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The Black Log Inn

Have you heard of the Black Log Inn,
The haven of pleasure, the den of sin;
Hidden deep in the heart of Africa's jungle,
It's hard to find, the route easy to bungle...

If like me you get confused, lost or waylaid
Do not my friend make the mistake I made
This huge black guy, I saw, his lass f***in'
and asked him how far is the Black Log Inn !!

Shaken, beaten, all black and blue
I bring this not so punny tale to you. 

Long Nights

Here's a little tale I heard, don't know if it's true or fable
It's about King Arthur and the Knights of his Round Table.
It seems ol Arthur dear, began to have his doubts
On his absences, of Guenivere's doings and her whereabouts.
He felt some knights were being more gallant than was right
and were using their 'lances' for reasons other than to fight.
So before his next outing, the offenders he decided to catch.
With this in mind, he shoved a blade, up Guenivere's sn****
He toured hard, traveled wide, many battles did he win
Till at last, exhausted, it was time to head back home agin.
Back at home, he lost no time, to get all his knights together  
and said "Drop your Pants", no pleasantries, no talk of the weather.
He couldn't believe his eyes, as he inspected every drooping d***
Save for Sir Gallahad's, every stinking pecker had an ugly nick.
King Arthur was mad with rage, every knight he wanted lashed
Till his gaze fell on Sir Gallahad, and only then a smile flashed.
"Gallahad, my only true friend, only you have passed the test
Ask whatever you want of me, What should I thee bequest?"
"Anything! If you my kingdom ask, my answer will be yes!"
But what could Sir Gallahad ask, the ol' sod was speechless!

Copyright Gunjan Saraf 2000. If you want to share this poem please ask your friends to drop in here. Kindly do not post elsewhere or forward. Thank You.

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