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Lots of daddies for me to fleece;
Some from US and some from Greece
All handpicked from Fortune's list,
Oh wouldn't it be loverly?

Oh, so loverly sittin' abso-bloomin'-lutely still!
Not having to work and living of will.
Hal a dozen people I call Dadee;
As far from me as they can be,
Green branches making up my family tree;
Oh wouldn't it be loverly?
Loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly.

All I want is another dad somewhere;
Making dollars for me n losing hair.
Sending monthly cheques for my welfare;
Oh wouldn't it be loverly?
 ~ Gunjan
My dad as a liars club champ
told the tale of the fish and the lamp:
he lied like a trooper
'bout that giant grouper:
and the light still lit though somewhat damp.

Of all of his traits that I savor
that passed to me, giving a flavor
of wickedness to me,
that he did imbue (me),
I cherish my truth-speaking waiver.

I know that he liked me the best
un-veracity keeps me un-stressed;
for telling a lie
comes as easy as pie,
no conscience, quick tongue, I am blest..

Thanks, pop! your legacy still thrives,
and I give my kids daily high-fives;
for their glib lie-ability,
mendacious facility,
that from grandpa (and momma) derives.
~ Lane
"Such gifts! A new lawnmower, see?
Tht only spells more work for me!"
Now, that type of present
Won't make his day pleasant.
And cost? It's a catastroh-fee.
~ Cynthia MacGregor
As a joke, a friend to Saddam emails,
"Your son, I fear, in his exam fails,"
After thrashing is done,
The poor battered son,
warns all friends - "Dad's mean! Tell no tales!"
~ Gunjan
It now seems like twas so far away,
When I had my own first fathers day,
Now my daughters 16,
Dates a boy who's hairs green,
It's no wonder that mine's turning grey.
~ Bradley
His daughter told Harold, "Don't bother,
To color your hair. I would rather
Just see it go gray
As a test, if I may!
To me, you're the world's gray test father!
~ Clynch Varnadore
It really has not been so bad
To fulfill my role as a dad
   For my father taught me
   What his poppa taught he
A long line of teachers we've had
~ Gary Hallock
Now that your kids are all grown
They've become dad's on their own
After worrisome stages
Of living with teenagers
They say, "Dad if I'd only known!"
~ Ken Pinkham
Jinnah - the Father of Pakistan,
Was an exceptionally grumpy man,
Now all his progeny,
Can't stand anything funny,
No wonder this limerick is deadpan!
~ Gunjan

(From the archives of the The Limericks n Haiku Group)

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