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This poem was written during a factory visit when I landed up during the lunch break by mistake, and everything was quiet. Then as people started returning to work the melee began... 

Waiting for someone, what better way to pass the time
Than to look around and capture pictures in rhyme
The sky looks so lovely, has such a beautiful hue
Makes you wonder why they associate gloom with blue
So many clouds around, wonder which one is number nine
Were I to find it would there be a crowd or would it be all mine.

Everything around is such a pretty sight
Especially as long as its absolutely quiet
and yet it seems only me who this silence appreciates,
Is it only my soul that it feeds and sates?
As around me starts growing an incessant racket
I wonder should it be me or them in a straight jacket.

All of them around seem to be busy as bees
I wonder if any of them ever the welkin sees
They're so busy living I wonder whether they're alive
So busy buzzing they can't appreciate their hive
Activities they controlled has now made them its pawns
They're now inured to the beauties of dusks and dawns.

And if the beauty around them they no longer see
of what use could all their running around be?
Maybe they could earn enough to buy a jet
And yet from it could they the same joy get
As it is to sit around and pass the time
by trying to capture pictures in rhyme?


Copyright Gunjan Saraf 2000. If you want to share this poem please ask your friends to drop in here. Kindly do not post elsewhere or forward. Thank You.

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