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The funny site by a Pun - Gent

This site is now the fun and relaxation zone of 
Once here forget work, friends, family, dog and neighbor's wife
(whom you weren't supposed to covet anyway!) and concentrate
on having PUN. Ok? 

Try to remember, that clicking on PapaGuy, our mascot,
 on the top left hand corner of most pages will take you back to 
Working Humor Home Page. That is a SERIOUS zone. 
On HUMOR. Using and (not) abusing it.

Whereas Clicking on the silly Jest for Pun logo,
with the trash being gathered (for you;), will bring you right back here. 
(And you will be forced to read this silly intro all over again:-)

As soon as you finish reading the next paragraph, (that's important for me:-)
Choose your poison on the right. and remember to have LOTS OF PUN! 

To paraphrase MAD, "if you want to avoid visiting this common, vulgar, clod site and get your puns in your common, vulgar, clod mailbox Subscribe Here"

I'm trying my best to make this a funny site. 
(Funny guys whose advice is try harder...Thanks a pun!) 
All help, comments, & constructive criticism is appreciated. Thank You!


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Fun Pictures
Some of my favorite Cartoons, and fun pictures.

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Wouldn't it have been fun to learn these in kindergarten?

They refuse to put up with the other poems !

Humorous Quotations
No three paragraph motivational quotes. Just quick, Knockout fun quotes!

Modern Wisdom
You thought quotations were the ultimate in humorous wisdom?
Bumper Stickers, Graffiti and lots more!

Murphy's Laws
If this link doesn't work, you'll know why!

Absolutely Useless Dictionary
Can't define this one here! You'll have to look it up.

Pun with Quickies
Who has the time for long jokes? Q & A jokes to answer your question.

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Favorite Sites, Friends Online, Punny Links and an affiliate test zone.

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Need help with a punny rhyme, to find the right quote, or need a humorous banner. We do it all.

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