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The Stinking Contest

Anyone heard about this stinking contest?
No it wasn't about who farts best.
The stinkiest skunk in the world was caught
And old 'Stinky' was to London brought.

 The poor thing was put in a room in Big Ben,
And a challenge thrown open to all men.
Anyone who could stand for an hour Stinky's stink
Would win a free supply to a whole year's drink.

The first contenders with stiff upper lips
were outa there in moments with nasty quips,
Their cousins from across remarked - "Mon Dieu,
Of anyone winning this contest there is no fear."

I could tell you about every failed contestant
But I'd be rambling on for days on end
So let's just skip on to the final bloke
Who happens to be the 'hero' of our joke.

In grand style arrived this big chap ... a BLANK
I could tell you his race if I wanted to be frank
But just to give this joke a global factor
You fill the blank with your favorite racial character.

So into the room which like Hell stank
Walked in comfortably our dear BLANK.
Twenty minutes inside and not a sound.
We started thinking we had a winner found.

Thirty Minutes and not a twitch,
"I think he's gonna win ... The S.O.B"
As the clock, the 45 minute mark struck,
and people started talking of BLANK's pluck...

A loud and urgent knock from inside was heard.
BLANK's friends groaned, the others leered.
The door was opened by the sponsor's scout
To find out what all the fuss was about.

His surprise you can imagine, I have no doubt!
as ol' Stinky, (with its paw on its nose) ran out!

The Trouble with Cities

The honorary Big Chief Eagle
went to a conference in a hotel
His sidekick Chinook he took,
Along to serve and cook,
And regularly fetch water as he was unwell.

Thrice Chinook brought water for Chief Eagle
but the 4th time on his knees he fell
and said "Oh my Lord and Master
I can't fetch water any faster...
You see, White Man sitting on well.

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