Funny Poems and Rhymes
a few funny poems, funny songs & funny rhymes

   A collection of demented nursery rhymes that you would have loved 
to learn in kindergarten (but wouldn't want your kids to:-). 
Also a few Haikus, Parodies, and some serious failed attempts 
of mine to write decent poems.

Punny Rhymes (Pun with Mary) Punny Rhymes 02 Punny Rhymes 03
Punny Rhymes 04 Father's Day Fun and Verse Father's Day Naughty Fun and Verse
Verses in honor of Teachers Parodies  
Punny Jokes and Tales in Rhyme Punny Jokes and Tales in Rhyme Pg 2 The Road Less Travelled
Carpe Diem
An Attempt
Prejudice An Ode to Odes
The Inchoate Poet In praise of Inactivity Short poems by Others
A Classification Ditty Haiku 
Guy Ben Moshe
More Haiku 
Guy Ben Moshe
Even More Haiku by
Guy Ben Moshe
Links to my Favorite Punny poems I'm no Computer Geek by Dr. Mike Bass

If you're looking for the limericks they now have a section of their own!

Comments, And Suggestions on my little rhymes are most welcome.

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