Your Working Humor Discussion List

A moderated discussion list. Eva Rosenberg is your Moderator. Gunjan Saraf is your apprentice moderator. They will read all your submissions, input, ideas, comments, quips, tips... and will compile a weekly digest to pass on pearls of wisdom to you.

Kidding aside, I-Laugh is not another joke a day list or just another funny newsletter. It is a serious discussion forum for people who realize that Humor at work works. 

In the upcoming issues you will find... 

  • Success stories - How to use humor as a tool in the workplace to helpe ease out your competitor(s), make someone in the office feel better, land a great job, collect the uncollectible debt, get you out of trouble...

  • Ad-Libbing - Coming up with something funny or clever, right on the
    spot - without it being insulting. (And still stop to think before you speak.)

  • Favorite Jokes -  When to and when NOT to throw them into the ring; jokes that have worked for others in certain situations or speaking engagements.

  • Improving Your Joke Telling Skills - (Or the pregnant pause) Improving your presentation or sales pitching skills - and holding their attention.

  • Humor Online -  Does humor have a place on your website and in your newsletter? And, if it does, jokes you can use.

And that's just for starters! the rest is up to you!

I-Laugh started out April Fool's Day 2001 and we sent out 172 issues right upto 30th August 2004. You can take a look at our archives and see how many of our goals enlisted above we achieved! ;)



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