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Cynthia MacGregor is one the most active (and helpful) members of P.U.N.Y.{Punsters United Nearly Yearly} For me personally every time I've had a query, needed some help with a limerick or  asked for suggestions almost always the first reply has always been from Cynthia. Cynthia has been the loopmeister for both the P.U.N.Y and the Limericks-n-Haiku groups. Talking of limericks-n-haiku you can check out some samples of her limericks by following the link above but for her haikus you'll have to hold for some time as she hopes to bring out a book on them. I wish it comes out soon, I'll certainly be grabbing a copy for myself and yes I'll let you know once it is out too.    

I really enjoy Cynthia's puns (the ones that I can follow, I must admit some of them whizz right over my head, as she has a great vocabulary. But then as a speaker and a writer (check her site for details) what d'yu expect?