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Don't mess with my timing !

Obsessed with China a young cad,
On neckwear a collage did add !
But Suzie she shunned him,
She said "Get away Tim,
This Tie Ming of yours ... It's bad" !

Her criticism hit a sensitive mark...
"Aw Shucks" Tim replied with a bark,
"I don't ask for much,
Don't just look, but touch,
I'm willing to bet you'll feel the spark."

"A great 'start' with my Tie-Ming,
Then a bit of Yang and some Ying !
Do you feel it Honey ?
Some may think it's funny ...
But Ancient stuff is now the in-thing !"

"Don't say any more, I've heard enough,
How rude to call the in-thing old stuff
I may have been slow,
To feel your warm glow
But now it feels just great in my ...."

"I was talking of Tie-Ming dear,"
"Oh that," she replied "I do fear
Must wait in the wing,
If it must be in-thing,
Or you can stuff it up my ...."
Copyright Gunjan Saraf 2003.

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