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By Kirk Miller 

Golfers cuss all day long 'til they're hoarse.
I don't like it; to me it's the source
Of a peeve, drives me mad,
Tees me off, it's so sad.
The rough language is par for the coarse.
The ant basketball team made a vow
To get better, but didn't know how.
No, it just wasn't right
To be lacking in height.
What they needed were tolerance, now.
Any yard work, to me, is not play.
To my wife words of praise I did say:
"When you're out cutting grass,
You're my favorite lass,
And I lawn for you mower each day."
My sewing group's very close-knit.
They accept me 'though I'm a misfit.
We embroider all day,
While the puns I do say.
Peopl e think I'm a fool -- a knit-wit.
Quasimodo was hurting a bunch.
Saw the doctor; his spine had gone Crunch!
"Something's wrong with your back."
"Doc, what makes you say that?"
The physician replied, "Just a hunch."
Actress McLain lived in the west
And had an ongoing request
When she made a joke,
Her friends then all spoke
And would say, "Shirley, you jest."
O'er the turtle depression befell.
To a shrink all his woes he did tell.
"You are simply too shy,"
Said the doc, "And that's why
You should really come out of your shell."

Copyright Kirk Miller.

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Kirk Miller is the life of the party at the Limericks and Haiku group. If the list ever goes quiet,
trust Kirk to stir it right back to life. I love his limericks, especially his travel limericks. 
(No, you won't find them here ..... yet !!). Kirk lives in Texas (yeah, the next set of limericks 
will be BIG!) and works in the data processing field. 

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