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By Cynthia MacGregor 

Juan's wife's stories--never a borer.
For her cooking he'll really adore 'er.
His one complaint deep?
"The sounds when you sleep!
You're a hell of a noisy seņora."
All animals know what they're after
Good health and long lives and loud laughter
Our relatives simian
(Both males and wimian)
Let their joy ring from giraffter
Of golf I know little at all
Except that you chase a white ball
    While practicing cursing,
    Your temper reversing,
And this they call "playing"? What gall!
A Val's Day spent solo, I'll tell ya,
Is no way the nadir or hell. Yeah,
    Alone is okay.
    What makes a bad day
Is when you're stuck with the wrong fella.
A poet's wife uttered a curse.
"You'd rather rhyme than fill our purse."
Her husband said, mildly,
"Don't carry on wildly--
You married for better or verse."
The question, it seems, of the day,
And one that just won't go away,
Is, What's the solution
To aqua pollution
And water we going to pay?
This tale's of a dyslexic who
Bank-robbed with some help from the zoo.
    His heist, though he planned it,
    Turned strange, for the bandit
Wrote, "Give me cash. I have a gnu."
I used to like Texas a lot.
It's home of the Pun-Off*, and hot.
    But it gave us Dubya.
    Now doesn't that troublya?
Do I still like it? Well, Not.
* The O-Henry Pun Offs held by P.U.N.Y 
Copyright Cynthia MacGregor.

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