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Ze Chimp an' ze programmer

I bet you thought this gripping tale,
Which moves like a galloping snail,
Would feature at least,
One man and one beast.
I'm sorry this tale has just one male !

His vet told him without a fuss
He had long-sight in both eyes and thus
Our chimp did realize
And to this fact got wise -
He not just see ... he see plus plus !

He began creating loops that swing
And nested ones ready to take wing
His programs were all bright,
You always felt they might,
Have been created in the spring.

He wrote neat programs by the heap,
Just one thing that troubled him deep,
A thought that made him sigh,
Whatever he did try,
Java upset his rhythm of sleep.

Oh God how ever could this be...
Would he still lose to humanity?
He dropped each of his dates,
Took training from Bill Gates,
But Java just wasn't his cup of tea !

He consulted experts through the mail,
He was determined not to fail !
Alas, he had no chance,
To make this advance,
Coz THIS is a human written tale. 

I don't want to give you all a fright,
But this tale is true, no verses light,
If no plus (in it) you see,
Be my guest, feel free
To hold Control, Alter and Delite !

(Inspired by
Copyright Gunjan Saraf 2003.

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