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Back during my college days, a friend of mine was studying to become an engineer. One evening, he had a date with a medical student. Tom was so excited about it, that he sat and prepared for it all day. 

The next day, when we asked him how it went, he was livid! 

He said he had spent the entire day preparing, learning medical jokes, getting familiar with basic medical terms. Whereas Tina, not only hadn't bothered to get familiar with engineers, she didn't even understand the medical jokes.

Sure, it was a funny situation. It definitely could be written of as -
Eeks such a dumb girl! (And my friend probably did just that.) 

But I learned an important lesson. I learnt that professionals take immense pride in their professions. They will appreciate the effort you take to understand just a bit about the strains and pains of their professions. And while professional jokes may not be the only tool, they often illustrated some of the realities in their day-to-day lives. Now, I make sure I take the trouble to learn more about a prospect's industry or profession before going to call. (Naturally, if I can learn about him/her, too - you bet I'll do that! And the Internet is a great tool to use in researching people.)

I used to sell medical supplies - Intravenous Fluids, to be exact.

Intravenous fluids were not considered hi-tech products by the medical profession. So,  I used to watch in amazement how so many of my competing salesman dug their graves with a doctor by not understanding this simple fact

More than half my sales of Intravenous Fluids were made, not by hi-tech sales pitches,  but by simply sitting and swapping medical jokes and personal chats with the doctors. 



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