to Handle Waiting ! (Gunjan)

Make it Believable (Gunjan)

For Service Folk (Gunjan)

Humor in Communication (Gunjan)

Following Instructions (Gunjan)

Watch his Pants (Gunjan)

Why your audience didn't get the joke? (Gunjan)

Not letting your personal troubles affect your work (Gunjan)

Conflicting Space (Gunjan)

Little Touches add Class (Gunjan)

Making To-Do Lists more fun (Gunjan)

 Winding up a Short Presentation (Gunjan)

The 19 Rules for good Riting

Shhhhhhhhh! (Gunjan)

Humor in History

Let Reagan be Reagan

Churchill ridicules Jargon

Groucho takes on the Warner Brothers

Wilde takes on a Challenge

Samuel Clemens has a prompt answer

Asimov's Apology

Charles Babbage's Poetic License

Book Extracts

On Getting on in the World
(From Jerome k Jerome's "Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow")

How Pleasant to know Mr. Lear
(From Edward Lear's "The Complete Nonsense Book")

How to Write a Robert Benchley Column
(Extracted from the article The Menace of Buttered Toast
found in "Chips of The Old Benchley" by Robert Benchley)

How far Should one follow a Guru
(A Twisted Lesson extracted from Joseph Heller's "Catch 22")

(An Extract from Jerome K Jerome's "Clocks")

The Secret of Happiness
(An Extract from "Duck Soup for the Soul" by Swami Beyondananda)

If Nothing Works - Do Nothing
(Another Extract from "Duck Soup for the Soul" by Swami Beyondananda)

(Extract from Jerome K Jerome's "Idle Ideas in 1905")

Being the Butt of a Joke
(Extract from "Dogs Don't Bite when a Growl will do" by Matt Weinstein and Luke Barber)

Jokes & Humorous Stuff

The Procrastinator's Creed

Communication Problem

The Ten Commandments of Stress Reduction

Come Again (From The Humorous Sales Dept.)


Understanding Advertising Lingo

Professionalism Test

A+ Essay

Resignation from Adulthood

In praise of Auditors

Shock Treatment for Teacher

Observation powers of Bosses

Common Sense Obituary

Get your Priorities Right

A Code Of Ethical Behavior For List Subscribers

Dishonesty Pays?

Techie Sound of Silence

How Many Monkeys... A Snap Poll !

Handicap or Asset (A Sales Joke)

Service Agencies

Bad Day At The Office

The world's a-changing !

You know you're stressed if...

One size won't fit all !

Dear Diary

Your life depends on (w)it ...

Battle Scars...

Innovative Tax Deductions

New Tax Forms

Where is it? (An example of unclear communication)

What Payment? (An example of unclear communication)

The Diet (An example of unclear communication)

Real items in Church Bulletins

Nostalgia in the Future


One Day You are the Statue (Chacha Joe)


Bus Games


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