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Sent to a friend who was complaining that people who say 'Life is Beautiful' should be made to drive cars in the rush hour through the most crowded roads in Bangalore...)

It's four in the afternoon, you're in your car
Right in the middle of the crowded bazaar
You have to fight to move, battle for every inch
Hopelessness and despair seem to be a cinch...
The moron behind you with the noisy air horn
can make you wish you'd never been born!

Yet if you'd let your mind wander just a wee bit
given free reign to the right half (can we call it half wit?)
It could have turned your car to a plane or a boat,
and made you smile trying to keep the damn thing afloat!
and once a smile breaks through the gloom
gray clouds are swept away by a magical broom!

You think the ones who talk of beautiful lives
have used other roads, avenues, bylanes or drives?
The roads are the same... every pothole... every bit of gravel
Just a matter of perception ... which road you travel!
That bit of humor in the middle of the hubbub
can make you a member of the `Life is Beautiful' club!


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