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Cynthia MacGregor

  • A day without wordplay is a day without punshine.
  • When the cops raided the strip joint, who did they arrest? 
    Every bawdy
  • If I planned to stay up past my bed time to pursue amour, could I say I planned to sin till late tonight?
  • When Mr. Sip's wife steps into the rest room, does Mississippi?
  • An optimist is a very dense fog, but a bigamist is even denser.
  • If you did the old magic trick of sawing a lady in half, and you put the
    top half together with another lady, what you'd have is a gallon a half.
  • What did the mother say to her kids when she came home to find the sink
    piled high? 
    Dishes a real mess!
  • If the FBI augmented its postal posters of 10 Most Wanted by painting the info on coffee containers and dispensing them, would I drink my morning coffee from a mug with the mug of a mugger?
  • The trouble with taking your shirts to the Chinese laundry is that an hour later they're dirty again.
  • Compare a mild crime, a nickname for the neighborhood curmudgeon, the
    weather's conduct, a dominatrix who specializes in humiliation, and the denial of a bad flub by a golfer.
    Misdemeanor, Mr. Meaner, mist demeanor, Miss Demeaner, 
    missed tee? me? naw!
  • Heard about the musician that robbed the bank...
    He made off with the lute!
  • Mark Twain at one time was arrested but got off scot-free because the judge was in a good mood. He decided to offer Samuel Langhorne clemency.
  • Why was the college football star's father unhappy after he paid the school tuition for his son?
    He only got a quarter back !
  • Years ago, scientists developed artificial sugars and in more recent years artificial fat.  In 1999, scientists invented artificial spaghetti.  What was the brand name?
  • Why was the tired knight's butt like a mythical beast?
    His Ass was Dragon
  • Scientists found a way to clone a bit of Shakespeare's DNA and recreate The Great Bard. Naturally, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN were vying with each other to get him on their networks. When they approached Mr. S with their offers, how did he respond?
    TV or not TV, that is the question.
  • What Disney movie calculates the size of winter's drifts?
    Snow Height
  • What Disney movie is about a stupid boyfriend? 
    Dumb Beau
  • What Disney movie is about the tall-tale-telling champ? 
    The Lyin' King
  • What Disney movie is about a gal who couldn't rise above a housecleaning position?
    The Little Mere Maid
  • What Disney movie is unfinished?
    A Lad in...?
  • What musical about a train conductor?
    "My Fare, Lady"

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Cynthia MacGregor is one the most active (and helpful) members of P.U.N.Y.{Punsters United Nearly Yearly} For me personally every time I've had a query, needed some help with a limerick or  asked for suggestions almost always the first reply has always been from Cynthia. Cynthia has been the loopmeister for both the P.U.N.Y and the Limericks-n-Haiku groups. Talking of limericks-n-haiku you can check out some samples of her limericks by following the link above but for her haikus you'll have to hold on for some time as she hopes to bring out a book on them. I wish it comes out soon, I'll certainly be grabbing a copy for myself and yes I'll let you know once it is out too.    

I really enjoy Cynthia's puns (the ones that I can follow, I must admit some of them whizz right over my head, as she has a great vocabulary. But then as a speaker and a writer (check her site for details) what d'yu expect?