Jest for Pun logo Haikus
by Guy Ben-Moshe 

Orderlies' breakroom
Is the place to meet a nurse
And then stretcher out
They don't answer phone
At the S & M hotline
I guess they're tied up
Little Prague babies
Start as a romantic game
Ending in Czech mate
His dreams for junior
Were dimmed when son bought a cab
Though he fared quite well
A carpenter's son
Left the Woodworkers' Union
Formed new splinter group
July Fourth patient
Sat on a firecracker
It nearly rectum
Great scalp specialists
Can be found in Germany
Ask for Herr Doktor
In '37
Cannabis made illegal
By stoned face Congress
Constipation is
Situation of person
Who can't be de-turd
Embarrassed athlete
Thinking of perfect slam dunk
Dribbled in his pants
Copyright Guy Ben-Moshe.

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Originally a New Yorker (until he was 19), Guy's adult life has been divided between Israel and Texas. Guy also spent over a year traveling around the world in his mid-30s, including a six month stay down under in Oz. Besides working as a CNC machinist, his passions are crocodilians, road cycling, music (guitar and mandolin), and woodworking.

After living in the Mideast for 15 years, and not speaking English on a daily basis, Guy's English syntax and grammar were in a woeful state when he moved to Texas. He says - "I was still thinking in Hebrew and saying it in English, and the results made me sound like I just got off the immigrant ship. Through writing Haiku, limericks, and puns, and partaking in the Toastmaster International speech program, I regained my English language skills -- with a vengeance! Oh, if my old high school English teachers could see me now...." . 

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