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California National Parks

(Sep 16, 2002) I recently returned from a vacation to some national parks in California (Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia). Some limericks about my experiences:

When we got to the park, a bad sign:
There's a traffic jam; people do whine.
Though the entry we craved,
We were quite well-behaved.
All the traffic sure kept us in line.

The sight of El Capitan's a shock.
Its imposing, sheer face makes us gawk.
It's the tourists' delight,
A magnificent sight.
People say that the cliff sure does rock!

As my eyes sweep across and scan it,
I admire "All That Is" that did plan it.
It's a marble-ous sight,
Picturesque, a delight,
Although most people take it for granite.

At a mountainous playground, I spied
Lots of boulders that slid down a slide.
They descended with glee,
Shouting "Yippee!" and "Whee!"
I'm describing, of course, a rock slide.

While out hiking, I led us astray.
Didn't read the sign right; much dismay.
Though the arrow said 'straight,'
I turned right. "Why?" asked mate.
'Twas a 'arrowing time, I must say.

"Watch me climb up that hill!" I emote.
To some tourists, my partner does note:
"He is mountain goat-like
When he goes on a hike,
But to me, he is just an old goat."

We saw seagulls beside Mono Lake.
They approached us for food they could take.
But the Rangers had warned:
If you feed, you'll be scorned.
Don't be GULLible, nature's at stake.

The forest was once quite divine,
With a luster so green it did shine.
On the empty moraine,
Only embers remain.
For the loss of the trees I do pine.

With such majesty God did endow
All the trees that performed for us, wow!
As the trees end their show,
It is time we must go.
To the trees, I say, "Please, take a bough."

It is time to depart, so we grieve,
And some sighs of regret we do heave
. Our vacation must end.
Many thanks we do send.
Like the trees in the spring, we must leave.

Copyright Kirk Miller.

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