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A Crazy week of writing! (Jan27th to 3rd Feb)

Jan 30th was Inane Answering Message Day....

Don't think I can't curse like a teen,
'cause I'm an answering machine.
Thus far I'm so cool,
as I believe this rule
Machines should be heard, not ob-seen!

My Introduction to PUNY

My true character I've been masking,
and in the bright Indian sun basking;
If more questions you ply,
In deep voice I reply,
I'm normally lion! Who's ass-kin' !?!

For Partners-in-Rhyme (word - aplomb : complete and confident composure or self-assurance : poise)

If you don't happen to be handsome
You can get away with some aplomb
Like my dear friend Abe
Had a way with babe(s),
Some he walked home, while he ran-som!

I had added a note asking if the rhyme was ok for the above limerick. Here's Chris Papa's reply...

Your rhyming is never too bad,
If only you meter, too, had
Some semblance of form,
That stayed near the norm,
Neither Dan, nor I, would be sad.

Which got me into this marathon frame of mind

I think I'll become a world beater,
My butt just get off rocking seater;
Forget about one
Get forty two done
Already I'm great at kill-o-meter!

Again for Partners-in-Rhyme, (word - Logy : marked by sluggishness and lack of vitality : groggy

Come on, some fun in your life do mix,
At aim your clicks;
A daily smile,
makes life worthwhile;
Else, you'll have trouble with logy-sticks!

I got a welcome message reading Welcome Aboard! My reply...

The drunken poet misread his card,
He thought it read "Welcome O Bard";
When reality dawned,
To himself he frowned,
How do they all know I'm not so-bard!

Finally starting to understand that meter was not just counting syllables, my first limericks in correct meter under tutelage of Lars Hanson.

Good Sir, if you find these right,
This young pup it would cause much delight!
     Not too distant a day,
     Is it possible, say -
That with practice his bark have some bite!

These limericks take me so long,
Because rhythm for me is no song;
     but I'll labor and sweat,
     till proficient I get --
I'll just climb there wrong by wrong!

For Partners-in-Rhyme (word - impromptu : made, done, or formed on the spur of the moment : improvised : composed or uttered without previous preparation : extemporaneous)

Sir Winston well known for wit dark,
His quips repeatedly found mark;
When questioned, he said,
"Well, to keep on a-head,
I plan each impromptu remark."

Copyright Gunjan Saraf 2002.

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