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These Darwinians, they worried me so,
By saying the Lord is a no no!
But this bright new gang
While studying the Big Bang,
Found a sound, just before, which went - "Uh, Oh!"
Anyone heard this White House folk lore,
bout dear ol' Clinton and Al Gore,
Gore's duties were light,
Just check every night,
"Hey Pal, Billy... What's the score ? "
Spanish matador tales are so gory,
French Casanova tales are so 'scory' !
Gotta check with my shrink,
But know what I think...
Each of them is a cock and bull story ! 
There was this young girl called Mabel
who at table tennis was very able.
cept while playing with boys
the game without a noise
was carried on under the table !
Got mail from an old son of a gun
The First subscriber of 'Jest for Pun'
"Months since seeds were sown,
Great, how your list has grown
Isn't it time the damn thing was fun !!"

I reply my friend "Surely you jest...
I put heart and soul in every digest !"
Replies he, with a dart,
"Give break to soul and heart...
Next issue give rusty brain a test !" 
There was once a preacher named Tom,
Who delivered sermons with aplomb...
But when saying grace
Used such a frantic pace
Even He wondered whence it come from !
Copyright Gunjan Saraf 2000.

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