Jest for Pun logoVerses in honor of Teachers 
(Written for Teacher's Day, 5th Sept, 2002) 

O Teacher! My Teacher...
(With apologies to Walt Whitman)

O Teacher! My teacher! The awful exam draws near;
And with every passing day, I feel my rising fear;
My text books all feel heavier,
My notes make less and less sense.
    But O heart! heart! heart!        
      O wavering nervous system reset,
        When in the class my Teacher says,
          There's hope for me, yet.

O Teacher! my Teacher! rise up and look at the board;
Rise up-cause believe it or not-you have a passing hoard; 
A dozen or so distinctions-a majority of first classes too;
For you they call, this happy mass, their eager faces turning;
    Hear Teacher! Dear Teacher!
      You really pulled us through;
        It is some dream that by next month,
          I'll be in college too.

My Teacher does not answer, his breath rhythmic but light;
My Teacher does not hear my call, wonder if he's all right;
Our future is anchor'd safe and sound, our books closed and done;
From their ordeal, this bunch with zeal, comes in with object won;
    Exult, O friends, and ring, O bells!
      But I, with concern deep,
        Pace outside the class my Teacher lies,
          Fallen exhausted and asleep.
  ~ Gunjan

Teacher's Pet's Pet Teacher...

I'm thankful to all my Teachers,
They've taught me many wonderful things;
They've given me the basics so I can fly
To my imagination they've given wings.

They taught me with Mathematics,
Numbers can be much fun,
Starting from adding two and two
Many Algebraic battles I have won.

While teaching me about Science,
they told me of the speed of light,
and the colours that is contains
though it may appear white.

The above lesson also helped with,
My colourful learning of Art,
So I could put to paper,
The hues that filled my heart.

The teaching of History though
enthusiastically I did not greet,
But lessons it's always had for me
and great mistakes that I won't repeat.

The teaching of Language has,
To write poems given me the ability,
To play with words, and pun a bit,
Show off my mental agility.

I could go on about every subject
in just a similar vein,
but then this effort of mine,
might just become a pain.

So in the interest of brevity,
which they taught me is the soul of wit,
I'd like to thank all my Teachers
for having my knowledge lamp lit.

But a special word of thanks to Mr. G,
for the lesson that has taken me many a mile,
You my friend, philosopher and guide,
You taught me always to smile!
~ Gunjan

Copyright Gunjan Saraf 2002. If you want to share this poem please ask your friends to drop in here.  Kindly do not post elsewhere or forward. Thank You.

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