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Jest in Literature has a section titled Poetry Corner. For this section The Doc gives us one word prompts and we try and write poems inspired by that one word prompt. Here is my attempt for the word Prejudice. To see what The Doc had to say about it visit and swim down to the issue titled Jest in Literature - Burn the Damn Thing!!??.

Brought up in a family full of prejudice,
It's been a long climb out of the abyss.

Unlike them I don't hate Muslims,
just 'cause they have different whims,

Women were not made to cook,
Men probably altered the Good Book.

Sardars (or blondes) aren't dumb,
As a general rule of thumb.

I don't think every American
should be labeled as a Satan.

The Jewish geniuses at every turn,
Make one yearn to be a chosen one.

I could go on and on .... and on
But I won't, I'll get to the crux anon.

Now I hate people full of prejudice,
if my own is showing... excuse me pliss!


Copyright Gunjan Saraf 2002. If you want to share this poem please ask your friends to drop in here.  Kindly do not post elsewhere or forward. Thank You.

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