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By Kirk Miller (Page 3)

A paint mixer took some light blue.
Some light purple was added in, too.
When he stirred it up good,
Then he knew that he would
Have a hit.  It's a mauve-elous hue.
The buffalo mom had a price on
Her head.  Her fear was risin'.
The shot arrow was true.
Cut her heart right in two
To her offspring she said, "Good bi-son."
When your toes fall asleep, I suppose
That the blood circulation, it slows.
No, the digits aren't dead,
So I call them, instead,
By a term that is apt: comatose.
A psychiatrist sent a nice gift
To a patient whose mind was adrift.
It was shrink wrapped, you see,
And worked beautifully.
She has presents of mind, quite a lift.
Said a pun that my wife didn't like.
Moved away so her fist wouldn't strike.
And I knew that she'd plead
That a stroll I did need.
Sure enough, she replied, "Take a hike!"
The baboon met one night on a date
The gorilla his dreams -- it was great!
He went ape at her sight
'Cause he knew that she might
Be the one he would call his prime mate.
When the temp reached a hundred two
My wife's yearning for snow cones grew.
"Why'd you buy only one?"
My wife asked.  I said, "Hon,
'Cause I only have ice for you."
In that lim'rick I'd barely begun
To cob-ble together a pun.
Though it may sound uncouth,
Ears a kernel of truth:
"That was corny."  Well, shucks, but it's fun.

Copyright Kirk Miller.

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