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(Getting a little knotty) 

Had two sons, so I vowed that I would
Play a positive role, if I could.
But sometimes my brother
Will call me a "mother . . ."
Do you think that it means something good?
~ Kirk Miller
'Tis said that the valet McGuire
Is truly a slave to desire.
The princess he's seen
And he's bedded the queen,
And 'tis said that he sired his sire!
~ Lars Hanson
Father's Day is cool, very neato
It's one holiday I would not veto
And all a gent needs
Is to donate some seeds
To become a bonafide papasito
~ Guy BenMoshe
You have only one pa, no other.
With much love, dear old dad, you smother.
My sons call me "Dad."
That is good, not as bad
As when I have been called a mother . . .
~ Kirk Miller
For this father's day so it seems
The kids fixed some chili and beans
Soon needless to say
It was farter's day
Old Dad's pants blew out at the seams
~ Ken Pinkham
In Summertime Dad preferred just to wade
At pools he typically sat in the shade
But he knew how to dive
And six offspring alive
Are proof that great swimmers he made
~ Guy Ben-Moshe
A hooker placed ad
Father's Day Special! Call now!
Fifteen bucks a Pop!
~ Guy Ben-Moshe

(From the archives of the The Limericks n Haiku Group)

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