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The Crooked Limerick :
A young female, amazed at the trait
Of seeing a crab walk dead straight,
Uses female wiles
And poor chap beguiles;
By that very night he's her mate.

The next evening around twilight,
She notices things aren't quite right...
Why walks he crabwise?
The helpless chap cries...
"You expect me drunk every night?"
When, my friend, you are feeling glum,
And dark thoughts fill your cerebrum,
Flash a silly smile,
Get cheer in a while,
And effect a visage TOOTHSOME*!

*Toothsome - Attractive!
No Longer Pun :
The fellow who was to adjudicate,
Asked why we wanted to separate,
I said - It's plain to see
Could it any simpler be,
What I have here is a stale-mate.
Osama's been Laden with dirty thought,
Pretends it's a holy war he's fought!
The truth is in his teens
he was gifted American jeans
And in the zipper his **** got caught! 
A smart clerk with evil design
With vanishing ink a check sign
The bank quick on the take
An arrest did soon make
The clerk was then told to resign.
Still listen to tales of Miss Muffet?
Me, I've moved to Warren Buffet...
Such useful tools
his simple rules
Once learnt you just can't muff it.

Rule No One, (is he serious, honey?)
Simply states - "Never lose money".
Rule No Two,
is simple too,
"Never forget Rule No 1, Sonny!"
Pick up line'ricks :
Works with the fair of our species,
Mainly those gorgeous blonde deeshes,
"I'm trying to Major,
In Female Pleasure,
Would you care to be my thesis?"
Copyright Gunjan Saraf 2000.

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