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By Guy Ben-Moshe (Page 2)

A Cajun bottlegger, name of Nate
Was nagged by his wife, Mama Kate
       "It don't seem be right,
       Dat you gone all de night"
He replied, "But I muss do dis 'til late"
Tailors, whether alone or in teams,
Favor a crease in slacks, they deems.
But I'm telling you, honey
Those lines are plain funny
Pants would look nicer without, it seams.
Guests at my house feel at ease
When shown to their quarters they sees
There's a tin of legumes
O'er the beds in the rooms
They shall sleep under can o' peas
A retired policeman named Ray
Bought explosive devices for play
Though he's off the force
He can still, of course,
Be out pressing charges all day
Most animals should be loved and hugged
Not clobbered on the head and mugged
But I understand
The paranoid man
Who fears that his home has been bugged
A farmer in Kansas named Jake
Whose tractor broke down, used a rake
"All the wheat on my land
I gathered by hand,
Which caused me my grain headache".
The Bride of Frankenstein was a dish!
And the lonely Monster got his wish.
No more "solitaire"
For now as a pair,
They can play forever "ghoul fish"
I've  heard  from  D.C. insiders,
Good informants and close confiders,
It may be true yet-
Gore brought us the Net,
But Web sites were first made by spiders.
Too much 'speed' in the world resulteth
In our planet being in such a meth
       As in biblical scenes
       Those amphetamines
Have seen people being stoned to death

Copyright Guy Ben Moshe.

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