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 by Cynthia MacGregor 

A! Where might you B going? I C you're D-pressed over the breakup, but E wasn't right for you anyhow. F you want a boyfriend then, G, pick someone closer to your H. I think he's J-ded, too...oK? I know you went through L with M, so N-e thought of your getting back with him just leaves me in a state of shock and O. He has a brain the size of a P, and a Q of girls waiting to go out with him anyhow. You R better than don't make an S of yourself over him. You're one T-riffic gal, U are. V all know that, and you deserve better than that hellish W were hooked up with. I'm sure glad he's now your X, and I don't know Y you'd think of going back to him. If he tries to make a move, you just tell him to go jump in the Z.

Cynthia MacGregor

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