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The Conundrum Debate

CONUNDRUMS will clear answers beg,
Like filling round holes with square peg,
They discomfort bring,
No answer to thing,
Like, 'Did chicken come before egg?"
(Chris Papa - Partners-in-Rhyme)
Chris, the answer to that is clear,
No conundrum involved I fear,
You see reptiles lay eggs,
(&) Have existed for megs,
While chickens are recent, my dear.

Point of interest for scientists, not clergy
Darwinians to Physicists in synergy
From Richard Dawkins
To Stephen Hawkins
ask what came first - matter or energy!
(Gunjan - Jest for Pun)
I guess that CONUNDRUM's the same,
If one plays the "go back there" game,
Before there was matter,
Or even light scatter,
What's there before energy came?
(Chris - Partners-in-Rhyme)

This debate about which came first,
Pretending that knowledge we thirst!
Does it really matter,
Which former, which latter,
Long as chicken came when egg burst!!
(*enigma*  - Enthusiastic visitor who joined the debate)

[Anyone else want to join the debate? :-) 
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Copyright Chris Papa and Gunjan Saraf 2001.

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