Close encounters of the vers(t)e kind !

 Sure anyone can pen limericks,
Toms and Harries and other pr!#&$ !
But the best ones by far,
are the ones that are,
Sung not by Dicks but by addicts.

Enjoy Limericks by some of my favorite Limerick writers,
 my own poor attempts and some tips if you're interested
in writing your own limericks.

Please feel free to share your limericks if/when you do get you started. 

What the @#$% 
is a 
In Simpler Terms Just a Wee bit more of Limerick History
Classic Limericks Types of Limericks Care and Feeding of the Limerick
Limericks -My Own Poor Efforts Limericks 02 - More of my poor efforts Limericks
A Crazy Week
By Kirk Miller
More Limericks
By Kirk Miller
Even More Limericks
By Kirk Miller
By Guy Ben Moshe
More Limericks
By Guy Ben Moshe
By Cynthia MacGregor
The Conundrum Debate Ode to Descartes, I think Time 
By Kirk Miller
California National Parks
by Kirk Miller
Virginia / Roller Coasters
By Kirk Miller
Don't Mess with my Timing (A) Ze Chimp an' ze Programmer  

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your submissions are most welcome. Mail them to

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