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By Kirk Miller (Page 2) 

Deb the activist sure did agree
That the manatees ought to be free.
So she sneaked in the zoo
And released one named Hugh,
For the good of Hugh-Manatee.
Suzie Wong and her sister looked tight.
They seduced Stephen Wright one hot night.
He resisted just one,
But a pair?  Too much fun!
So you see, two Wongs can make a Wright!
In the courtroom he sat there among
His two wives, and he tried to be strong.
Of polygamy he'd say,
"Ain't that bigamy, eh?"
He found out that two rites make a wrong.
These poetry lines are quite terse.
They start really bad and get worse.
Yes, perhaps I am licked,
If these lines contradict.
Does it mean that these lines are averse?
In the kitchen, ants came through the crack,
So the homeowner tried to fight back.
The Formica he sprayed;
Their advance was delayed.
Then the ants made a counter-attack.
I did NOT see the sign that read: Yield.
Hit a pig; didn't stop; off I peeled.
Well, I just couldn't see
How cops knew it was me.
Then the officer said, "The pig squealed."
A cab driver's verse was stunning.
His poems had lots of punning.
Metric feet were a flop,
'Cause they just wouldn't stop.
So he said that his meter was running.
For a woman to write with appeal,
Punctuation's what's needed, I feel.
When she talks, she will say,
"Miss a comma, okay.
Miss a period? That's a big deal!"

Copyright Kirk Miller.

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