Jest for Pun logo More Haikus
by Guy Ben-Moshe 

Bill Gates' mom looks
At zeroes in his income
"Such a 'naughty' boy"
Clarinet players
Are smarter than trombonists
Because they can reed
A girl jogging nude
Started a riot today
Being in sight full
TV weathermen
Can't throw knives very well, but
They're great fork casters
Hours long sermon
Preacher in biblical mode
King of Babble On
Who ever heard of
A spelling bee champion?
They only spell zzzzzzzzzzz
Inventor of cure
For chronic incontinence
Leaked it to the press
In choosing your friends
Beware of candle makers
They're wicked people
Up in Seattle
Women loathe monorail men
With their one track mind
Your Sunbather Club
Membership fees are past due
Have you renude yet?
Copyright Guy Ben-Moshe.

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