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Ode to Descartes, I think! :-) 

'I think' ...

Descartes to a tavern was drawn;
Took a table outside, on the lawn.
Said the serving wench, 'Dear,
Would you care for a beer?'
'I think not.' And like that, he was gone.
(Nester Macavity)

Descartes, he did not give a damn
'Bout opinions not proved; they're a sham.
René was a poet,
And readily showed it
When he said, "I do think, so iamb."

A sweet 'tater said, "Oh, yes ma'am,
I'm sentient, and don't give a damn.
You may think that it's jive;
But it's not; I'm alive!
I think, and so therefore I yam."
(Kirk Miller)

Answered Rene as his opinion was sought
For asking me - "Thanks a lot"
But I'm busy having a smoke,
All I can offer now is a toke,
Cause at times like these I'm 'Despot'.

... therefore 'I do'.

My boss is a fellow named Sid
With the mind of an eight-year-old kid
Just outside his door
A sign said, "Wet floor,"
Sid saw it, and read it ... and did!
(Ed Hexter)

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