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James Ertner's 's entry for the 2002 Pun-Off

    There's a little known animal that begins with the letter X. It's
    actually a Greek swordfish, spelled X-I-P-H-I-I-D-A-E, and it's
    pronounced ZIFF-EYE-IH-DEE.

    As Paul Harvey might say, "Now for the REST of the story."

    I'd like to present an ABC primer on animal puns.

    AARDVARK a million miles to put 26 animal puns in alphabetical order. I'd BADGER you and I'd keep CARPING on the subject, until I have no iDEERs left. I'd have no EGRETs, however, as I FERRET out more animal puns. If necessary, I'd even GOPHER broke. Some may say it's a HAREbrained attempt; but, IGUANA tell you, I'm no JACKASS -- and I KID you not. I'm not doing this for a LARK (although maybe just a MITE) So don't NAG me. In fact, you OTTER try to PARROT me. But don't QUAIL from the challenge. After all, you don't have to be a RACCOON-teur. So just SALMON up some courage, before you take a TERN for the worse. Don't be afraid of people saying to you, "UNICORNiest person I know." Stop crying and VIPER nose. Then say, "WALLABY a son-of-a-gun," and start singing, "Zip-a-dee doo-dah, XIPHIIDAE ay." Soon you'll be a YAK-of-all-trades, and can put all of these animal puns in a book called "Who's ZOO." 

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This was Jim Ertner's routine in the 25th Annual O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships, held in Austin, Texas on May 4th, 2002. He Won.